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Originally Posted by NotCoolEnough View Post
Today is technically Day 8 for me, but I don't weigh in until tonight so I'm scraping the bottom of my introductory package. And having to eat the things I wasn't so sure I'd like. I tried to make what is going to become my regular chocolate smoothie with 1 cup of spinach blended in. I made it with banana pudding and WF chocolate syrup. I tasted the chocolate syrup itself and thought it was pretty good, but oh my gosh that smoothie was disgusting. Just in case anyone is tempted to try it - I recommend against it. Had the peach/mango drink instead. Wasn't my favorite, but MUCH better than the smoothie. At least I get to buy a bunch of food tonight I already know I like!
The banana pudding always tasted really chemically (is that a word?) to me. The best way to have it I found was to make a chocolate/banana loaf - super yummy and filling!

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