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I hardly have enough time online to reply to specific people, but I do read all the posts and think of you guys!

Tuesday 1148/1500
Wednesday 1262/1500
Thursday 1082/1500

Something I learned about myself this week. I have always known I am an "all or nothing" person. Either I'm fully committed or I don't do it at all. This week, I even saw it in my eating habits. We're always told, there's not much wrong with indulging an occasional craving; just keep it to a small serving. No, I cannot eat 1-2 cookies; I need a sleeve. I can't have a mini piece of chocolate; I need a couple of handfuls. I can't have A rice krispy treat, I need 1/2 a pan. Etc, etc. It's best for me if I don't even take a bite.

So the positive ways my "all or nothing" personality has affected my calorie counting:
I don't quit workouts, no matter how hard they are.
I haven't had a drop of alcohol in 28 days and while I've been thinking about it A LOT the past couple of days, it hasn't been hard for me at all (I am going to hold out until my birthday in 3 weeks.)
I have been committed to drinking 10 glasses of water a day, I drink between 10-15.

My daughter has a dance competition tonight that will keep us out really late. I will pack us a healthy snack and lots of water, but we will be eating out tonight, probably just fast food somewhere. I've already picked some lower calorie options for myself depending on where we end up!

ETA: Another eating situation I had earlier in the husband made one of our family favorite recipes, chicken macaroni casserole. I had already had the recipe entered into MFP and the last time I ate it, I had 2 cups. I was working the night he made it so he brought me some and I asked for 2 cups. Oh my gosh, it was such a HUGE serving! I can't believe I willingly ate that much. I could have been done at 1 cup, but because it was already in my dish, I ate the whole thing (all or nothing personality) and had a stomachache the rest of the night.

I got through my busy weekend unscathed!

Friday 1286/1500 despite eating out
Saturday approx 1264/1500 even after enjoying dessert at a baby shower (and I got sick that night, too!)

Down 2 lbs this week! Looking forward to everyone's updates!

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