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TOM really did a number on me this month, I was totally immobile Tuesday, just moaned with pain Then we got over a foot of snow on Wednesday and my car was stuck for a few days (I drive a Mini Cooper). If I had gotten out of my driveway, I would have gotten stuck on our street. So I did not get a whole lot of exercise in this week. I am not a DVD/youtube person. I know I could do some stuff at home, but it just does not appeal to me. I even gave my elliptical to my BIL. -- I love the gym atmosphere. It pumps me up. Home workouts; I just can not do them.

I did go to the gym today; lifted weights and power walked on treadmill for an hour. -- Doggie woke up with a limp, so I did not walk her today. Poor baby! She is getting old (9).

I finally stepped on that scale and I am 143 pounds, gulp! That is 5 pound gain since mid February So my lazy days are over, I will go and workout at least 5 times per week (weights/swim/aerobics/treadmill), maybe up to 7. I will walk my furbaby 4-5 times per week (she needs rest days), and I will be mindful what I eat. This weight won't come off by itself!! And I really don't have THAT much to lose. Measly 15-20 pounds. That should be a breeze. -- I lost 25 pounds since last March, so I know how to do it.... I have been just lazy since my vacation.

I may be going back home this summer (Finland), and if I do, I would like to go back as a thin person. The last 4 visits I have been fatter each time It would be nice to surprise everyone with my svelte form. Plus I love shopping in Finland, I always find some really cool clothes.
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