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Pukka8: I make zucchini/packet muffins from pudding packets or potato puree

Recipe is in Recipes #4. Link is in first post of this thread.
Super portable. Can be eaten warmed, cold, or room temp.

I'm not a fan of a lot of raw veggies either. I quickly develop boredom with them. Lots of ideas in the recipe threads.
Originally Posted by Pukka8 View Post
Sigh, it is only 8:45, I have already had my breakfast, tea and some water and I am sooooo hungry
Go to Amazon & buy the Audio version of Beck Diet Solution.
It is really helping me (even more than before) recognize the difference between true hunger and "wanting to eat". We're so condidioned to eating whenever we want it is hard for us to recognize true hunger. And our brains & hormones work on us to try to get us to go back to what we're doing before. It is VERY important to not get bored. Stay occupied. Start a project to distract yourself.
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