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It was too late last night to post my menu from yesterday, as we didn't get home from swimming until 10 PM. Finished my huge salad around 11 PM, then had the rest after I cooked it. Late dinner, lol, but really strange thing about this high fiber/high protein diet- I ate my breakfast/lunch around noon time. Rode my recumbent bike for over an hour, spent time talking to hubby, went shopping at Walmart for an hour with hubby and kids, then went swimming. Shockingly, I was not hungry at all, until after swimming. Even then, it was a mild hunger- enough that I could make it home and make my salad and other food for dinner without grabbing some kind of snack. This has happened three times now since I started this diet and went swimming- usually, we are famished afterwards and have some popcorn, almonds/peanuts, or fruit for the ride home. Wow!

Also, another strange thing- usually, after I workout like I did yesterday for over two hours total, I gain anywhere between 2-4 pounds of water the next day from sore muscles. I woke up sore this morning (added five more laps up and back in the pool to my normal count), and instead of gaining anything, I lost four ounces! I know that isn't a lot of weight to lose, but usually, the scale goes the other way, not down, lol! I was happy about the loss.

Anyhow, here is my menu from yesterday:

2 High Fiber English Muffins
2 Fried Eggs
2 slices low sodium bacon
A few sprays of ICBINB (I Can't Believe it's not Butter spray) on my muffins
2 tablespoons of Polaner Sugar Free Seedless Blackberry Preserves- picked this up by mistake- bought regular Strawberry last night, as I don't do sugar free additives except for Stevia. Tossing the Blackberry, tasted really blah anyway.


Huge Salad- lots of lettuce, 2 oz brick cheddar cheese in bite sized pieces, red delicious apple, dried cranberries, olives, red pepper, cucumbers, croutons, with Fat Free Catalina Dressing
2 beef hot dogs
2 hot dog rolls, grilled with ICBINBS
serving of Kashi Chili Lime Black Bean Crisps- tried this for the first time last night- I prefer the Southwest BBQ flavor. I'll finish this bag off but won't buy it again. Thank goodness I picked up a few of the Southwest BBQ kind- those are yummy and take care of my chip craving.

I haven't eat anything yet today, just haven't been hungry. Doing some housework and maybe some stretching, tonight, and yoga today for exercise- not sure yet. It is freezing up here in NH- another week of this, then we'll get a break, hopefully?

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