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Good morning I am so done with winter but obviously it's not one with us I've been trying to make the best of it but it does seem extra hard this year. Oh well, not much I can do about it. Maybe I should stop looking at the 10 day forecast and just focus on garden planning??

Cottage - Good luck with the storm. Hope you have plenty of milk and bread

Twynn - Good luck with the doggie. I have a kitty with a houseplant eating fetish and worry that we will end up in the emergency vet one of these days.

I'm doing some work this morning because I felt awful yesterday morning so didn't get much done. Our bill got through the second reading yesterday so we are hoping for an easy final vote this morning. Yes, Vermont has a weird system Then we get a week break while the legislature is home for Town Meeting Day and it's off to the House. I am counting down to May and the end of the session!

Just have to get through the morning then it's my weekend and Tim's weekend off. Tomorrow we are going to see the Hats of Dr. Seuss!

ETA - Good morning Ruth. Hugs to you and Disney.

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