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Default Say Bye-Bye to February TGIF Chat, 2/28

Good morning!

This shortest month has seemed like the longest month, but we made it to the finish line! Now, if we can only get through the first week in March, we may be home free. There's a huge winter storm bearing down on us and it's supposed to start snowing tomorrow, and not stop until Tuesday. Marvelous.

I guess I'd better get out today and do my grocery shopping and other errands, and make sure Dad has everything he'll need for the next few days. I'd love to hear they were wrong and have this storm miss us.

Happy Friday, y'all!
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Cottage, wanna hole up with me? Or maybe I'll go there?

DH is supposed to leave tomorrow for NC, coming back Tuesday with the weather. I'm trying to talk him out of it (HEL-LO! He's the snowblower dude, and has the 4WD!), since the purpose is to take his father to a dr appt on Monday. Sigh.

Today is a weird day, covering for the boss while she's in New Orleans. She'll be getting back late too because of the weather. Really sad case of a dog eating castor beans yesterday, I hope I can save him . (3 beans are toxic to humans, he ate 30-40...)

I need to finish watching my movie this am (it was due back to the library yesterday), get some niggles done, and work too. And keep checking the weather report...
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LOL Cottage, your avatar is a riot! Even I'm getting sick of the weather! But I figure, having seasons makes us appreciate the other seasons, right?
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Come on Spring!
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Good morning! We are still very cold and will be like this until the third week of March I think. Getting so sick of hearing of huge car pile-ups on the roads. Yesterday there were 100 vehicles involved when a white-out happened!

Linda, I hope you get stocked up and ready before Snow Dump #??? hits. I am amazed at Cyndy's daffies. Mine may not show until July as I have a mountain of snow on the bed in front of the house.

Tammy, poor dog! I hope he is a large one - a Lab? I find they will eat anything. Sure hope you can save him. I have refused to grow castor plants for that reason.

My dear Disney is not well. I'm very sad to see her winding down. Since she's a Katrina rescue, I really have no idea of her age. She now spends most of her time sleeping but does still go out for potty, eat and drink plus bark when there's a knock at the door. Lots of life in the old girl yet - that also applies to me as I'm feeling elderly lately.

Donna bailed yesterday because of the blizzard but will come today - at least that's the plan. I really should take off for town and get that wine but hesitate to leave her in charge of my Disney. I'll see how D. is when Donna arrives. I also have to make a decision about the Book Reading tonight - the Pampered Chef thing was cancelled. I'm not sure I want to be away from Disney tonight.

On with the day - whatever it brings besides snow and cold! I'm feeling disgruntled and need to get my gruntles back.
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Working on healthy
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Good morning I am so done with winter but obviously it's not one with us I've been trying to make the best of it but it does seem extra hard this year. Oh well, not much I can do about it. Maybe I should stop looking at the 10 day forecast and just focus on garden planning??

Cottage - Good luck with the storm. Hope you have plenty of milk and bread

Twynn - Good luck with the doggie. I have a kitty with a houseplant eating fetish and worry that we will end up in the emergency vet one of these days.

I'm doing some work this morning because I felt awful yesterday morning so didn't get much done. Our bill got through the second reading yesterday so we are hoping for an easy final vote this morning. Yes, Vermont has a weird system Then we get a week break while the legislature is home for Town Meeting Day and it's off to the House. I am counting down to May and the end of the session!

Just have to get through the morning then it's my weekend and Tim's weekend off. Tomorrow we are going to see the Hats of Dr. Seuss!

ETA - Good morning Ruth. Hugs to you and Disney.

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Good morning,

It is the calm before the storm here, the storm is supposed to hit tomorrow evening here and last until Monday morning. DD1 was going to go out of town to a friends on Saturday and I just asked why she couldn't go tonight instead and come back tomorrow so she is checking. Otherwise I will not let her go on Saturday.

Cottage hope you get all your errands run before the storm hits

Twynn I hope you are able to save the pup

Ruth to both you and Disney

Cyndi enjoy your weekend off together

I am dropping off my car for oil change this morning going to PT and then working from home the rest of the day. I am down to an annoying cough and stuffy sinus' from the cold hopefully winding down.

Have a great last day of February
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Good Morning Ladies,

I am sitting here having my coffee and reading Stormy day here but so far mostly high winds; woke up about 2 to howling. Hopefully we get more rain. This weather has me wanting soup so, I'm going to try out a recipe for cauliflower bisque (with a couple revisions) later and I'll post it or link it later if it's any good. Hopefully, it's good & filling...I could eat a house these last 2 days but almost that time of month & always get that way just prior .

Tammy-Hope you can save that dog. Always have to watch the critters.

Ruth-It's hard to watch a pet go thru the aging process isn't it

Hello to everyone else and I hope you have an enjoyable last day of Feb.

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Good morning.

I'll be glad to say goodbye to February but March is coming in like a lion. We'll get storm Titan here and snow is in the forecast again. I guess it will hit Debbie first then me then you easterners.

I've been to the gym today and head to work this afternoon. I had eggs for breakfast for the first time in so long that I can't remember! Cutting out grains for a bit.

Have a great day.
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Afternoon ladies. As we "say bye-bye to February" is anyone else missing a day on their calendar? Just asking since it's a day I've been fond of my whole life...

Another cold winter day here, but at least it was sunny. I sometimes wonder if I have a touch of seasonal disorder; if the sun comes out on a cloudy day I can actually feel a physical lift. Anyway, the longer daylight is really noticeable now which is great. (trying to stay positive here!) We're in for more cold but the snow may miss us.

Not sure what the weekend holds; mostly niggles I think. And I must remember to put the new registration sticker on my car!! With my luck there will be a checkpoint on the way to the grocery store.

Have a great evening chicks! TGIF.
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