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Hey ladies,

Just super busy and super tired. Finally able to eat gum on the left side but not too much. I'm almost done the's not behind me yet, still have to go back and get it completed. He only put medication in the empty tooth where the plup was. <BIG SIGH>.

We have pretty good maternity here, Canadians are given a year if they've worked 600 hours before hand. I also have pretty good top up from my employer but have to guarantee a year back.

I was quite excited about getting dental work too but both the dentist and my MD were ok with it. Course with the pain, it's the lesser of the evils. Most definately feel that baby felt the tension in my body (not the pain though apparently). Poor little thing was jumping something fierce!

Anyone having insomnia? I'm up hanging out trying to sleep everynight, I was like that before tooth pain, it was worse WITH tooth pain but back to 'normal' now. People who tell me I should sleep when the baby sleeps (when it comes), meh, sleep before your pregnant!

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