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SeeMyFeet welcome! Glad you've joined us. I think it's wise to tackle things in small bits. Just keep at it, stay focused, and it will get done. What the Beck folks do is give themselves credit for taking specific actions to get us toward our goals. Make a plan, post it here, and then take credit for the steps that are complete. That way you cannot dismiss the whole thing as not good enough, or when you feel overwhelmed about a lack of progress or it gets hard or whatever, you can come here and see you are making progress and it is just a sabotaging thought -also a Beck strategy: to recognize when we are having sabotaging thoughts and to ignore them. I am easily discouraged by housework/clutter/organization but I am improving and each step I take brings me that much closer to my ideal.

Flylady is a definite help as Lexxiss mentioned. Without her I don't think I would have ever started this process. She recommends working for 15min intervals-setting a timer and stopping when it goes off. You didn't create your clutter in a day and it won't be gone in a day. She's also a big fan of not aiming for perfection. Trying to be perfect often stops us from even starting. I am a big fan of good enough for now--and later I can make it better. I do both now. *credit*
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