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So I saw a major post TOM drop today (-5.5lbs!!) and it made me realize how low I set the bar for myself for this challenge. I know it may be water weight and I may bounce back up next week, but hey, as of right now my goal is only 8lbs away for the whole 2 months! heck nawww. Gonna lower that sucker from 225 to 218

Lianna, echoing the others my main tip is to make sure you eat before the party! I know that kind of seems pointless because of course there's going to be a ton of food, but there's likely to be a ton of off plan food it's easier to say no when you're not starving. An alternative to that is to bring something to share that is OP for you, so you can eat with everyone else without breaking the calorie bank. Also... it's ok to have a little something! If it won't trigger a binge for you, a cookie here and there is not going to kill you. I know it adds up, but going to a Christmas party and eating one cookie is NOT what made me fat lol. Just remember that failing to plan is planning to fail and you should be good to go!
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