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Yes it's true in the media there are no "real sized" women to look up to. It seems like there is one extreme or the other. Those who are heavy & those who are size 0-4. That is sooo not how our world is.

Even at my most healthiest, slimmest weight I looked NOTHING like anyone in the media. Like junem's maternal grandma I am that "solid farm stock" variety. It bugged me a lot when I was growing up because NO ONE "famous" looked like me. Who was to be my role model? Who was someone I could point to that people would know that I was built like? No one. I think it does a great disservice to our young people! People come in every shape, size and, Hollywood & the media should show that as such!

I, too, have been struggling to get the weight down. I've been stuck for months at the same weight. I makes me want to throw in the towel at times. I don't though. I figure one day it will pay off...I HOPE! I know that my healthier eating, exercise & good hydration will pay off. For the time being I must be content with feeling healthier, sleeping better & building up my stamina. I'm hoping when H gets his pacemaker the stresses/worries will let up some & we can both really concentrate on being even more active/healthy.

Remember Hollywood & the media is PREJUDICED!!! They'll never fess up to it. They'll never change. It is up to us to be a role model to any others around us who may not be the size 0-4 in their little part of the world.

So go out there & move! Walk, run, dance, whatever you like! Forget about those who think that healthy means skinny as a rail. THEY DO NOT KNOW ANYTHING!! Be the healthiest happiest you you can be!

Note: If someone compliments you, even if you don't see or feel the change. Thank them! Take it, run with it! It may be the difference between you keeping moving or falling off the wagon. Sometimes our resolve can be just that delicate.

BTW: Did I tell you today..."YOU LOOK MARVELOUS!!!!"
Newly updated for 2016!! Starting at 255. 220 lbs. by July 4th. 205 lbs. by Sept. 2, when I see my dr. again. 195 lbs. by Nov. 8, my 52nd birthday. 185 for New Year's 2017!!

4th of July Goal

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