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Hi Coaches!

I made a phone call from work to find my absolute favorite in the world,SumoMandarins, were in at WhFoods. I drove 40miles RT after work to acquire 12 at a cost of $24...reminding me on the way home of the old phrase, "I'dwalk a mile for aCamel". BTW-there were plenty of organic bananas but since the Sumo season is 4-6 weeks I have only one focus now. credit for healthy obsessions! OP yesterday, with my last few bites of dinner given to the pup. I weighed already (so-so) and am getting my home-work done before taking my mom to her monthly eye appt. in Denver. Update-DH is contemplating taking "Greyhound" back over after only 48 hrs.w/o pup. Love me love my dog.

BillBlueEyes, wow! 2.5 mile walk post blizzard is great, especially with rain falling. I'm familiar with that scenario after all my years in coastal Alaska. ..nothing slicker than rain on snow/ice. Kudos for engaging the Lent inspired opportunity to "get my house back in order". BTW-I buy my smoothie powders throughAmazon...makes it easy to get that free shipping...I just stock up again. I just can't imagine paying to ship when I could get it for free...

Bootedkitty, credit for staying OP even though you were not in the mood. I agree, sometimes when I'm having a so so week I don't feel like I'm doing so well. I also find that feeling comes and goes which is why I appreciate the support of the group VS "flying alone".

Beth(FromDayton), great job having a spare frozen meal in the freezer AND a commitment to replace it. Credit for avoiding the canteen for 5 weeks now! Funny how it works-easier to enter tomorrows food into MFP. I call it finding "your groove".

MaryAnn, great that you are feeling "unhungry" with the new plan. Is the yogurt before each meal just to help with feeling full or is there a more scientific reason? You asked about my smoothie-sorry it took a bit to respond. My everyday ingredients: ginger root, beet, kale, apple, carrot, parsley, cucumber. I often add berries (blueberry/raspberry) and always have a scoop of amaranth/quinoa based protein powder and a greens powder. Mediocre on taste (at times) but super great for energy.

gardenerjoy, many kudos for the great articles you have been writing for H.Post. I had time last eve to read every one. I feel like I know someone famous now.

Beverlyjoy, I smiled when I read that your DH suggested you just bring the crockpot to the neighbors the other night. What a great idea and I'm glad it worked out well. I am reminded again, that it's really OK to bring something healthier and that other folks really don't mind.

nationalparker, I'm wondering if your sis takes the back road from Breck to Co.Springs. I live right off I-70 in both locations and the ski traffic on weekends is B-A-D. I'm a great winter driver, though, and don't mind the roads...just the traffic. Credit for recognizing you can have a certain meal "another day" when you've planned for it. I think it's a great Beck inspired strategy.

Julia, I love "the trip is NOT about the food". Credit for planning ahead.

IBelieveInMe2, I agree with your statement, "This lifestyle change stuff is hard and constant work.." It does seem to get easier when we practice our skills everyday, just as Dr. Beck suggests.

Tazzy, I'm so glad you continue checking in here despite your busy schedule. Re:Costco-I think it's funny, too, how everybody lines up for samples now that I don't participate. Credit for skills which result in "no interest".

BigChiefDavid, looking forward to MardiGras report. Credit for losing weight during "the season".
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