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Hi Coaches!

An early check in today....I went to bed very early and as a result yesterday was OP. My energy has returned and I'm packing up so I can leave right after work to go hang with DH, the pup and my pool friends for 4 days. I found myself using NO CHOICE several times at work yesterday and made sure to pack a lunch since I'd had a tough go the day before. Planning really helps. Lunch is already packed for today, too, and I'll grab a trusty banana from work before I leave for a nice snack on my drive over.

Onward and upward!
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(I also posted this in recipe thread)

Crock Pot Sloppy Guiseppe's (Italian Sloppy Joe's)


1 lb Italian turkey sausage, removed from casing
1/2 cup chopped onions
3 cloves garlic, minced
1 red bell pepper, chopped in 1/2-inch pieces
1 green bell pepper, chopped in 1/2-inch pieces
1 1/3 cups crushed tomatoes
1/2 tsp dried rosemary
salt and fresh cracked pepper, to taste

For serving:
6 whole wheat 100 calorie potato rolls**
6 slices reduced fat provolone (Sargento)
1 cup baby spinach


In a medium non-stick skillet, cook the sausage over medium-high heat, breaking up as it cooks into small bits until cooked through, about 5-6 minutes. Add onions and garlic, and cook another 2 minutes. Transfer to the slow cooker and add the bell peppers, crushed tomatoes, rosemary and fresh cracked pepper. Mix. Cook four hours on low.

My family loved it. DH and DS suggested using hot Italian sausage instead of the sweet Italian sausage I used. (too spicy for me with the hot). Use 1/2 the amount of peppers if they are quite large. It kind of taste like the sausage and peppers at a fair or street food. Yum.

Servings: 6 • Size: 1 sandwich • Old Points: 6 pts • Weight Watchers Points+: 8 pts*
Calories: 316 • Fat: 11.4 g • Protein: 27 g • Carb: 27.4 g • Fiber: 14 g • Sugar: 7.6 g
Sodium: 461.5 mg (without the salt)
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Thumbs up Wednesday

Diet Coaches/Buddies Another visit to physical therapy to be given one more exercise demonstrating that my left leg isn't as strong as my right. It's a good strategy to remind me that I have to keep working the muscles to build them back. Apparently I thought just sending them a memo took care of my part of the responsibilities. Then gym, CREDIT moi, where I saw another compulsive gym rat carefully moving dumbbells back to their proper locations. I am not the only an*l guy there, LOL.

Eating on plan, CREDIT moi. Dinner included fresh fish that was a tad tasteless - gotta figure out why. Fish is too good to ever be tasteless. Might have been farmed or something. Got more exercise when DW and I walked to a lecture about Louis Agassiz, the leading U.S. scientist of the mid 1800's despite his rejection of Darwin's new work and despite serious racist views. He was a leading figure deeply committed to not changing his ideas.

onebyone Yep, we're here for you. Kudos for using your jeans as motivation. Congrats for your accomplishment for the guild. You deserve to give yourself credit for tending to a group that matters in your life.

Joy (gardenerjoy) Five meals a day does seem a challenge. Love the thought, "I can't come up with a legal deviation fast enough to bother." Do you have an opinion about schools dropping cursive writing?

Debbie (Lexxiss) I so marvel at the wildlife portion of your Alaskan years. I also shudder thinking about the cold and shortened daylight. Best sentence of the day: "I'll grab a trusty banana."

Beverlyjoy Thanks for posting your recipe for Sloppy Giuseppe's - that's one of the comfort foods that make me feel great about once a year or so. Yay for a back doctor giving your back some relief.

maryann - Tired does not cure chocolate. Tired does not cure chocolate. Tired does not cure chocolate. (Or something like that.)

BigchiefDavid Such a whack upside the head, "nowadays I'm not using food to reward the exercise" - always a surprise to be reminded how much we rewarded ourselves with food.

Beth (bethFromDayton) "Cutting (processed) sweets makes me crave them less" works for me, too. Kudos for recognizing the limits of ecstasy from ice cream.

OnederlandJulia (Julia150) Believe, yes, BELIEVE. It wasn't a fluke.

Readers -
chapter 3
How Thin People Think

characteristic 4
You Fool Yourself About How Much You Eat

. . .People who struggle with dieting, however, often delude themselves about how much they eat. In fact, at times you might deliberately try not to notice what you're eating because you know you would feel bad if you really paid attention. For example, you might eat a pint of ice cream standing at the freezer or finish an entire bag of chips while watching TV. It's as if part of you believes, If I'm not fully conscious of what I'm doing, it's okay to keep eating.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pgs 36-37.
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Italian Sunny Girl!
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Quick Ciao, busy days at work, I need to "cut" some time for myself and for this forum to read your posts!!! Anyway, all fine with sports and eating OP, but I guess this week I won't lose a gram, but it's ok...let's go on and focus on what I can do today to do my best as Dr.Becks teaches us!
Have a good day!
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I can do this
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I was disappointed that I didn't do the 30DS this morning. I rolled out of bed at 6:30 when the alarm first went off. I grabbed a robe and went downstairs to start the DVD and just going down the stairs hurt my knees. Even a modified version didn't sound like such a good idea with sore knees. I really want to make a habit of exercising before work, so I need to find something else.

Tomorrow I'll have been at this a month, so I thought it'd be good for me to give myself credit for my accomplishments:
  • I'm working through the Beck book and learning how to think about food and respond to sabotaging thoughts
  • I'm using those thought processes most of the time
  • I'm eating sitting down
  • I'm eating more mindfully and enjoying my food more
  • I'm recording everything I eat in MFP
  • I did the leave food on the plate exercise and have regularly left food on my plate if I get full before I've eaten it all
  • I'm walking 30 minutes a day on work days
  • I started the 30DS so I know I can do a DVD workout once I find one that works for my body
  • I posted on the Exercise forum asking for an alternative to 30DS that's low impact
  • I made an appt with my PCP to get blood work done
  • I'm checking in and giving and getting support here on the Beck forum close to every day
  • I'm planning my food the night before or in the morning
  • I'm planning a week's meals at a time and going grocery shopping on schedule
  • We're eating at home more because of my planning and shopping, which saves money and keeps me on track
  • I'm bringing my lunch to work every day, keeping me out of the tempting canteen or from going out for fast food
  • We're eating a lot more fresh fruit and vegetables, so I've improved the quality of our eating, not just portion control
  • I haven't had a sweet snack at work all month
  • I've resisted donuts every time someone has brought them in
I put this list together to put my stopping 30DS into perspective. And that isn't even a failure as much as a recognition that it isn't working for my body
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Just a quick check in. The scale is a big, fat liar. Today I was 200.2. I'm OK with that because I know I'm following my plan. I wish I could give up daily weights.
OnebyOne Glad you checked in, I've been wondering what's going on. You really took on a big job, big credit your devotion to your guild. I can understand wanting to do that over planning food. It's a whole lot more fun to spend time doing something with friends, for friends and seeing results of your labors in a short time. Planning food/diet is boring and not fast results (that's my issue, maybe not yours) Glad to hear you have a face to face group for support. I do like the daily support here though.
Beth- I really think that the 30DS is hard on my knees with this much weight onboard. I really did low impact and will probably have to exagerate the low impact stuff to have a good result.
MaryAnn Yes, oh well is a good response to the chocolate moment. A sincere question...How did the chocolate make you feel?
Lexxiss safe journey!
BillBE I disagree with you on the fish-I think it's all nasty. But good for you, someone has to eat that stuff. (except seafood, that I love)
Thanks for the reality check.
Kitty Howdy, hope all is well
BeverlyJoy thanks for the recipie, it sounds good, I may give it a try this weekend.
-I've gotta get ready for work but thinking of you!

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Beth- we crossed posted.
Holy Cow-look at all you've done! I am impressed and in awe of you!
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Default Hello!

Hi, everyone. My name is Jenny, and I am just starting out on the Beck plan. They told me to find a "diet buddy," and it looks like this is the best place for me at the moment. I'm turning 47 this year, and while I am still reasonably fit (can climb stairs with a load of laundry), I am heavier than I have ever been at close to 200 lbs, and I would like to live the rest of my life at a better fitness level and at least be around for my daughters and husband as long as possible. I'm looking forward to participating in the forum. Thanks.
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Green Tomatoes
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Today's challenge is an excessively busy day. But I have a food plan and little time to deviate so I expect it to go well.

Julia150 and bethFromDayton: I talk back to Jillian when she brags about 400# people doing jumping jacks. I'll do jumping jacks when I get an all-expense paid trip to the Biggest Loser ranch and a chance to win big money. Without that incentive, no way. I figure I have a limited number of jumps left in my knees and I'm saving every last one of them for jumping off the back of the pickup truck when we're working in the yard. I substitute dance moves for all jumping moves in exercise videos, including Jillian's.
You might try Ellen Barrett -- her DVDs are longer but much gentler on the knees while still incorporating cardio, strength, and stretching in one workout.
I think some of Leslie Sansone's DVDs also have some strength-training and they are definitely low-impact.

BillBlueEyes: old-time librarians were taught "library hand" in school -- a neat noncursive form of writing used on the cards in card catalogs. Of course, they don't teach that anymore but I've run across old-time librarians who think they should! I guess it's character-building.

Welcome, Jenny19072! You're in the right place for diet buddies! This is a great group.
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Hi Becksters/coaches... I've been to the grocery and have a good supply healthy foods. My visit to the doctor was a reminder of being mindful about sodium in food along with foods that don't create reflux. It's challenging... but, I can do it. I need to keep my sodium from between 1500 and 2000mgs. For a while I have to cut out coffee, caffiene, chocolate, oily foods, citrus, tomatoes, onions... I'll be doing lots of planning.

I got out my journal and have planned my food for today. As much as I love being with my family... I must admit that it's often easier to have food sanity when I am home.... in my food 'comfort zone'. Mind you... it's no guarantee... but, it's helpful to be home.

I am feeling kind of blue. I need some sunshine!!!! I'll have to wait for some sunny days, I guess. A facebook friend just posted a picture with this saying: 'Some days you just have to create your own sunshine'. It's such a good reminder... but, I am not sure how to do this.

gardenerjoy.. credit for making a plan on your busy day.

jenny - WELCOME! So glad you posted. Folks here are friendly and helpful.

Julia150 - you said: The scale is a big, fat liar. I laughed out loud when I read that. You TELL that old scale. Credit for knowing it's just a number impacted by LOTS of things. Carry on.

bethfromdayton - I am doing a happy dance in honor of all your wonderful accomplishments! You are so right... can't focus on the ONE thing you didn't do. Also MUST focus on all the credits during the day. Excellent.

bootedkitty - glad you checked in. Some days it's hard to find the time for the forum... I often have to 'force' myself... always glad when I do, however.

billbe aha!... you've found another person who also returns the weights to the right spot. Good. Soon your muscle strength will be more even as time goes on. Credit.. for being OP.

lexxiss/debbie.. I, too, will sometimes go to bed early just to stay out of the food. It works. However, then I am up at 4am. Generally, I won't eat in the morning until around 8am. Credit for planning, packing and saying NO Choice!!

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Thumbs up coming 'round.


Things are better today after finding a group I actually like last night. huh. go figure. Woke up *happy* and re-charged today. First time in a while.

Went to the guild. 3 members helped me thoroughly clean and declutter the tea room--a massive credit for doing that which was NOT planned but the others there just took it on. It was a mystery to me what to do next (decluttering/cleaning/organizing my achille's heel but I am improving) so I asked for help and was shepherded along.

Yay for people.

Food not bad except for fabulous cookies brought by the son of a volunteer helping straighten up the craft gallery side of the building the tea room is in (not my domain thank goodness). I did plan to do the tea room so if the gallery needed me I'd lend a hand. They were fine. I left early. Anyway, ate 4 cookies like I was a vaccuum cleaner. Then stopped. *credit*

Bye for now.
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Default Good Evening!

Hey Coaches and Fellow Becksters:

Stayed OP today and managed to get in a decent early morning walk before my 8 am meeting. Tomorrow's a big day for the family: DW is dancing in the Muses Parade, which is all ladies Mardi Gras krewe (she's in the CT lady steppers--I'll leave the acronym to your imaginations) and I'll be prowling the streets for a parking spot that's, hopefully, only a half a mile or so from our viewing destination. Mardi Gras parades are famous for "parade throws:" the beads, doubloons, assorted plastic crap etc...but there are also highly-coveted signature throws, which in the case of Muses!

The women don't really throw the shoes, but I suppose if they did and a husband or two were clobbered, then they probably deserved it. Along with the throws, floats, marching bands, flambeaux carriers (yep, tipsy men carrying propane-fueled torches--what could possibly go wrong?), there will be long tables of king cakes, fried chicken, chips, desserts of many shapes and sizes.

BUT I HAVE RESPONSE CARDS!!!! And, of course, thanks to y'all and Beck, a few more tricks up my costume.

Until that time and weighing in tomorrow...

p.s. BBE: "He was a leading figure deeply committed to not changing his ideas." That line had me laughing out loud.

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Good evening all!

A quick check in as I'm really tired tonight and just got out of a hot jet tub and am ready to go to sleep! Work is busy, home is busy, I've had DH drop me off at the gym again this week since that works best. Had a small dinner and then took the puppies for a 30 minute power walk. Hopefully the walk and fresh air will make them sleep through the night I think that's part of my being tired as well. Have been staying OP pretty well, decided last night to have some graham crackers for a snack and thought it was 2 points for 4. After eating 8 I checked the program to discover it was then 7 points. Ouch, but it should teach me to check before eating.

No time for personals tonight, too tired. Will get back for some on the weekend.
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Thumbs up Welcome Jenny (Jenny19072)

Jenny (Jenny19072)

And, on the occasion of your first post,

How did you find out about the books by Dr. Judith Beck?

And how did you find our Beck forum here on 3 Fat Chicks?
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Thumbs up Thursday

Diet Coaches/Buddies Lots of good walking, CREDIT moi, included a trip to the library to fetch Life of Pi. Having seen the movie, I want to read enough to determine how close the movie came. Also had to read the final scene since it passed quickly on the screen and is crucial to making the key decision what to believe. Being deliberately vague since it's a good movie to see either after reading the book or without knowing the ending.

But the day included lunch with a group with nonstop talking. Food came from a self-serve table - only middling stuff but I ate as if I had to get my money's worth. Just got distracted by all the chatting and meeting a zillion people I hadn't met before but will be meeting again. New people challenge me and multiple new people at once is like Dante's ninth level. It's a non-repeating event, so it's not a future problem for me. Nevertheless, I wish I'd been more mindful.

onebyone Yay for "re-charged" - you're so powerful when grounded. Cookies is what got me at lunch yesterday. May both of us return to mindfulness.

Joy (gardenerjoy) Busy is good. Hope it's making you happy. [Good grief, I'd never heard of "library hand" - but am sitting here remembering that I can read all index cards and penciled notations on books.]

Beverlyjoy Such a lovely thought, 'Some days you just have to create your own sunshine.' Kudos for "doing lots of planning."

Tazzy - Yay for a "power walk" with your two lively puppy trainers. Apparently this is busy times for Beck posters.

BigchiefDavid Continue to send supportive thoughts for remaining sane when all of New Orleans is dedicated to insanity. LMAO at "CT lady steppers" - it doesn't get better than Southern bawdy.

Beth (bethFromDayton) Congrats on your First Month Anniversary. 36 Kudos - one for each of your accomplishments and one each for giving yourself credit for them. Neat list.

Julia (Julia150) Alas, the scale jitters up and down, requiring you to keep the faith in the path you're taking. [I need to come handle your share of the fresh salmon up there. In my next life I'm gonna be a brown bear during salmon spawning season, LOL.]

Kitty (Bootedkitty) Thanks for the clear and simple, "focus on what I can do today."

Jenny (Jenny19072) We'll collectively be glad to be your Diet Buddy(ies) and ask that you play that role for us. Are you reading the "green book?" Kudos for posting your first two Advantages: "a better fitness level and be around for my daughters and husband." Glad you've joined us.

Readers -
chapter 3
How Thin People Think

characteristic 4
You Fool Yourself About How Much You Eat
...You'll learn how to effectively respond
to the voice in your head
that tries to convince
. . . . .you that you must eat right now!
Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 37.
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