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Lightbulb Happy Apple Tree Day! Also, National Bean Day!


Got up, did dishes, feel better. Not a coincidence that taking action leads to contentment. *credit for discovering that once again*

Also, weighed in and saw 252.9 *credit* for weighing and noticing there is a downward trend. I am moving forward once again.

Tomorrow is the day I have planned to spend $40 for 30 days of Bikram Yoga The studio is about a 10/15min walk away from me. That's the introductory rate. To say I am worried about, oh, having my blood pressure shoot up and whatever happens after that is to just be honest. But this is my fear. A loooongggg time ago I decided that fear was not a valid reason to opt out of doing something. What I know is my truth is that I can stop/slow down/moderate/tell someone if t gets really bad--I have strategies to deal with this. I am not afraid I can't do the poses. Not afraid of being the fattest in the room. Not happy to show my upper arm fat, but my arms work and that's the important thing. I believe in sweat and heat and my gut tells me if I do this thing I will heal myself at a deep core, dare I say, soul level. That's what I need this year. And so, I am going. Today I need to buy something to wear to class. All websites say the less you wear the better. I cannot go in a sportsbra and nothing else. Can't do it. It'll be a tshirt but a light flimsy one. I will get a yoga mat and some workout short pants--capris if I can't get the shorter ones. I plan to go in the morning. Will call or visit for the details today.

Foodwise I have been faithfully tracking this week*credit* I opted to buy WW snacks which I usually don't do. But coming down off of the foodfest which were my holidays I see that stuff as "transition food". It's moderate, in a pre-measured package, yet lets me have the feel of eating those snacks in a bag. So, not sure if I need this again this week but I have been grateful to have had that option. They usually trigger me to eat "the real thing" but not so far. *credit* for being mindful of my food triggers.

I have created a plan to organize my kitchen and to get me started decluttering my home by focusing on the Tower of Boxes that reside in the dining room area. 1-2 boxes a day. No more.

Overall, my plan is simply *MODERATION IN ALL ASPECTS OF MY LIFE*
Goodness. Did I just say that? How *dull* is that? Yet for me, a natural dyed-in-the-wool excitement-a-holic and binger-in-all things it is ncredible that I even have the desire to try that. *credit for the willingness to change*

Enjoy your day.
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