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I can do it!!!
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Hello Coaches/Buddies!

Well, I logged all my food and exercise for today (Sunday) and ended up coming in a little UNDER my calorie allotment!!! That hasn't happened for me very often since gaining back my weight, so I am really encouraged and believing I can do this! I felt so much better today (physically), thank God! That helped!

Day 4 in pink Beck book completed and I finally received and began to read the green Beck Diet for Life book! Giving myself credit will be so crucial to my success and persistence on this journey. I constantly battle negative self-talk. I have been working on turning these thoughts around for a LONG time now, so the concept is not new to me, but it just remains a struggle. I can break that habit, though!!! I deserve to talk to myself the same way I talk to, encourage, and praise my children and best friends! I am worth it!!! (sink in.....sink in.....sink in!)

BillBlueEyes: Thank you for sharing the quote from Beck regarding the fact that the decision NOT to eat can also reduce tension (when confronted with a food trigger). I made this into a response card.

BootedKitty: Welcome! Are you currently reading any of the Beck books?

Tazzy: Congratulations on your weight loss!!! Excellent job on your first week of WW!!! That is great motivation to keep on going! CREDIT to you for the double veggies (instead of rice) at Chili's. Great idea! Thank you for sharing the story about your pups! (I am the one who asked.) Awww, it makes me so sad to hear about abandoned animals and to know that several of the pups became food for the coyotes. So thankful and happy that you could save the 2 that you did and give them a wonderful life! They sound like gorgeous pups! We just held a shepherd/collie mix at the pet store last night! She was beautiful! Let me know their definite breeds when you get the DNA test results back. And do you know how to post pics of Dexter and Suka? (I don't.) I would love to see them!

bethFromDayton: Are you an Ohio State fan? Just wondering, since the Buckeyes beat Michigan in b-ball today! (I am a HUGE Buckeye fan!) I like your little avatar by your name ~ with the sun shining at the end of the path! You are off to a great start! Congrats on your weight loss! CREDIT to you for staying within your calorie range every day, walking every day, and logging all of your food! Keep up the good work!

Julia150: DietWatch offers 4 different meal plans (no food restrictions, reduced carb, heart healthy, and vegetarian). They actually plan out the meals for you, if you want them to, along with a list of substitutions for things you may not like or want. Or you can also just follow a reduced calorie plan. Either way, they want you to track your food and exercise. I am still getting familiar with the site. They have an exercise component that I haven't checked out yet. I also purchased their Mastering Food program, which is all about conquering emotional eating. That is what really drew me to the DietWatch plan. I started it yesterday, and it looks like it is going to be really helpful to me. Not sure if I mentioned here that I had lost 35 pounds on JC about 3-4 years ago. Unfortunately, I hit a year long plateau and couldn't maintain my loss after going off the program; gained it all (and more) back after I quit eating their food. So it is good that you are following Dr. Beck's principles, because they will help you so much in the maintenance phase. (I never made it that far into the Beck book back then, so didn't have the skills to maintain my weight loss.) Your question about how I eat a meal standing up CRACKED ME UP!!! I started doing that awhile ago and it became a really bad habit, to the point that I was eating everything while standing at my kitchen counter prior to the start of my most recent journey. It was as if the meal was not that important and I was just "getting it over with." I didn't really realize until I revisited the Beck book that I wasn't even savoring the food or deriving much satisfaction from it. No wonder I am obese! Your habit of sitting on the couch for meals might not float with Beck. I think she means sitting at a table, without distractions, so that you are conscious of what and how you are eating and savoring the food for increased satisfaction. But at least you are sitting down! LOL!

That's it for tonight! I need to get some sleep! Hope the rest of you are doing well. Still thinking of those of you who need our prayers and support. Take things one day and even one moment at a time. Put one foot in front of the other. Baby steps; they all add up to success. And be patient with yourselves! Sending you good vibes!
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Thumbs up Welcome Kitty (Bootedkitty)

Kitty (Bootedkitty)

And, on the occasion of your first posts,

How did you find the books by Dr. Judith Beck?

And how did you find our Beck forum here on 3 Fat Chicks?
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Thumbs up Monday

Diet Coaches/Buddies – I'm particularly pleased with a day of no unplanned snacks, CREDIT moi. At a potluck lunch, I had faced some ten items that I ignored, including a bowl of mixed tree nuts (with Brazil nuts), lemon tart, and various factory-made cookies. Later, before dinner, the munchies attacked and . . . I remembered that if I could pass on all those temptations at lunch, I was perfectly capable of waiting thirty minutes for dinner. Yay that working my resistance muscle in the afternoon helped in the evening.

Exercise was my home physical therapy routine, CREDIT moi, and little else on a busy day. At an afternoon meeting, I found myself rotating my foot through the alphabet - one of the ROM (range of motion) physical therapy exercises. It was a good distraction.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Neat that you fudged the fudge.

Beverlyjoy – "I've been OP all week" is as good as it gets; Kudos.

maryann - Kudos for persistence and Double Kudos for giving yourself credit for persistence.

Tazzy - Such good choices at Chili's restaurant - I'm impressed that you didn't snitch any French fries from your friends.

Ann (Newlifestyle) - Wonderful thought that you can feel "calmness" from the thread.

nationalparker – Bonjourno! I do hope you make that trip back to Italy. I share your feelings that it's one of the most striking places on planet earth. Kudos for enjoying your concert and avoiding IHOP both.

Beth (bethFromDayton) – That's one stellar first week. Kudos, and may many more follow.

IBelieveInMe2 – I love the thought of "UNDER my calorie allotment" - just great that it can happen.

Julia (Julia150) – It is so neat when the kids shift into being fun young adults. Kudos for OP despite delayed. [Can't beat "One day at a time." I found Beck when searching for a way to keep the weight off after losing. The thrill of watching the scale dropping was over and I feared that'd I'd just drift back up. The Beck Strategies are the tools that I had never learned.]

Kitty (Bootedkitty) – And HALLO right back - waving toward Italy across the ocean. Glad you've joined us on this thread. (For those who missed it, Kitty posted her introduction:

Readers -
chapter 2
What Really Makes You Eat

A Great Example of Helpful Thinking

Emma had lost more than 40 pounds when I counseled her many years ago. I hadn't heard from her in more than 10 years when she called to say hello. She told me that she had maintained her weight loss with comparative ease. I asked her if she still had sabotaging thoughts and, if so, what she did about them. Emma thought for a moment and gave me the following example: About two weeks prior to the phone call, Emma was tempted by sticky buns that someone had left on the counter in the office kitchenette. Most days, she would have ignored them completely, but she was particularly hungry that day. She knew if she tried to eat just a small piece of this high-fit, high-carbohydrate food, she would want more. During the next few hours, she had lots of thoughts: I'm hungry. They look so good. I'd really like to have one. Fortunately, she was well equipped to answer these thought each time one occurred.
  • No, I don't need to eat them. I'm having lunch in two hours. Leave the kitchenette.
. . .. . .

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 31.
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Hi Coaches!

I've weighed this morning and like the number far better after a day of controlled eating. Yesterday I spent 4 hours at the closest walmart (15 m) scanning my DH's many pictures of GrandCanyon. I'm close to finished on that project. My next job was grocery shopping and it was past lunch time. I decided to stop at a little Himalayan DH isn't interested in trying. I enjoyed both the food and the atmosphere yet it was more than I had planned for lunch. When dinner came around I was (shocked) and content to make myself a large fresh lemonade in my vitamix. credit. My willingness paid of as I weighed this morning. I like when I feel I am being flexible yet in control of food choices.

Kitty (bootedkitty), I read your into. Thx for posting and kudos for working the Beck program as witnessed by your successes!
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good morning buddies/coaches
Just a quick fly-by as I leave for work. But I gotta say


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Enjoying la bella vita
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Happy Monday! I decided to take a vacation day today - they said the roads would be icy with the temp dropping from close to 70 on Saturday with 3+" of rain, to 18 last night ... so I decided to use Beck's stress relieving "just make the decision" and decided to not have a game-day decision and just say I would be taking it off. DH is also off as his schedule is so different than mine and so we'll do a little shopping, lunch at Panera and hit Trader Joe's - a fave of mine - for some more marketing. Thought about a matinee but nothing is out that we're gung ho on. Let's not spend the money just to GO.

Ended up skipping lunch yesterday and having a good homemade dinner - capellini with olive oil and garlic and crushed red pepper. I wish I could replicate what we enjoyed in Italy, but it comes out good anyway. Cooked up some chicken with it, but no veggies.

Thanks, Bill, for the selection of that Beck's quote. That is what I need for our office kitchen STILL. On Friday it was a tray of those gold wrapped chocolate candies - about 75 on there. The sheer quantity makes it seem as if one won't be missed. What the heck is that? I skipped them all, along with a new container of peppermint bark. The Christmas treats are never-ending and now, to be honest, it's getting a bit annoying, which makes me feel guilty because I know there are millions who would love to have some extra food in their pantry. But it's not mine to give away - and others in the office do love it.

I feel bad for not checking in with personals - will get back in the groove. But wanted to make sure that I checked in to stay on track.
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Exclamation This is the story of a Monday in January


I think I love Mondays. I no longer start a diet on a Monday, but I do see Mondays as good days to start and re-start and re-commit to things. Seems natural AND logical to me. Not always do these two characters meet in my world

So, instead of thinking "I failed last week" I now am thinking "I did one workout last week. Can I do more this week? Will I commit to more this week?" *credit* I just did. I turned on the wii fit and clicked Dance Workout Gold's Gym: My Trainer and there he was, Francesco was all fresh and new and "ready to help me reach my fitness goals" he said. So, until Francesco proves himself to be a liar (unlikely) I will accept his offer of help. This week we are committing to a three day workout schedule. I completed day 1. I have to say, it felt *gasp* MODERATE.

A little bit of sweating was evident, but no collapsing-cause-that-was-so-hard-or-really-long.
I don't know if Francesco will really get me to my fitness goals UNLESS my goal is to do some working out. Then I will absoutely reach my fitness goal of "being someone who works out regularly." Hmmm. That sounds positively... sensible.

*credit* for exercising the resistance muscle. I made soup yesterday *credit for cooking from scratch* and I threw a chicken carcass into it for the base and removed it this morning and all I wanted to do was to eat the meat off the bones right there over the stove. I made a choice not to. Use your resistance muscle for a change came to mind and so I did. t was HARD and then it got easier and then I taunted that saboteur that would have me FOLD in the face of cooked poultry! Imagine! Phooey! *credit for not foldng and for allowing myself to experience the success of not folding and feeling those feelings for a change.*
Now I am getting ready to declutter based on my plan for today, and I have to plan some of my artwork in advance of a session in the ceramic room tomorrow as well as move forward with other work areas.

Happily I actually feel like it today and I don't think it's a coincidence that I moved forward with taking care of myself foodwise and so I see I can move forward in other areas.

Billblueeyes You may want to gain back some weight cause you are WORTH YOUR WEIGHT IN GOLD, though knowing what we all go through to get that weight off perhaps your 158lbs of gold would be *enough*. I am moved to say this because you wrote this:
Perhaps if you reduce your to-do list to a single item, you can succeed and then relish the victory.
I thank you for this. I think I will do this the rest of my life. Awesome.

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Hi Coaches/friends/Becksters - I am checking in. Struggling because of back pain and a performance on Tuesday and Wednesday. I think I can do it. But, it's way stressful. I wish I knew a way to not eat when I feel physical pain. I KNOW the food won't make it go away. It's a fleeting moment of less stress etc.. some how I must find a way to tatoo this to my brain. I am taking the medicine that makes me retain fluids... my weight always goes up when I take it. I couldn't get on the scale... and see that number. I KNOW it's just information. I'll try tomorrow.

Send positve thoughts, if you will, to my back etc... so that I can do as I need to do. I feel like adrenaline will come and it should be OK. Hoping.

Thanks.... B.

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I am done for the day. I am here struggling as my brother's dog passed away today. The vet thinks she was so lonely without him. I am coming here to confess I did eat over this. A package of toffifee. It did not make me feel better. I am just very overwhelmed and emotionally drained. Please forgive me if I don't post. I will try but no promises.
Take Care

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Italian Sunny Girl!
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Hi again, thanks everybody for welcoming me so warmly! I'm glad to be able to interact with you..we are so far in km (or miles... :-) ) but so close in life experience! I "met" Dr.Beck's pink book just passing by into an Italian blog, when in 2009 I understood that my bad food approache had to be modified by changing something in my head so I wrote on an internet search engine juts these words "change head" and so I found this Italian blogger, a woman-doctor, who passed through what we all are passing or have passed: that is being fat, first of all mentally, and with a distorted way of thinking and behaving about food. I read all the blog and among the books she cited in these pages there was the Beck diet solution, but weird to realize it now, it took me three years before ending up for buying it! Yes because I read a lot about NLP first, and other psychological ways of approaching food…all of those readings have been useful but, probably, they were not the right method for me to face the problem. At the end of this “journey”, one year ago, I started reading the pink book, engaging myself in all the activities Dr.Beck suggests and here I am! I feel I’m another person or at least I know the person I want to be now. I bought the book in Italian and "learning to think like a thin person" became my first goal! We have another book in Italian language written by Judith Beck which is “più testa meno chili” which literally means “more head, less kilos” but it seems very similar to the one I have, so I was now thinking about buying the workbook in English. So at the moment I just keep on reading over and over the only book I have, my response cards (which I update anytime I “feel” it’s needed), and the “daily diet tips” on Judith Beck’s blog! :-) Ok, sorry, I've probably written too much again!!!!

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BethFromDayton and IBelieveinme2: We are log in sisters today. I, too, resist the planning, preferring to stand with the frig open and wonder what I should eat. But just for today, I will pretend that I love to plan, that I feel the freedom of not having to make any food decisions during the day. Then, maybe tomorrow, I will feel it.
BBE: Credit for exercise of both foot and hand (not grabbing anything)
Lexxiss: I am jealous of your vita mixer
Newlifestyle: Credit for checking in. Life is infinitely poignant--overwhelmingly so sometimes. This too shall pass. Continue to check in.
Welcome Kitty!

As for me, it was first day back to my job at middle school. I am a literacy coach this year and working on a few projects I believe in -writing and reading for pleasure. I am encountering expected opposition from teachers. Credit for persistance and for saying "Oh well" this pm in front of a nice fire and with my DS who is as cute as can be.

Today is 100% OP. I have pre made mason jars with chunks of turkey and cooked sweet potato so I don't have to think about lunches for the next three days. The rest of the food for the three days will be repeats as well. I have told myself "You can stand to have a boring menu if it puts you on the right track." I have planned for a sweet treat at the end of each night. This is the food plan I followed when I initially started Beck. I am hoping to replicate my success
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OnebyOne-Is Francesco cute? I bet he is always cheerful and doesn't have a bad day or embarass you in front of class.
Beth, MaryAnne, IBelieve: Add me to the" I don't want to plan" club roster. That's why I'm doing JC right now. I need to make my own menu for tomorrow because I'm going to be at a training tomorrow night (I don't want to eat Jenny in front of these people)
BillBlueEyes You are an inspiration for me (and probably others) with your successful maintenance longevity. I'll confess that I hope that after lots of practice, maintaining my weight will be less work. Maybe I need to accept that I will always have to be diligent <sigh> Oh well, that will be better than being fat.

Anne Big, big hug. You have been getting slammed the last few days. I was talking to a co-worker about when do you stop crying everytime you talk about a lost love one and sat and cried again today. My co-workers deserve medals for supporting me so much. Keep checking in even if you don't have the energy to post. I am sending positive thoughts and cyber hugs your way. I completely identify with the raw feelings.

DebbieYour ticker is so impressive, almost to goal! What's it like?

[B]Kitty[/B Welcome to the group and I wouldn't worry about posting too much, I think people are happy to read!

For some reason my laptop is acting very sluggish so I need to wrap up here. Greeetings to everyone else

I've been OP all day but behind on a few things. It gets busy at work and I forget to eat or lose track of time. I have a monthly get together for a dice game with friends tonight. I am able to forgo the goodies by telling big fat lies "I ate too much dinner so I don't have room for the goodies" and "I can't eat sweets in the evening, it disrupts my sleep" It's easier than getting into the diet talk. Besides, these people have seen me at my lowest and highest and all points in between. I hate thinking that they are mentally rolling their eyes "there she goes on another diet, same song different verse".
Stupid computer. I'm hitting "post" before all is lost.
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I can do this
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Hi all,

I hope everyone had a good Monday. I've been crazy busy tonight--but managed to stay mostly OP. I am realizing that I need a snack at work. One of my original goals was to not snack at work, but since we have a late dinner (DH has a long commute), I have to have something to eat about 3:00. So, today it was 1/2 package of peanuts.

One of the reasons I was so busy was: I went grocery shopping, as planned, to be ready to cook my planned dinners this week. I got some chicken marinating for tomorrow's dinner. DH and I went for a walk.

BillBE: I'm making a response card out of this one: "I remembered that if I could pass on all those temptations at lunch, I was perfectly capable of waiting thirty minutes for dinner. " I did it before. I can do it again.
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Hi Everyone,

I've had a good couple of days. It feels much better to have a plan and just follow it. I need to start on tomorrow's tonight. I have a meeting over the lunch hour tomorrow but it does not include lunch. I'm probably going to have to eat my sandwich on the 15 minute walk there as otherwise I'll be eating lunch way too early and can't wait until I get back to work around 2:30pm. I guess it will be an 'oh well" moment.

DH and I got out yesterday afternoon with the dogs for a good walk. He couldn't understand why I wanted to take them to a field to walk and bound through the snow when there is a perfectly good clear walking path. Seemed more energetic to me to go through the snowy field and it gave the dogs a lot more things to smell! It's baby steps when I can get him to come out with me so we'll continue to take it slow. Tonights exercise was walking them again and a trip to the library. Back to the gym tomorrow.

Sorry this is short but need to get some breakfast and lunch stuff ready for tomorrow.
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I can do it!!!
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Smile Quick Check-in!

Hello Coaches/Buddies,

I had a great day with food and exercise. I am still struggling to SIT while eating and today's Beck lesson was to eat slowly and mindfully, which is also a challenge for me. Part of me is tempted to think, "Geez, if I can't get these basic things down, I'm sunk!" But I will identify that as a sabotaging thought and reply to it that "I can do this! I need to sit to eat and eat slowly and mindfully so that I can savor the flavor of my food and be more satisfied with my snacks and meals. It is worth it to slow down and eat consciously, so that I can lose the weight and keep it off!" I will finetune that response and make a response card out of it. I need to get to bed (early for me) because I have a professional organizer coming tomorrow for our first session. YIKES!!! Yes, I have both body clutter and house clutter! My house is an embarrassment, but I am committed to facing my issues head-on in 2013, so that I can live a happier and healthier life in every way. These issues have dominated my life for way too long!!! I have had it with myself!!! But, rather than continuing to just beat myself up about my clutter, I am committing myself to getting rid of it this year! I have seen the clutter site on 3FCs, but feel so much further behind the go-getters there, so don't want to post.

Ann: I am so sorry about your brother's dog! That is so sad and heart-breaking for you, I am sure. I am sending hugs and prayers to you! Please hang in there and post when you can. Have you tried journaling about your brother's death? I really think it would help. Just a suggestion. No pressure intended.

Until tomorrow.........................
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