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Talking Everything's going my WEIGH (sort of)

Yea, Wildfire, and Kaylets also, I really appreciated your support yesterday. I go up and down on that career thing. I have retired 500 times, btw, just can't stand it.

Feeling really good this morning, though probably I should not because my official weigh-in wasn't all that great but I'm hangin' and eating brunch & feeling philosophical about it all.

Everything's SORT of going my weigh, other than being up 1.2 pound. Never mind, a little more muscle is mixed in that, exceeded all exercise goals & feel strong. The calorie train will be heading back in the right direction in the coming week lol. Day 35, "Hope sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible." Helen Keller

I do SO agree that stress impacts weight. There are probably all sorts of scientific reasons for that, of which I assume cortisol plays a part. I do know that I can be hummin' along happily digesting my last healthy meal & looking forward to a proper meal at the proper time and not having any sense of urgency to eat. Then if so much as a NEGATIVE THOUGHT passes through the ol' brain here, it is quickly followed by a feeling that I am hungry & wish to eat something. This is quickly followed by thoughts that I am not hungry but rather just had a negative thought. I am rather good at spotting negative thoughts in my own head. Sometimes I eat something then, sometimes not.

I remember years ago how this became clear to me, although I'd been pondering it for years. I was at the rural office in the mountain where I worked once a week during my previous career. I was working and enjoying being there, not feeling stressed, had a nice, calorie controlled lunch, was finishing up and looking forward to drive home and being at home in the afternoon. I was just buzzing with feel good hormones for no reason. Started drive through canyons, down mountains, beautiful, happy, driving well, was thinking of the convenience store in the other town I worked in up there on other days, where I often stopped and bought a donut. Humming along, thinking, don't need donut, not hungry, craving nothing, well fed. Car suddenly appeared on tail, started aggressively riding me down major hill, then swooshed around, almost cut me off at front, causing accident & it rode on down out of site. Told self calm down, down stress, happens all the time (it does up there), driving, driving, driving, all calm, noticed I was HUNGRY & specifically HUNGRY FOR DONUT AT CONVENIENCE STORE. Told self, no, was stress, was cortisol flooding system, don't need donut. Said okay, don't need donut, will keep going. Was cool, driving, hit town, saw convenience store, slammed on brakes, made screeching turn into convenience store parking lot, bought donut (two) and ate. Continued on way.

Okay, NOT THIS WEEK! I want this weight loss elevator to return to the previous floor!
Have a great day, royals!

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