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Designing my new physique
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Originally Posted by elvislover324 View Post
When I lose some more weight, I hope I can!

Of course, I will choose appropriate for my age and not try to look like a junior. But I agree, their colors/patterns/etc. are more attractive.

I won't be wearing mom jeans or velour running suits any time soon.
elvislover324, Most regular departments for plus sizes include an area of Jrs. I find them at Fredmeyers(Krogers), Kmart has Bongo and there are a couple other placces. You might be suprised. There could be more available to you than you think.-I know when I first ventured to the little collecions offered within the plus regular store section, I had a lump in my throat (afraid to try) but set sails to the wind and ran to the fitting rooms. My body looks better in the younger styles. Most of them. There are but a few I have ever tried that I didn't like on me.

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