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I am so glad to hear how you clearly see that her vision of you is completely inaccurate. Wow! Your mother is a piece of work! Yes, she has body issues, and somehow, what you and your sister look like really affects her.

How old is she? Has she vocalized that she's felt like this about herself?

Do you and your sister still live at home? This can also be a stage of life that she's just not prepared to deal with, you growing up and moving on as an adult. And the things she says, no matter what the issue is with her, have absolutely nothing to do with you. NOT ONE THING!

When you come to accept that her anxieties are her own and not your problems, you might be able to hear her say what she says and it won't have any meaning for you. You might say something like, "Mum, I understand that this is one of your fears. It just isn't one of mine." I hope you have someone in your life that is telling you that you're doing a great job. I hope you believe it when you tell yourself that same thing!

You're doing fabulously! And you're going to be fine!

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