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Default Hi Caroline

Hi Caroline:
I'm new here too, and can feel for you. I am in the midst of a divorce now after almost 26 years of marriage, and find myself eating late at night. I've been on meds most my life for depression, PTSD, DID, etc...but this really threw me for a loop. I never saw it coming and still don't really understand why he wants a divorce. He says he just doesn't have feelings for me anymore. Just wish he would have giving me some warning! I'm living in an apartment with my 17 year-old son right now. I've never lived alone, paid bills, or this is going to be a real learning curve.
It sounds like you are starting to get over the initial shock and move on with your life. I wish you luck, and am here to support you.
"Once You've Walked Through Fire and Survived, Nothing Else Can Burn You"
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