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-someone noticed your weight loss?

my mother started saying she noticed almost right away (like the first week), but she knew I was losing so I don't know how accurate that was. For the rest of the world it was right around 25 lbs/10%

-you noticed your weight loss?

about 18-20 lbs

-changed clothing size?

about the same 10% (25 lbs) that it took for others to notice. Still waiting to go down the next size though, and I'm around 47 lbs now, almost at a second 10% gone so hoping I'm completely in the next size down very soon

-could see the weight loss in your face?

slight changes so far, but I carry my weight in my upper body and that includes my face and neck. Hoping that evenually, that's a good thing and I'll be able to lose the weight I want to in my body without my face looking too thin! lol!

-started thinking about maintaining?

still haven't figured out why my final goal weight will be. But the plan I am following has a special phase that comes between actively losing weight called Consolidation. That's 5 days for every lb you've lost where you slowly add back in foods that are currently not permitted while giving your body a chance to really adjust to your new weight. So I'll be in that phase for well over a year before I get to a final maintenance phase (before then, you maintain your weight but within a still pretty regimented eating plan)
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