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Default How much weight did you lose before you...

How much weight did you lose before you noticed a difference in yourself? And before you lost a pant size? I was recently on a diet and lost about 30lbs (I've gained it all back though plus 10 ) but I didn't even move a size.. I did notice clothes were getting looser but I didn't drop a size.. I figured losing 30lbs would equal losing one pant size! And I was exercising too.. I walked/jogged about 4 or 5 miles a day..

Anyways.. I just wanted to know how long it took you guys.. I know we're all different.. but just want an idea..

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for me...I started out a size 20, maybe 22 (if I really wore a size that would have fit me. I refused to wear anything over an 18, so I had like a constant muffin top! and would have to lay down on the bed to get them on haha... anyway, that was at about 248, my highest. at around 220 I was wearing a 16 comfortably. at around 200 I am in a 14...could probably squeeze into a 12 though.
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lol.... and good job losing those sizes!! but for me I don't really like tight jeans.. I refuse to have a muffin top (makes me feel uncomfortable).. I'm in a 20 now just they fit good I don't have to squeeze and I was in a 20 that that time too.. (and started 10lbs lighter) and last time it didn't move..and I was losing all over.. it could have just been water weight and that's what I didn't really notice a change... that's one of the main reasons I give up.. oh well the past is the past... and I'm not giving up this time!!!
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I think it depends on the weight at which you start... I.e. if you start at a higher weight, you have to lose more in order to see a difference, and then each subsequent drop in size requires a smaller number of pounds (hope that makes sense!). Case in point: I had lost about ~35 lbs when I first got around to buying some new pants, and they were size-16s. However, now I'm just 15ish lbs lighter and those same pants are already starting to feel really loose. I haven't gone shopping in a while but I suspect that I might already be a size-14, or at least be very close. Of course you also have to factor in things like your height and body type (where you carry most of your weight, etc) and even the brand of pants! Haha. So really, it's probably different for everyone. But like you said, if you just want a general idea--I don't know the exact weight at which I could have squeezed into a 16, but I had lost ~35 lbs by the time I "officially" dropped a size.
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I've lost 28 pounds and have only gone down from a 13/14 to an 11. And even still, in some brands the 11's are still kind of snug. But as I'm about to get into the 130's, I feel that the amount of weight I'm losing isn't proportionate to the amount of MASS I've lost from my body, hahaha...

I kind of imagined myself looking alot better than I do at this weight, but it's okay, it's all about patience. Even if we don't like how we look now, we just push forward until we get to that spot, even if it takes a bit longer than we previously expected.

Or maybe we'll all be 110-pound fat people.

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When I started, it took about 30 or so pounds for me to go from a 22 to a 20. Then it took another 10-15 pounds to get into a 16 after that. I've been at 16 for 15-20 pounds, and don't see a 14 happening before Christmas.
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Before I gained the 20lbs I lost back, I went from 150 to 130 in about 6 months. I started at a size 12 pants and after about a month and half was down to a 10. Eventually I went down to an 8 and then probably after maintaining for another 6 months I was down to a 6 almost 4.

After gaining back 20lbs slowly, I seem to have held steady at a size 8! I'm glad I'm not back up to a 12 again. It's weird though. (-:
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I started in a comfortable 26 and have dropped 40 lbs - I can squeeze into a 24, but they are STILL snug! I'm guessing that I'll need to drop another 10 pounds before I actually feel comfortable in the 24.

SOOO for me, I think it will be about a 50 lb loss before I am comfortable in a new size.
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The first thing I noticed was how my pants didn't fit. I went from about a 22/24 size pant to a 20, and now my 20's are starting to get a little loose. I cant wait to go and raid my sisters room and get her 18's that she can't wear and then swear up and down she can while she cuts off circulation to the lower half of her body.

Just this morning though I noticed how much thinner my face looked. I looked in the mirror front on and was like wow thats really what my face looks like. I have a picture from just about a year ago and I look like such a pie face, and now I have definition in my cheek bones and I almost have my dimples back.
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I cant really remember when I first started losing weight. When I was 235 I was 20-22 depending on the brand, and at 188 I was a 13-14 now that I'm 170 I'm a 13 and dont have to look at the 14s too... but still waiting for a size to drop.
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I've lost close to 50 lbs and I'm JUST NOW starting to see a LITTLE difference in my face.
It's VERY frustrating.
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I'm 223 lbs and a size 18, not tight-just right (on bottom-the top is a 14/16.) I've lost 15 lbs and I think It's all from areas other than my pants size. I think that will be the last place I really see a size change. I lose from the top first, then the bottom. My collarbone is more defined and my fingers are slimmer, but the pants don't seem to be budging.
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I'm a little over 30lbs now, and I can now fit into pants I haven't worn in 5 years. I don't know what size I was before, but these pants are now comfortable.

I know that a lot of people on here have lost inches but not weight, and others who have lost weight but not inches.
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I went through a period when I was really stressed after college and I dropped almost 30 lbs in a few months, but I didn't go down a dress size either. I look back at photos and the clothes I wore weren't too tight looking at my heaviest, so I'm not sure how much I'd have to lose to really drop a size. At least this way you don't have to go out and spend a lot of money on a whole new wardrobe, I guess.
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I stared at about 163 (my highest) and i actually wore a size 14 pants , now im a 143 and i finally can wear a 10!!
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