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Question Darn it! I'm PMS ing all over again!!!!!

That means, that my weight went up yesterday 5 Lbs(OUCH).....Today, I wee'd enough to drop 3 LBS(Ahhhh). However, this is REALLY frustrating. It seems like every time I drop 5 Lbs and get close to success, the end of the month comes and hello high tide and time of the month club!!!!!

So, then I chunk up like a friggen monkey hooked on pot and bananas!!!!!But, folks really i don't even go camping for i don't know how to light even a simple match...And the smell of matches makes me feel like I took way too much Lasix. The smell is just like matches.Yucky!!!

So, then I was like way too exhausted feeling this afternoon after mopping and smelling the bleach kind of wears me down too. I think I'm chem sensitive. If I smell something bad, it just makes me feel like yacking, and NOT on purpose either.

So Now i feel anxious that im gonna gain back the 3LBS I just managed to drop today and i dont want to re-gain prior to my stupid menses. I hope I get my period this month, as last month i only had it for 1.5 days. I also cut back my meds by 1/2 cuz the darn pharm gave me my old rx not the new one....

So I guess I started craving a lot of salty junk a few days before high tide hit me and i as a consequence , then chunked up the 5 Lbs. I hope I lose more water before my period , I'm gonna up my water pills b4 the period arrives and hopefully that will prevent any New weight gain PMS trually and from taking the lesser potent appetite suppressing rx too.

Any suggestions,slight heart attacks, comments.

P.S , I tried to awaken my senses this morning by [B]purposely LISTENING to the sound of The Concord jets, and Blue Angels _ [/B]taking off on You Tube.

Then all day I had the opposite effect and I just felt super mellow..

Oh well, so much for Auditory Over Stimulation to attempt and awaken the senses???

1Bluerose :runn ing:

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