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Default How to eat so little

Hello there!! I have been posting for a while on this website and I really enjoy the comments and advice that I have received. I have really learned a lot especially about calories/bmr and tdee.

Anyway I was lurking around on some areas where people post what they have eaten during the day and the food selections are really small. I am really used to eating several things at each meal that it seems like it would really be hard for me to get all my calories and satisfaction on just one or two food items.

My question is how to do this? Now granted, the ones who eat only one or two things per meal...their calories are still up to norm but how do you break free from feeling like you need 5 or 6 items to eat at each meal to get satisfied?

Thanks for any input!!
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Starting over sucks.
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I'm the opposite of this, I'm quite happy sitting down and eating one thing. (Probably how I ended up needing to lose weight, I'd eat the perogies as a full meal instead of a side... whooops!) But my boyfriend HAS to have 3 things: A meat, some sort of potato, and a vegetable. HAS TO. So we just cut the portions down. He gets a small plate (like a dessert plate, with all three things on it in much smaller sizes. I count the calories and make sure it fits into his plan.
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Well, if you don't mind preparing, 5-6 things, then it's totally doable.

Like, eat half an apple with 1 tablespoon of peanut butter, a cup of cottage cheese, a leafy green salad (with light/no dressing), and a piece of dark chocolate. (50 for the apple, 95 for the PB, 200 for the Cottage cheese, 30 for the salad with fat free italian dressing, 45 for the small square of dark chocolate to equal 420 calories.)

I'm too lazy for that so for the same calories, I eat a whole apple sprinkled with cinnamon with 3 tablespoons of peanut butter for lunch.
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It's funny how we are all different though. I would rather have one or two bigger things than a bunch of little things. When I eat 3 tablespoons of PB, I feel I'm really EATING whereas a measly tablespoon would make me feel deprived despite having all the other stuff to equal out to the same calories in the end.
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I like to eat little and often, and I try to average 5 small meals a day rather than 3 larger ones. This means that at most meals I'll just have one thing in a small portion, but I don't feel hard done by because the next meal comes along pretty soon.
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