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Red face Hello...needing some support...THANKS!!!

Hey guys, I'm new to the group and needing some support. I am on BHRT and have low thyroid and am strugling to relose 80 pounds that I had taken off from medication and gained back once the medication was reintroducted. I've been off of the medication for a year and trying to lose the weight this time seems much more difficult!

I lost it before on a lower carb diet but that diet seems to exacerbate my depression now so I've stopped counting carbs and went toward eating more fruits and and vegetables, more mufas at each meal, more water, walking, more flax and oats, and cutting out saturated fats (whereas before on low carb those were okay). I guess you could say I am confused as to what is okay and who to believe regarding good fats and bad fats so Ive opted to believe in mono for now and see how that works! I must admit I miss my beef already and am trying to find new proteins to replace that...chicken is one but I cannot cook chicken for the life of is always dry...chicken breast and unappealing.

If anyone has any tips I would definitely appreciate it and would like to become a member of the group...

Thanks for listening! I just turned 49 and am losing my mind!

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welcome ohfaithful sounds like your combining to many diets you should find one that really suits youand then you should be able to stick to it. i know chicken can be very bland on its own but you can use some lowfat sauces like a home made curry that i love, just open a can of chopped tomatoes and add to an onion a touch of cummin some chicken stock and curry powder to your taste( i like really spicy) add your chicken and bring to the boil and then let it simmer for around an hour. you can also leave out the spices and add some bail and fresh herb and you have a delicious sauce to spoon over cold chicken and serve with a salad. you really just need to find your feet and have faith in your self. good luck
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welcome, ohfaithful! I know where you're coming from with the chicken - my spouse is a MARVELOUS cook (part of my weight problem) and even he will occasionally goof and dry it out. Try baking with the skin on (but remove it before you eat), and that will help. I simmer chicken breasts in a good spicy salsa - that's reliable. Chopping it and doing a quick stir fry is good too. I have several dishes that poach breasts in water - just get a good simmer going and drop them in. It's quick, too - 10-15 minutes max. Season the water or use vegetable/chicken stock for extra flavor.
Regarding fats, spend a little time checking out the different varieties of olive oil. Some are fresh/clean - and others are peppery and almost hot on the tongue. Nuts and seeds ... sprinkle on salads, in the chicken, eat 'em raw. Avocados - terrific and filling with a spritz of lemon juice.
Hope that gives you a few ideas!
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This might be a bit higher in Sat Fat but here is a recipe I tried this week that turned out pretty well for grilled legs/thighs. Maybe you could try this or similar recipes instead of chicken breast?

In terms of what to eat, you might consider a look at the DASH plan. It is a pretty well balanced diet plan and good for cardio health.

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Welcome! You're doing great! If you cook chicken, cook thighs instead of breasts. They're higher in fat, but also taste better and are almost impossible to dry out. Also, I substitute ground turkey for ground beef all the time. Just add a bit more seasoning and you won't be able to tell the difference!
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Welcome Ohfaithful! This is a great place to be. We are all here for the same reason, to lose weight and be healthier. Be sure to check out our monthly 40's chat thread. We have a pretty good group of regular posters who cheer each other on. Good luck on your journey. You CAN do it!
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The Best is Yet to Come!
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Thank you all for responding, I so appreciate it! I know it sounds like I'm combining a lot of diets but I'm really just making my own healthy way of eating up with different plans that I've tried but customizedd so that I enjoy what I eat. It's pretty much whole foods, good fats, and plenty of water with occasional down days to shake things up so my body doesn't adjust to things.

The chicken tips are so appreciated and the chicken recipes as well. I can't wait to try them. For the life of me I can't get turkey to taste like ground beef and can't seem to cook chicken breasts (it is the only piece of chicken that I like) I've tried a few recipes and they are just too bland for me but I'll keep trying. I did make a soup the other day with a turkey leg for the broth and it turned out wonderful. I just added veggies and some turkey sausage that I had in the freezer that I made a couple weeks ago...and a jar of white beans and it was fabulous...although I must admit it took me a few days to make it lol...



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