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Default Wondering which forum I should be in....

Hi Everyone:

I just found this wonderful & supportive community the other day when I was googling "OA food plan". Many years ago when I was at OA for a couple of months, I remember that they were using the "grey sheet".

I have participated/been a member in most all of the "diet programs" out there. I was an obese child (age 8) - and, at approx age 12, I started on Diet Workshop, then Weight Watchers (<-- on & off here several times over the years). I was in a "fasting" program, (like Optifast), back in the mid - to late 80's. I was in nutri-system when I was 17-18. I can't remember the others.

I have been a yo-yo dieter for a long time. I weighed approximately 280 pounds in early 2001. Right now, I weigh 210 pounds. I am wearing a size 18 pant, and I'm comfortable in a 2X shirt. (I like my tops looser). I really know what I need to do --- decrease my food intake, make wiser choices in my food plan, and I also need to EXERCISE.

A couple of years ago I was MUCH more active than I am now (even though my weight was just about the same).
My husband and I enjoyed going out cycling, as well as walking/hiking. Unfortunately right now, my husband is unable to do exercise of any kind because of two bouts of pericarditis (in Oct & Dec). We hope and pray in two-three months that he will get back to enjoying the beautiful outdoors.

I desperately want to lose weight so that I can feel healthier. And, there is NO question that I feel sooooo much better when I am active, and when I'm eating good, wholesome food.

There is one food (ice cream/frozen yogurt) that I feel I'm addicted to. I have it every evening, and the amount I ingest is embarrassing. As I write this, I'm thinking to myself, "well, you really don't need to have it, just don't go down that aisle at the grocery store". It really should be that easy, shouldn't it?

I honestly would like to lose weight so that I can feel better. I am very fat at just 1/4" over 5 feet, and I am extremely uncomfortable. I've been going through peri-menopause over the years and experience hot flashes, though I know that when I'm sweating a lot, it's because I'm too fat.

It really would be nice to go into this summer, weighing less, and being a fitter person. I'd love to walk/cycle down the street and not feel like people are staring at me & laughing. Whether 'they' really are or not, I'm not sure -- it's probably a feeling that's coming back to me from my teenage years, when I was teased and really was laughed at.

I can tell that 3FC is a wonderful, warm & supportive place, and I feel VERY LUCKY that I found it . Maybe some of you have some ideas as to which forum would be the best for me? Or, should I just come here daily and check out the various threads over the next few weeks and see what's available?

When I posted my introduction the other day, the 100 lb club & the 40 something club were suggested to me. There are so many wonderful forums/threads, and I'm sure I will learn something helpful from every single one that I read.

Thanks to all of you who have read my post!

Much peace & love to you and those you love,

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Hi Denise,

Well if you are a 40 something, this is really a wonderful forum. The folks in here are very supportive, upbeat, friendly and determined. I am pretty new and have felt very welcome. This place is like a daily pick me up for me.

As a person who was sick (had a stem cell transplant/leukemia), I know how important it is for a caregiver to maintain their sanity and their health so that they may take better care of their loved one. I have seen caregivers just lose their minds because the focus is so much on the "patient."

You need to value your health as much as you do your loved ones. If your husband is unable to do the activities you used to do, try going it alone for a change. If you have an iPod or something, go walking - even a little bit every day.

And I know a lot of people just do videotaped workouts as they are uncomfortable doing things in a gym or alone or the weather is too bad to get out. When I was at my heaviest, I did that Richard Simmons tape. It was pretty hard for me at first, but it was kind of cool to watch people my size move! And then it was neat to see that it started getting easier and easier.

I know that like the rest of the forum, we are here to empower you to meet your goals. You have power over that ice cream!!! I read about a woman who ate a pint of ice cream a day. She then changed it to lowfat ice cream, then yogurt, then she started just eating a little less every day. Finally when she was exercising more, eating healthier, she found that she really had lost the taste for it. You can do it.

What is it that they say? Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels.

Welcome. Hope you stick around

Debs aka JaneZ
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Hi Denise

We have a good chat thread here the more the merrier. Lots of support. I post in quite a few forums. I always check in here every day.

You will find yourself which ones you feel comfortable in.
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2 wheels is plenty :D
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Default Peace and Love to you, too!

Hey Denise -

I am a fellow ice cream a holic. I also biking and hiking. I just wanna say HI and I don't post much in 40 somethings 'cause I tend to hang out in calorie counters and the biggest loser forum - but I wander over here sometimes.
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*waves hands wildly* Another ice cream addict here! Just can't give it up!! It counts as my dairy in a balanced diet, right???
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Welcome! And you don't have to be part of just one forum! Join in with the 40 somethings, the calorie counters, where ever you feel like you fit in. Heck, I've even posted in the UK section a time or two!!!
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