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I used to drink coke all day long. then i switched to diet pepsi and diet root beers, diet dr. pepper etc. then I went back to regular pops after learning how bad artificial sweeteners are for your hormones and bones, etc. Then when I was pregnant and diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes I went back to no more then one diet soda a day. Then I got on a natural, whole, organics food and gave up pop completely for a bit and then went back to regular pop but only about 1-2 a day and then flirted with diet and regular, again only 1-2 a day. Then I met with my holistic nutritionist and she really reminded me and drilled into me how bad all pop is for you and sweeteners etc. How important clean filtered water is for us and whole fresh foods etc.

Long story short

I started drink water more, I got a few nice stainless water bottles and keep them filled with filtered tap water. I also started drinking decaf tea more and years ago I had weaned myself of sugar in my tea by just using a little less each time. I used to drink my tea and coffee double/double (2 milk/cream and 2 sugars) I still use the dairy but no sugar now and now I can not stand sugar in my tea and coffee. I also was drinking plain decaf green tea but fell out of habit. I am going to make some lemonade with xylitol (natural sugar substitute that is good for your teeth) as I love tart lemonade. You could also drink decaf ice-tea with xylitol or learn to drink it plain.

I know right now it seems impossible to most only drink plain water but that is because sugar is HIGHLY addictive. However you can kick this addiction, I have and so have many others. Your body will feel better, you will have less cravings and you will lose weight. I started off by only ordering water at restaurants, it is cheaper and healthier and frees up calories for more of a fav healthy food. My DH also only orders water at restaurants, sometimes I forget but usually remember after I get my drink. I have on occasion had one sip and then ask the waiter to take it away and please bring me a water.

Anyway if I could quite my crazy pop addiction then you can too
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