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Good morning everyone! I've been awake since 5am and so the day begins! Today, I'm pulling weeds outside. Keep in mind I don't like yardwork. But I made a promise to Wayne that I would pull weeds so I'll get my behind outside in a couple of hours. I'm still thinking about Easter Sunday's dinner--I need to make a list. I'll space out and forget something if I don't make a list.

Donna Faye, I need to have my bedroom carpet cleaned so badly. I have hardwood floors throughout the house except for downstairs (renovated basement) and bedrooms. Downstairs is fine but our bedroom carpet needs cleaning. I think I'm going to phone Stanley Steamer. We replaced our AC and Heating last month--got a great deal but still pricey and we had to tap into savings to do it. You write a very good letter. I, too, have written many letters to the editor but never sent them. Perhaps that should change. We're being told (at least here in Delaware) that the recession is over. Could have fooled me! We are still seeing people lose their jobs and/or having a difficult time finding another one and if they do, it's always for less pay. Health benefits have gotten more expensive and people cannot afford to pay it even when their company pays some it also which is less than what they used to pay. Personally, I think it's time for a lot of senators and congressmen to be voted out of office especially when I heard they would continue to get paid while troops and their families would not IF the government had to shut down because no one could agree on anything! Don't get me started... The last time Wayne and I went on vacation was to Hilton Head, SC in the summer of 2008 before the Chrysler plant was closed permanently. IF this job works out for Wayne (meaning they do not lay him off) we plan on taking a vacation next summer. It doesn't have to be expensive or elaborate; we just need to go somewhere and discover something new.

Jean, sounds like you had all kinds of weather for a few seconds of time! Right now I'm waiting for it to become a little sunny before I go outside and tackle the weeds. The guacomole is fantastic but it's probably better if you can't find it--one serving is 2 tablespoons and in my opinion that is not a whole lot!

Maggie, I think WW needs to improve its frozen foods line. Have you seen the new line of WW entrees that are NOT frozen but can be found in the deli section of the grocery store? I can only find them in Super G here. I bought the chili entree and for 5 points it was delicious. BUT EXPENSIVE. $4.98 worth of expensive. But I had to try it. IF that is WW's way of improving the quality of their food then they need to bring the price down!! I like chili on a baked potato and I would only need half of that so that would be my way of reducing the price per serving. It's always something. Glad Will found the guacomole! The original is spicey enough for me. And I try to always writhe the points value on boxes of food. I've been at this for so long I have most food memorized even with the new points count!

Susan, I was visiting with my next door neighbor yesterday evening and she showed me a quilt she just finished for her grandson. It is gorgeous! Do you know the children's book about the caterpillar (can't think of the name)? Well she found material that could represent that book--very bright colors. On the lining she did the most beautiful quilting on yellow material and she hand stitched the catapillar within a design she came up with. Just gorgeous!

Well ladies...I need to start the day. In about 15 minutes I'm goin' outside. Weeds, I come!
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