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gma22 04-19-2011 08:52 AM

Steel Magnolias #18
Good morning to you ladies. I cannot believe I spaced again yesterday. I know I looked at the posts because I remember reading them, sheesh, twice in one week, Jack is going to have to put me in one of those harnesses they have for kids so he can keep an eye on me! I can't believe I read them then didn't post! :lol:

The phone rang last night and I answered it knowing who it was because his Easter basket had been delivered. "Hi, Nonny, thank you for my candy!" He told me all about what was in the basket and if he didn't know what something was I heard him ask his mom so he could tell me. I asked him if he had gone to school that day and he said yes and I asked him what he did and he told me he talk to his friend! :lol: Anyway, it was a fun conversation.

Today I am going to try and tackle the upstairs. It is going to be really hot here today so I don't know how much I will get done before it gets too hot, but I am going to give it a good ole try and do what I can. I was sick yesterday afternoon sort of a bug type thing so wasn't up to it. I really want to get it done today if at all possible, but it never really cooled off much last night.

Gail: One of the reasons I was so irritated is that is was supposed to be military families week and no one could just say they supported our troops they had to be snarky. Made me mad. Gail, I have to do a post script to what I just wrote. After, I posted the thread, I had a couple emails, one of which was a reminder about an obituary guestbook I had signed. It was for a young Navy corpman from Niles, Michigan only about 20 miles from my home town. This young man was killed by a missile in Iraq I believe it was. I had signed the obit guestbook even though I didn't know him because I wanted his family to know that there were Americans who appreciated his service. They notify me when anyone else posts to the guestbook so I thought I would take a peek and see how many posted. Well, that young man has ELEVEN pages of sympathies, at least 95% from people who did not know him, so there are still good people in the world who care about the military man and his family, thank goodness. God does work in mysterious ways, I am so glad Wayne has himself a job, congrats. I know that takes a lot off your mind. You should see the cute baby blue and baby pink striped socks I am making for my best friend. The are turning out really cute. I will post a pic after they are finished.

Maggie: That young man should open himself a pie shop at the very least. Who doesn't love pie and in my case, it is my favorite dessert. No many people make a decent crust, IMO, even professionals so he is very lucky to have that talent.

Susan: I am sure you are glad tax time came and went yesterday. Bet you were tired when the day was done. Oooh, yum that recipe sounds good. Jack wouldn't eat it as it has mushrooms and I doubt he would eat polenta either. He is such a stick in the mud about new foods. I think that is a fine idea to have a mani and pedi. I got a giggle yesterday reading an online article about this heterosexual just regular guy who wanted to be supportive to women so he thought he would go in and get a brazillian wax like women do so he can experience it and sort of commisserate about it. Boy, howdy, I think he regretted that one! :lol: The article was pretty funny, actually.

Jean: Boy your secretary has had it tough recently. I let Hyatt have it both barrels yesterday as I went online to look at prices for hotels in South Bend over Thanksgiving and Christmas, in case we needed one this year. Well, we have always loved Hyatt Place and almost always got a senior rate room for under $90. I looked and with the discount they wanted $203 a night!!! So, I went and looked at several other properties in the same quality range in the area and none of them were above $119 and that included a hotel across the street from Notre Dame, which is notoriously expensive. So, I emailed them and told them seniors couldn't afford that kid of stay and basically he could take his room and keep it that we wouldn't be staying at any Hyatt properties anymore. Got an email this morning with blah blah blah about setting prices and such, but truth is, they are gouging people and have been for months now. Disgusts me no end.

Well girls, I am off to get some work done. Have a great Tuesday. Faye

GailR 04-19-2011 12:08 PM

Good morning! You know that old saying "Be careful what you wish for; you may get it"? Well, Wayne has a job...but...he had to sign a contract at his new job yesterday agreeing that if a machine breaks down he will stay to fix it...no matter how long it takes. Okay...I understand that. However, he discovered that the company has spread the skilled trades (which Wayne is classified) so thin that everyone is extremely overworked and the norm is 12-hour days. And it's not because the machines break down it's because they don't have enough people to work their job. The moral in the place is kinda low. I'm just wondering what kind of place Wayne has found. With me helping him to find the place! Don't get me wrong, Wayne (and I) are very glad that he's got a job. His first day he worked overtime!

Donna Faye, I'm in the process of knitting a baby blanket for my youngest grandson. He has "loved" the blanket I knitted for him when he was born, that there are HUGE holes in it...and no, it's way beyond repair! That blanket has been dragged all over the place and now it looks like a 6 ft. trapezoid shaped...thing. And the color? Anyway, it was well-loved and I'm glad of that. My daughter asked me if I would knit him another one...just like the first one. After talking to the almost-four-year-old, he said he NEEDS a new one and asked for the same color..."just like this one, grandmommy!" So how could I resist? I'm 17" into it. He asks about it all the time and somehow he got it in his head that it will take 7 weeks to finish. (I hope to be finished by the end of the month!)

I have discovered a new food. Wholly Guacamole (endorsed by The Greatest Loser). It is sooooooo good! I may not be able to keep it in the house and may only buy it when the kids are coming over so it will be eaten before they leave. That's how good it is.

Because gas prices are soaring here in DE, hubby and I are sharing my car as it gets very good gas mileage. I have my car tomorrow so I'll be running errands including going to WW. I've been maintaining my weight in a 2-3 pound range. I have got to get back on track and also start exercising (walking) more. So I'll be making a grocery list today.

I hope everyone is having a grand day.

Take care.

Jean 04-19-2011 01:17 PM

Good Morning, Flowers! It is :tantrum: snowing in my corner of the world this morning! It is wet and heavy, melting on the driveway but staying on the grass, with slop in the street. My poor squirrels are a ratty looking bunch this morning. I was supposed to have a hospital volunteer brunch later this morning but it has been cancelled. :( I have a haircut this afternoon and need to start thinking about food for Easter weekend. It rained all day long yesterday and was so windy. Card club is over for the season; very little food (fruit, veggies, and cheese dip) was eaten since we went out to eat first. I had my normal crappy cards after the first couple hands which were winners.

Maggie -- Last week on the Today Show, they were comparing restaurant food, frozen food, etc. Both WW frozen entrees and the menu item that Applebees offered were loaded, loaded, loaded with salt. I've never tried Applebees WW dinners so couldn't compare for myself. I knew that anything frozen has too much salt in it. :( The eagles must be sitting in snow today since the camera lens is covered. I felt so sorry for them in the wind and rain; the babies sure don't want to stay hidden any more, or maybe they just don't fit underneath as well. :lol: You are lucky if you can get bloodwork done for $70 let alone $20. Panels run $100 up to $300 here.

Gail -- I'm glad Wayne has a job :yes: even though the working moral may not be the best. What does he do? If the company is lacking workers perhaps they need to create a training program; I would think all the extra hours would spell burn-out for the guys. If you are maintaining that is good -- better than gaining any day! :cp:

Susan -- I can imagine you are glad that tax season is history today. :cp: I noticed the storms have hit the southeastern part of the U. S.; I hope this isn't going to be a summer of storms. You will have the pesky .2# gone, I'm just sure of it. The new cookbook sounds interesting. I think the manicure and pedicure are great rewards for your hard work. You are determined! :cheer:

"Gma" -- Today is Kolby's 6th birthday and I called him early this morning before he left for school. He said he was taking ice cream treats :brr: and asked if I would be coming. He didn't know that they would be going to the waterpark this weekend. We got a fax for confirming our Maui reservations and there have been added "fees" this time; they are calling them a deposit so Bob thinks if we charge anything to the room we will use that fee amount up first. Our room is paid for in advance with our maintenance fee. I hope it isn't too hot so that you can get your cleaning done today. :crossed:

Gloria -- Happy (belated) Birthday! :balloons: I hope your day was a special one and may you enjoy many, many more! :woo:

I have laundry going and need to work on my ironing pile. Bob needs his black shirt for the Maundy Thursday production at church; I found it on the bottom of my ironing pile. :o

Hope you all have a terrific Tuesday and may the sun be shining on you! :D

Jean -- :wave: from :brr: Iowa!

Maggie 04-19-2011 04:28 PM

Titilating Tuesday

It is a lovely sunny day in the high 40's today in the Heartland. Will went on errands this morning and brought home a nice rotisserie chicken which we had for lunch. We always take off the skin and it is real tasty and moist that way and holds down the points considerably. It was their last one and half price and we were glad to have it. The dogs go with him and sure love riding and don't cause a ruckus at all ~ most of the time anyway.:p Their shelf in the back of the Jeep allows them both plenty of room and they can look out the windows to their hearts content. I am a happy camper and showed a 2 pound loss this week. Onward and downward.

DONNA FAYE I got a good chuckle about your forgetting to post after you had read the posts. Something must have distracted you and you had to leave your computer and never got back to it. I was hoping you weren't having a bad spell with your pains though. Those sox sound lovely ~ please do post a picture when you get them done.

JEANDo you have that book Fast Fresh, Fablous where you attend WW? I just got my Cooking Light magazine and that Shrimp Cob salad pictured on the front sure looks good and has a points+ value of 8. Will doesn't care for shrimp but I can sure make it for myself. :p I realize the frozen dinners have too much sodium so I don't eat them very often. Appplebees probably is loaded also but if I stick to eating the WW marked ones it is still better for me than getting something else off the menu. I drink lots of liquids.:cool:

GAIL That is great that Wayne found a job. Hope he likes it and their attitude doesn't get to him. But remember it is always easier to find a job when one already has one so there may be something come along later that will suit him better. Gas prices are due to come down soon say the "talking heads." Who puts out that Wholly Guacamole ~ I love avacados and that sure sounds interesting.

Have a wonderful afternoon Magnolias :wave:

Jean 04-19-2011 06:01 PM

Maggie -- :congrat: on the 2# loss! Whatever you have been doing is working well. :yes: I have WW on Thursday and didn't go last week because I was running short on time due to working in the church office. I will look for it this week though. We are still in the 35 degree temperature but the snow has stopped; now it is just misting . . . and . . . windy . . . and . . . cold . . . and . . . cloudy. :hyper:

GailR 04-20-2011 09:06 AM

Good morning on this cloudy day with a hint of rain to come later! Wayne has survived his first two days of work. All is well on that front. And I have my car today as he needed to drive his gas-guzzling truck to haul his large tool box to work. Yaaaay Me! So...I'm going to run a bunch of errands including meeting my friend for lunch at California Pizza Kitchen. Which, by the way, if you live near one of this chain's restaurants I highly recommend because (a) there is nutrition information for their menu on their website and (b) the food is great. I'll be eating their 1/2 size portion of CPK's Cobb Salad with fresh beets and Herb Ranch dressing on the side all for 6 points.

Jean, snow? Really? In April? Bless your heart! I think if it were to snow here, my husband would have one heck of a hissy fit. For one thing he's put up the snow blower and well, he's a warm-weather person which I point out to him that perhaps we should think about moving south when he finally does retire. Happens every winter here. I'm sorry everything had to be cancelled yesterday and I'm hoping everything has been re-scheduled. This Easter Sunday, Wayne and I have decided we are serving KFC Fried Chicken (with a few grilled breasts) with home-cooked sides. We won't be getting home from church until 1 or 1:30pm. This year, dinner will be about 4pm because of the HUGE Easter breakfasts my daughters' in-laws will be doing (separately). We have been invited in the past but it's just too much food in one day and the noise (much much much bigger families) is too much for me to handle. Too much commotion and continuous loud noises bother me--I'm fine with my own family but not with other families. (I sound like a whacko, don't I?!) Anyway, I love the Healthy Choice frozen entrees especially the smaller steamed entrees; the Honey Balsamic Chicken is delicious (5 points) paired with some of my own steamed chopped broccoli. I am not satisfied with the WW frozen entrees anymore as I think their points value is way too high. I don't understand why they can't improve their own brand including the sodium content and making the points values lower. Wayne is a maintenance electrician/technician meaning that he not only does maintenance electrician "stuff" but keeps an eye out on certain machines. What he was told by his peers yesterday was that the company made cutbacks in the beginning of the recession and never re-hired/replaced the workers they let go. A lot of companies did this and they have found that they can still meet product demand with less workers but work them to death. Plus, its cheaper to pay overtime than it is to hire a new person.

Maggie, congratulations on that 2 pounds gone forever! I'm having a tough time finding a convenient meeting time this week as Wayne and I are sharing my car and I refuse to drive his honkin' big truck that guzzles gas like a person who has been stranded in the desert. That guacomole is made by Wholly, hench the name Wholly Guacomole! I've decided I can't have it in the house alone with me. It's that good. (My list of foods that cannot find a home in my house is ice cream (except for chocolate as I'm not a fan of that flavor ice cream), chips, cookies, and now guacomole! :rolleyes: Anyway, I'll be having the car on Fridays and I think that I will join in on a WW group on that day. OH! And I agree--it's always easier to find a job when you have one! I guess it's because "they" can't smell the stink of desperation on you!

Susan, I gather you work in a tax office of some kind? Bless your heart, you have been busy!

Today is going to be a very healthy food-wise day: Cheerios, diced peaches, fat-free milk for breakfast; CPK's 1/2 Cobb Salad for lunch; and Parmesan Chicken with Linguine (WW recipe) for dinner tonight. With fresh fruit inbetween if needed. I love it when a day comes together successfully.

Everyone take care and be kind to yourself!

GailR 04-20-2011 09:12 AM

Maggie, that guacomole can be found in the produce section in the supermarket as it needs to be kept cool. There are two flavors: Original (which I like) and a Spicey. The original is spicey enough for me.

gma22 04-20-2011 11:38 AM

Good morning ladies. We had a storm move through last night so it is nice and cool this morning, but will only last a day then back up into the 80's. I will call the guy next week about the ac and am keeping my fingers crossed it can be fixed because there is no way we can afford a new ac unit to be put in.

I did get the upstairs bathrooms cleaned yesterday and will venture up there and finnish this morning. Jack is hoping to clean carpets up there this weekend, but he is going to have to do it early or it will get too hot. I guess I will tackle downstairs starting tomorrow again. Sure seems like there is always something to be cleaning around here.

Well, the stupid mayor sent his budget to the city council yesterday. I just hope they refuse to pass it as it is. He emailed copies to all department heads and supervisors and Jack talked to the head guy at the plant and he told him what was in it. He wants to layoff 120 workers, mostly folks who can't afford it, like sanitation and such and keep the high paid ones, sheesh, then like I said before ax all but 2 holidays, Christmas Day and MLK day and they would have to go unpaid for the rest. For Jack, that would mean his paycheck for that period would be around $300 lighter! I wrote a letter to the editor of the paper yesterday because I was not only irked about the fact he gave them MLK day as one of the ones off, he is black btw, but that he cut out ALL the patriotic holidays. Jack actually encouraged me to do it and here is what I said,

"This morning an email was delivered to department heads and other management staff within the City of Memphis. In this email was the proposed budget from our mayor that was sent to the city council. Within this budget, the mayor called for 120 city employee layoffs, but that wasn't all. He wants to cut all but TWO of the city holidays which would mean the employees do not get paid on these days. This alone is not what I find repugnant.

He has decided in his wisdom to give the employees, Martin Luther King's birthday and Christmas day off, that's it. Why is Mr Martin Luther King's birthday more important than the founders of our nation, than the celebration of Thanksgiving for what we have, than the day our country found freedom, the day we honor the dead of our military, the day we honor the living who have served our country, the day all workers are given for their hard work?

Our mayor wants to cut out EVERY patriotic holiday and to me Mr. Mayor, this means you have no respect for our veterans, alive or dead. You could care less about the freedom of this country, or the workers. You spit on the dead who have protected you and every citizen of this city and nation, you turn your back on every man and woman who have given their lives to do their duty to God and this country. Your overwhelming desire to fix the budget has blinded you to these facts and I find that this is the kind of mayor I don't want to have. When you do this you throw mud on my husband, who is one of your employees AND served his country for twenty years in the United States Navy. This man who stood on decks of ships in wind and rain to help protect us from other countries who wish to do us harm, who left his family alone for months at a time, so you could spend time with your own family in safety. You kick the shins of the men and women who died at the Pentagon on Sept 11 and tell them they are not worthy of our honor by celebrating their gift to us.

Lastly, I wish to address the city council. I know that the previous mayor left this city's finances in a huge mess and that you must fix it, but don't let this be the way. Don't let the honor of this country be ignored by passing this budget. Make the mayor find another way to fix our finances instead of tromping on the American flag by saying our employees are not worth being giving paid time off to honor the United States."

I know it is a little overly dramatic, but I wanted it that way. I mean, there isn't one company in the us that gives their workers paid holidays that don't give them at least, Memorial Day, the 4th, Labor Day, and Thanksgiving and most give you New Year's Day off. I know the city does give their employees a lot of holidays off, but the truth is he wants the employees to go unpaid for these, not work them instead, even lesser ones they get now like Good Friday, they would have to stay home and not work when most of the work force does work that day. We shall see what happens, but I know one thing he will put a real zinger in our pocket that's for sure.

Maggie: Great going for the loss! :carrot: Fortune loves to get in his carseat and ride. I got upset the other day when we were coming down the interstate going 70, a small pickup was ahead of us with a small german shepard in the back standing with it's paws on the outside panel of the truck. If they had to slam on the breaks out would have gone that dog and someone would have hit it for sure. The drivers here drive fast and furious and it concerned me greatly he was in the back like that standing where he could just go up and out.

Gail: Glad he is surviving. They have been doing that with the city too, only like I said, they aren't cutting where they need to cut. Two positions the former mayor put in are a supervisor and assistant of lawn mowing. The supervisor earns $170,000 and the assistant around $100,000. I mean, how ridiculous is that when you could cut them both out and keep 8 sanitation employees still in their jobs with what you are paying those two bozos. There are many management jobs in this city like that and could be cut instead but this mayor is as bad as the other one imo. Sounds like you have a good meal day planned. We are having ham steak and I am making some nice scalloped potatos. I found I can cut the pts way down using ff milk, very little margarine and using canned potatos. Jack likes them a lot so that is what we are having tonight.

Jean: We have been planning for next year's vacation, but of course, now are waiting to see what the mayor's budget does to us before we decide what we are going to do. Jack would end up with an almost 5% paycut overall and that is quite a bit of money. I guess it is always something these days. It is all because the previous mayor didn't pay the county school system the money he was supposed to each year and they sued and won. We now owe the country schools something like 57 million and it has to be paid right now so we end up on the short end of the stick. I can't believe you guys have snow, but I imagine it isn't the first time you have late snow. Since you advance pay for your vacation stuff, I imagine that is exactly what you are paying for, what they call incidentals like using their phone and such. I know in Vegas now you pay anywhere from$5 a day where we stay up to around $100 a day at the strip hotels. You get back what is not used, but still, if you go for 5 days, you have to put out $500 up front for them to hold, which is ridiculous. They call it "resort fees." That is nothing compared to what you pay now for a rental car in Vegas. They have tacked so many fees on it is ridiculous and they do it here in Memphis too. When they need money they tack on some tax to the rental cars.

I see it is 9:30 already and I haven't even had breakfast nor started my chores so I better get hoppin' Have a good middle of the week!!! Faye

Jean 04-20-2011 01:03 PM

Good Morning, Flowers! We've had 30 seconds of sunshine, snow, rain, and cold this morning. Our day started with a Lenten breakfast at church. They served an egg casserole made with hash brown potatoes, ham, and cheese, muffins, and a fruit cup. I made a quick stop at the grocery store on my way home. I need to work on my weekend menu plan since the kids will be here Saturday and Sunday. I know I will be back there on Friday to pick up the rest of the food. Today I need to wrap Kolby's birthday gifts and put together the kids' Easter bags. I hope I didn't forget anything because I sure don't want to go shopping again.

Gail -- I hope that Wayne doesn't get burned out too quickly in his new job. I've not heard of the CA Pizza Kitchen but it sounds delicious. We just have boring Pizza Hut and Godfathers locally, along with a couple of gas stations that also have pizza by the slice. I looked for the guacomole this morning but didn't find it. :( Enjoy the use of your car today and lunch :T with your friend.

"Gma" -- You write a good letter! :cheer: I've mentally written many, many letters to the editor but have never sent one for a couple reasons. One being I worked for the school district and two, because Bob is in business and this is such a small town that way too many people know us; Bob felt the "goodie two shoes" would have a hay day on us since we don't always agree with their so-called projects and opinions. :o I hope that the council can reason with the mayor. Around the state, the USPS is trying to close small offices and the people are really, really upset. They have requested town meetings so it will be interesting. My guess is they will go ahead and close as many as they planned on in the first place.

I need to get a move on. I think I worked too hard :lol: getting ready for card club because I have no ambition to do anything today. Have a wonderful Wednesday and enjoy! :D

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

Maggie 04-20-2011 02:29 PM

Wonderful Wednesday Aka: Humpday

My sleep was disturbed last night by the neighborhood dogs raising a rucus about something real or imagined. So I took the opportunity to sleep in for I am not a napper during the day. :nono: The weather is a chilly day in the 40's with cloudy overcast and a slight breeze. I have been making my Schwans order and have ordered some of their Angus Mini Cheeseburgers. They are 4 points+ each like the WW ones are but much better tasting I do believe. Serving size is two but I can just eat one for I eat some fruit with it and have a nice lunch. I also ordered boneless skinless chicken breasts which I can fix a mariad of different ways. Also some of their wonderful sf FF vanilla ice cream. And of course a bag of their one point+ each Italian style meatballs. And some other things that we use regularly. Our man will be delivering it on Friday. Meanwhile I need to decide what I am making for meals this day. I think for lunch I will have half a focaccia bread sandwich and some veggie soup. For dinner I will be making baked boneless pork chops and serve some yummy veggies with them along with a fruit salad. Yep sounds like a plan.

DONNA FAYE That is an excellent to the point letter you wrote to the editor. I certainly hope he has the guts to print it. Your mayor has to go next election time. Some states have a law that your dog has to be on some sort of restraint if it is riding in the back of a truck. When we had a truck and a dog that rode back there we had a set up where he could move side to side but not hang out on the side. He had plenty of room back there to move about and it was a good set up. That was even in a state that did't require restraints but we didn't want our dog being slung out of the truck when we had to stop fast.

JEAN The eagles are out today but looking gray. That breakfast menu sound yummy. Sounds like you have your ducks in a row for Sunday with your loved ones.

GAIL There is a web page http://eatwholly.com/recipes that has recipes for the wholly guacomole. Next trip to the store Will has promised to look in the produce section for some. I got a cents off coupon for some out of the WW magazine recently. It is always easiest on us if we do plan what we are going to order before going into the restaurant isn't it. Your day sounds like a yummy one.

Maggie 04-20-2011 04:43 PM

Back To Yack

Taking a break here in my office and doing some points posting on my Schwans order readout. It makes it so much easier to have my points ready when I want to use something. Now I have them down on paper I can write them on the product when I get it. I did figure them out before ordering them but didn't write them down. :( Will went to Wal*Mart to get me some jars to store my rice mixture in and came home with a box of the Wholly Guacomole ~ regular. If I want it with more spice I can add it. He said the store only had the one kind. Found it in the produce section refrigerator right where you said it would be Gail. :p I sure miss my moms avacado tree that used to keep me supplied with all I could use. One of the perks I enjoyed while living on the left coast. :cool: Now my sis and bro get to have them. At one time in my life I lived in the middle of an avacado orchard.

Have a wonderful afternoon all y'all. :wave: Break time is over.

QuilterInVA 04-20-2011 10:31 PM

Good evening, ladies! A lovely day in the 80s but it'll be in the 60s tomorrow and 54 on Friday...then back to the 80s.

Jackson-Hewitt asked me to stay on for another week to help them consolidate the records from the outlying offices that will be closed until next year...so I'm still working 2 jobs.

I went to the Y this morning and then worked and then had quilting bee tonight. A long day but the bee was fun, too!

Maggie, that new WW cookbook is only available in meetings until the supply runs out. I suppose you could find it on ebay. It is not by Judy Blum. Maybe you CA friend will send you one.

Gail, I'll be looking for the Wholly Quacamole when I go shopping this weekend. I love avocados. I'm glad your husband has found a job. It's too bad he had to sign a 2 year contract. I hope it turns out to be okay.

Jean, I think you are right about the PO closings. We have a tiny postoffice in Tab and I know it'll be a goner.

Faye, that was a good letter. Unfortunately, I think there will be more and more cutbacks in government jobs, local, couty, state and federal. They've really over extended on wages that tax payers can support. They need to cut the dead wood at the top. We get no paid holidays any more where I work, just the time off. We have garbage trucks that have robotic arms that one man drives the truck, uses the arm to empty the trash and away he goes. I think most of us are going to have to cut back for several more years at least. SS has not had an increase for 2 years and I feel the pinch.

Well, I'm off to bed. Have a good night!

Jean 04-20-2011 10:58 PM

Maggie -- How annoying to have barking dogs keep you awake during the night! I would be :mad: and even more so if I had to get up and go to work the next day. I need to check a couple recipes and then think I'm ready to do my food shopping for the weekend. I wish I wasn't the chief cook. :no: I'll have snacky stuff for the kids and will send leftovers home with them too. Glad Will found the guacamole for you.

Susan -- You have done a great job for the tax people for them to ask you to stay on for another week. :yes: You had a busy day with going to the Y, working, and your quilting bee tonight. I wish we could start cleaning house in Washington and cut their raises and perks so they are on the same level with everyone else. Maybe then they wouldn't be so quick to spend our hard earned money! I just think it is crazy what some of the CEOs make . . . and the tax loopholes they find.

GailR 04-21-2011 08:43 AM

Good morning everyone! I've been awake since 5am and so the day begins! Today, I'm pulling weeds outside. Keep in mind I don't like yardwork. But I made a promise to Wayne that I would pull weeds so I'll get my behind outside in a couple of hours. I'm still thinking about Easter Sunday's dinner--I need to make a list. I'll space out and forget something if I don't make a list.

Donna Faye, I need to have my bedroom carpet cleaned so badly. I have hardwood floors throughout the house except for downstairs (renovated basement) and bedrooms. Downstairs is fine but our bedroom carpet needs cleaning. I think I'm going to phone Stanley Steamer. We replaced our AC and Heating last month--got a great deal but still pricey and we had to tap into savings to do it. You write a very good letter. I, too, have written many letters to the editor but never sent them. Perhaps that should change. We're being told (at least here in Delaware) that the recession is over. Could have fooled me! We are still seeing people lose their jobs and/or having a difficult time finding another one and if they do, it's always for less pay. Health benefits have gotten more expensive and people cannot afford to pay it even when their company pays some it also which is less than what they used to pay. Personally, I think it's time for a lot of senators and congressmen to be voted out of office especially when I heard they would continue to get paid while troops and their families would not IF the government had to shut down because no one could agree on anything! Don't get me started... The last time Wayne and I went on vacation was to Hilton Head, SC in the summer of 2008 before the Chrysler plant was closed permanently. IF this job works out for Wayne (meaning they do not lay him off) we plan on taking a vacation next summer. It doesn't have to be expensive or elaborate; we just need to go somewhere and discover something new.

Jean, sounds like you had all kinds of weather for a few seconds of time! Right now I'm waiting for it to become a little sunny before I go outside and tackle the weeds. The guacomole is fantastic but it's probably better if you can't find it--one serving is 2 tablespoons and in my opinion that is not a whole lot!

Maggie, I think WW needs to improve its frozen foods line. Have you seen the new line of WW entrees that are NOT frozen but can be found in the deli section of the grocery store? I can only find them in Super G here. I bought the chili entree and for 5 points it was delicious. BUT EXPENSIVE. $4.98 worth of expensive. But I had to try it. IF that is WW's way of improving the quality of their food then they need to bring the price down!! I like chili on a baked potato and I would only need half of that so that would be my way of reducing the price per serving. It's always something. Glad Will found the guacomole! The original is spicey enough for me. And I try to always writhe the points value on boxes of food. I've been at this for so long I have most food memorized even with the new points count!

Susan, I was visiting with my next door neighbor yesterday evening and she showed me a quilt she just finished for her grandson. It is gorgeous! Do you know the children's book about the caterpillar (can't think of the name)? Well she found material that could represent that book--very bright colors. On the lining she did the most beautiful quilting on yellow material and she hand stitched the catapillar within a design she came up with. Just gorgeous!

Well ladies...I need to start the day. In about 15 minutes I'm goin' outside. Weeds, lookout...here I come!

gma22 04-21-2011 09:06 AM

Good morning to you all. It is cool here again this morning and we are supposed to have rain throughout the day. I don't mind as I have enough to keep me busy right here inside this house.

Poor Kelly is zipping back and forth across Canada these last 3 weeks and I am sure she will be glad to get home tomorrow. I don't know what she wants to do about Easter lunch or breakfast or whatever, I will leave that up to her since she doesn't get home until tomorrow. I imagine she will face a mess as her house with the two "men" living alone for that long. I feel sorry for her. I haven't heard whether or not Thomas is enjoying his fruit and such so will have to talk to him when we have lunch together. I want to hear all about their cruise too and haven't talked to him since then either.

What got me going most about this thing with the city employees and vacations is that the city council keeps refusing to allow the courts to collect the millions and they do owe millions in unpaid parking tickets. They won't allow cars to be towed or booted and so everyone just thumbs their noses as paying for parking. They also refuse to allow the millions in unpaid revenue owed the city by tax payers who owe delinquent taxes. These two things alone would bring in a good chunk of the money owed for the court judgment to the county schools and put us almost right again and that is what has my dander up. This city is run by a bunch of morons who base all their decisions on race and it is ridiculous. If you live in one of the burbs you don't have to deal with all this stuff. Of course if you live in the suburbs and work for the city you still would have to put up with what they want to do, but other than that you do everything else pretty much separately. You park in one of the suburbs illegally and you can guarantee you aren't going to be able to get away without paying or if you get a traffic ticket they will come after you, but not ole Mempis in the city limits.

Gail: Right now, city employees who take the city health insurance pay about 25% of their pay for it so you whack on not getting paid for holidays and it takes a good chunk out of their pay. We don't have to take the insurance since we have Tricare of course so at least we don't have that. Like Jean says, hope Wayne has the stamina to keep up with that job. It isn't easy being older and having to start over that's for sure, especially when you aren't in a desk job. Jack sure shows that fact. He came home day before yesterday just gray faced and I asked him what was wrong and he said nothing but when I pressed him come to find out he had to climb up and down all day long working and his knees were killing him. In this day and age, you lose a job when you are young or you are sunk pretty much. I am glad he is bringing in income to your house again though. I know that is a worry off your mind. Ooh, I am going to have to look for all these new things. I haven't seen any of them yet.

Jean: Sounds like you are going to be busy, busy until the holiday. I hope Kolby and all the kids enjoy their surprise for Easter. I know Thomas would have a rip roaring time at a water park. They go to one in Nashville usually once a year. It is much harder living in a small town. I know growing up in North Liberty that everyone knew your business. If you put your toe out of line when you got home your mom knew about it. Small town life has its advantages, but is has its disadvantages too. I found that out when we moved back there when Jack retired from the Navy.

Maggie: I really like the little burgers from WW a lot. They and Lean Cuisine have some nice "snack" items I think. You have your barking, we have our police, ambulance and fire truck sirens all night, plus we live in the landing pattern for the airport so we have Fedex planes coming through all night! :lol: I have learned to shut it out now I guess though the fire trucks still will wake me up and the gun shots! :lol: I swear it was a gun shot the other night, but I kept my nose in my house! :D

Susan: I think that if they found it absolutely necessary to do this thing with the days off that they shouldn't do it with days off that no one else gets ever. For example, few people get Good Friday off, but the city does and no one gets MLK memorial day off but the city employees. That is the day he was shot here. Anyway, it is a big mess and we will just have to deal with it when it comes. I just wasn't going to let it go without voicing what I thought. The paper did call me to verify yesterday and that usually means they will use it, but we shall see. You are going to be pooped by the time you wrap up all your tax stuff. I just think it is awful that seniors have to work until they keel over anymore. Used to be companies all had pensions for their employees, but life isn't like that anymore and seniors are having to work their whole lives for the most part.

Well gals, I need to get going on the ole morning chores and get started. I hope everyone has a great day! Faye

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