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Good Morning, Flowers! We've had 30 seconds of sunshine, snow, rain, and cold this morning. Our day started with a Lenten breakfast at church. They served an egg casserole made with hash brown potatoes, ham, and cheese, muffins, and a fruit cup. I made a quick stop at the grocery store on my way home. I need to work on my weekend menu plan since the kids will be here Saturday and Sunday. I know I will be back there on Friday to pick up the rest of the food. Today I need to wrap Kolby's birthday gifts and put together the kids' Easter bags. I hope I didn't forget anything because I sure don't want to go shopping again.

Gail -- I hope that Wayne doesn't get burned out too quickly in his new job. I've not heard of the CA Pizza Kitchen but it sounds delicious. We just have boring Pizza Hut and Godfathers locally, along with a couple of gas stations that also have pizza by the slice. I looked for the guacomole this morning but didn't find it. Enjoy the use of your car today and lunch with your friend.

"Gma" -- You write a good letter! I've mentally written many, many letters to the editor but have never sent one for a couple reasons. One being I worked for the school district and two, because Bob is in business and this is such a small town that way too many people know us; Bob felt the "goodie two shoes" would have a hay day on us since we don't always agree with their so-called projects and opinions. I hope that the council can reason with the mayor. Around the state, the USPS is trying to close small offices and the people are really, really upset. They have requested town meetings so it will be interesting. My guess is they will go ahead and close as many as they planned on in the first place.

I need to get a move on. I think I worked too hard getting ready for card club because I have no ambition to do anything today. Have a wonderful Wednesday and enjoy!

Jean -- from Iowa!
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