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Default women and shift work

ok, this is a regular rant for me. When my Dad did shifts, he (and all the fellas at his factory) lived the shift. WHen he was on nights, he stayed on nights. No going back and forth and going to days on the weekend off etc. (he did a month at a time on each of the 3 shifts, days, afternoons and nights)
Even the household routine went around the shifts.

When most women do shifts, we are not sleeping during the day, (we shop on the way home, wake up to have lunch with the kids,) and we go back to day time hours on days off. Then we get into funky stuff like 2days, 2nights, 4 off.
No wonder we get screwy. We can't do this to ourselves. It no wonder we have problems, with our weight, our menses, and our mental health.
I am no saint, I work on call and get called out at all times of day and night to work, and catch my sleep when I can when this happens.
It definitely affects me.
That said, I have been successful in losing weight by eating carefully. I have been following atkins, and have to pack food carefully for on -call work.
I used to eat a high carb meal before going to sleep in the morning so I would sleep better, but can't do that now, but a higher fat snack works nicely for me.
But I still recommend, if you are working nights regularly, to schedule your life closer to your work schedule. A friend of mine totally does this and goes to the gym after work, (8 am) , and goes to bed at 2 pm every day, wakes at 10, has breakfast and off to work at 11. She has done this for years, and it works great for her. SHe has maintained her weight loss ever since she started this routine.

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