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Since you have a couple of beach body workouts I am sure you have heard of Michi's Ladder. How does Tosca Reno compare? Are they fairly similar?

I have Chalean but have been doing Power 90 this 2 weeks to jump start. I think I will tire of it quickly as there aren't that many workouts with it.

Considering getting Insanity. DH wants me to, says I need something like what you are doing......massive working out.

I want to get to the point you are LOVE to exercise. Thankfully it is Spring and it brings renewed desire to work on weight!

You said you did not get results from P90X? Why do you think? You can answer with a PM if you want, my real question on this thread is comparing Tosca Reno to Michi's Ladder.


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7 weeks now and still loving program find it very workable foe ME am maintaining my lowest weight ever for weeks now and have tons of energy have just completed my full 2 weeks of double workouts with CHALEAN EXTRME and INSANITY daily. So am really seeing the LEAN out effect doing the HAPPY DANCE!!!!
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