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Default I've been sick

Hi Guys

Just to let you all know that I fell very sick on 13 November last year and have not been able to visit this site since then. I got rushed to hospital with serious blood disorder and have been in and out since, and will continue to receive treatment for a while (chemo!!!). I am thankfully feeling very well now, but at the time I was pretty much out of it. The only consolation, if anything from this nightmare, is that I lost30 pounds in the month i spent in hospital. I just couldn't face food, just drinking water, some juices, and the odd spoonfulls of cornflakes and breakfast cereal. So if you don't see me about, don't think i have upped and left, but circumstances are pretty much out of my control at this time.

all the best with 2003 dieting and health
and a healthy year for me too!!!

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