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You and your uncle are in my thoughts. I'm glad he has so many people who care for him. Congratulations on your success! 6 pounds to go!! That must feel incredible. I know we're not supposed to, but I don't think it would be possible to be successful in a weightloss plan without a little cheat every once in awhile. Enjoy that Godiva Chocolate Cake

I considered it a success when I noticed that I began planning for a treat days in advance. Before, I'd order a dessert wherever we went for dinner, no matter if it looked really delicious or not. I felt almost compelled to finish up dinner with something sweet. I think that way of eating made me forget that sweets are occasional treats, and something to enjoy. They were just part of the meal to me. I consider this progress.

I'm back down to my "fighting weight" these days, but having trouble losing. I'm so busy, it's pretty easy to stay OP. I'd love to see the 140's before Valentine's Day I can't recall a time when I weighed in the 140's. I need a boot in the butt to get to the gym, because that's what broke my last plateau.
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