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Originally Posted by Ogdog13 View Post
Prinacass, I received my Lindora yeserday. Just finished the chicken noodle soup for breakfast. YUMMY!! Given I'm used to Amy's no-chicken chicken noodle, but I was impressed. Filling too. Only 6 carbs!! I highly recommend it. Btw, they threw in a box of peanut butter chocolate bars, not sure why. Broke down and had one last night (16 carbs...yikes), but it was also pretty yummy. I'm looking forward to trying more of their products...and at those prices, whoohooo.
Oh good! I put in a large order after comparing the #'s from IP web site and theirs.....I will basically be able to go two weeks on the same amount of $ I was spending in one! Plus I think I get more product! If you look at the comparisons on carbs some of the bars are high in carbs! but I think if you set a goal and have one maybe once a week when you reach it it will be ok!

Thanks for letting us know! I can't wait to get my order! We can compare notes! lol!
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