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Default 300+ And Ready to Try Again...#912


We are a group of individuals who weigh or have weighed 300+, or near there. This group was formed to provide a place for others like us to find support and hope. We are aware of the distinct problems that come with weighing over 300 lbs.

We want to invite everyone to join us in our journey.
We share laughter and tears.
We share what works for us and what doesn't.
We often use a "Topic of the Day" for discussion.

Motivational Monday
Tuesday Tips
Wednesday Wish List .. and What you are doing to obtain it.
Thankful Thursday
FUN Friday ... don't wait until you lose your weight.
Sit-up Saturdays - any physical activity
Share your Success Sunday

These are not required topics ...just ideas to share. We often find them very helpful. We also share heartaches and fears ... joys and celebrations.

We have several extra threads going on simutaneously such as Monthly Challenges, Weekly Weigh-ins, Recipes, Bios, and more. Please feel free to check them all out.

We have found this thread to be more than just a support group...
we have found it to become a home. We invite you to join us.


I know you'll all agree that we are really thankful for the free services here at 3FC. The sisters offer all of this support and information with no charges to us. There are a couple of ways though that we can help out.

If you are thinking about buying anything at Amazon, why not help out 3FC at the same time? You can do this by clicking on the button for Amazon on any page in the forum, or by clicking on the button on the main 3FC page at . A portion of your purchase price will be given to 3FC by Amazon. It doesn't increase your price at all, but it does help out 3FC. You can use any of the links that you see on the site in order to help contribute to the site.

Also, BTW, in case you didn't know it, you can view the message boards "ad free" for a minimal charge. I think it's like $15 for 6 months. A very small investment to be rid of the annoying ads and make your pages load quicker.

There have been some concerns expressed by the powers that be about copyright infringement. So please, if you are directly quoting someone else or printing an article in whole or in part, please give credit where credit is due!!
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Hello All,

I am late posting today. It's been a weird kind of day. I got up at 9 am, so had a bit of a lie in, had breakfast, did some washing, and then was in such a bad mood that I decided to go back to sleep again. It's been a long time since I have felt like doing that. I woke up in a much better mood though, and am ready to concentrate on writing some replies.

Patti - Oh my life, you warned me too late about the hankie for watching AI. I had to make do with my t-shirt when I was crying my eyes out watching Elliott on the results show. When they showed him going home, and how emotional him and his mum were, that was bad enough, but then when they showed him watching it back and he was crying, and Paula was crying, I was crying like a baby. I had to turn it off after he sang, no way could I watch him get voted off Taylor was amazing on results night and I loved the way he included the other two when he sang. I really hope he wins, and that all the Elliott voters and Chris voters now vote for him. After all, both times Katherine should have gone, and both times she didn't.

Sorry to hear you are having some pain at the top of your foot, perhaps you have been overdoing it on the treadmill. You may have to take a leaf out of Zelma's book and have to cut back a little.

Misti - wow 25000 steps, that is one whole heap of walking. No wonder you had sore feet.

Your mentioning the airport and about the plane being late reminds me of something I saw on the show American Airline. I was amazed to learn that most airlines over there deliberatly overbook the seats with the hope that so many won't turn up and that everybody that does will have a seat on the plane. That is so nuts. It actually happened when we were waiting for our flight from San Francisco to Vegas. They were begging people to give up their seats, and as incentive they would be put up in a hotel overnight in SF, then have a first class seat the next day to Vegas, plus get a free flight to use any time in the US, except to Hawaii. If I wasn't on a tight schedule, (had wedding licenses to get etc lol) Daren and I would love to have taken up that offer.

Thanks for the link to see that glass bridge. I got it totally wrong, I thought you meant something like an entire model bridge being made out of really intricately woven fine glass. I didn't realise it was a real foot bridge. That must have taken a lot of work!

Luan - I know you would love to lose weight, but at the same time you really do seem to live your life to the full. You look wonderful in your photos, you seem very happy with how things are, so for you not to be concentrating on dieting now isn't such a bad thing. I am sure that when you are ready to commit to losing again, you will see great losses. Right now I think you are doing so much running around that you aren't going to be gaining much, and I am sure even without realising it you will be making good food choices when you can. Just remember whether you are dieting or not we still want to hear from you here

Zelma - I know you feel terrible about being angry at those two girls, but do try not to be so hard on yourself. You hadn't long found out that you had skin cancer, and even if conciously you didn't realise how much that affected you, subconciously it had knocked you for six and you just weren't in the right frame of mind to deal with the situation as you normally would do. Those little girls will accept your apology and a hug and just be glad that their fave teacher isn't angry at them anymore. If they were angry or upset with anybody it would have been that little girl that lied.

As for that girls mother, it is naughty how she apologised to the girls and made out she never thought they would be mean like that in the first place. Talk about being two faced. This is the same woman isn't it that is also annoyed about the fact that you supposedly talk too much about fitness and nutrition in your class? From what you say I agree totally that she is indeed very jealous that you have lost all the weight you have. She is obviously a selfish woman who instead of being thrilled with your success and perhaps asking for advice from you, would choose to hate that you are thin now when she isn't, and is just being picky about your classes because of the jealousy. Your classes sound wonderful, and I would love to have had a teacher like you when I was in school. I think you should just focus on how much the kids love you and try to ignore that stupid woman.

Sharon - wow 18 stone 12, (264 lbs for our US friends) that's brilliant, you are into the 18s. Boy oh boy I can't even remember the last time I was in the 18s. You should be so proud of yourself. I am proud of you. You have had your little set backs since I have known you, but you have always turned it around and got back on track. I am so confident you are going to get to your goal and stay there

Well it's time for me to go get some lunch. I hope everybody is having a good weekend so far,


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Learning to love myself.
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Crock Ė Iím truly sorry that you are in pain with your knee. Can you have surgery soon, or is it a waiting game? Does your leg hurt a lot when it swells, or is it mostly uncomfortable? I know you have said it restricts your exercising, but I hope you arenít in constant pain with it. It would be great if someone came up with a correct diagnosis. It is all well and good for them to say that they donít know the reason for the swelling, but I hope that they are still trying to FIND one.
I hope you had a wonderful time at the camp. Was it just a camping trip in general, or a camp with a purpose, like one a group would set up and organize?
Oh, and I donít think Iíve complimented you on your new avatar pics yet. The difference is amazing! You must be so happy with how you are going.

Brenda Ė Over $5000 is incredible! I hope you have lots of people on your team helping with all of that fundraising. It certainly sounds like a mammoth task for just a few people. You have set a really high target for next year, is that because you only started part-way through the current year, or do you just think you will know a lot more and will be able to double this yearís amazing amount.
You have mentioned the relay quite a bit. Is this a walking/running type of relay, or something else? Will you be walking/running, or is your role to organize and ensure the smooth running of the event? Sorry for all the questions, but I am just so impressed with what you are doing.
Having work for most of the year would be pretty reassuring I would imagine, but still give you some good holidays. Do you just plan to have the break over the summer, or is that the way the contracts work out?

Lori Ė What a waste of your time to have to go in for half an hour just to pick up report cards. We always give out our reports to the students the day before school finishes. That way the parents also have the following day to ask questions if they have any. Iím glad you have just decided to pick them up in your own time, rather than trying to beat the clock and get there earlier. Does everyone go in at the same time to get the reports, or do you all have a given time slot? The differences in our education systems are always of interest to me.
Iím sorry that LAWL didnít turn out to be the right place for you. I hope that you have success with Weight Watchers. Iíve never tried it, but I see the points everywhere I look, so I would imagine it would be fairly easy to keep track of.
I hope you had a wonderful time at the wedding and I canít wait to see the photos!

Ammi Ė Itís OK, Iíve been called quite a few different names in my time. Zelma is NOT a common name. In fact Iíve only ever heard of two other people with that name. One was the lady I was told I was named after and one was just last year when I saw a lady on TV called Zelma. I was so thrilled to know Iím not alone. I looked it up one day and found out it is Turkish. Quite an unusual name for someone with a family tree that covers many generations of Australians and then English before that. So I definitely didnít get the name to follow any cultural purpose.
Thank you SO much for the email. Iíve printed off the pics, with as many others from here as I could get, and they are sitting here looking at me as I type. I have also bought the ingredients for the Shepherds Pie and I plan on making it tomorrow. I couldnít get turkey, as I was told it was out of season (???), so I got chicken mince instead. Iíll let you know how it goes.
I think you could be right about naps just being needed for recharging the batteries. I donít think Iíll be too guilty if they continue. A few people at work have been saying how tired they are too, so it could just be a fact of life Iíll have to get used to.
I am only knitting a scarf at the moment. I can only really do basic stitches, but will perhaps look into a simple pattern once I get back into the hang of things. I bought some gorgeous fluffy purple (my FAVOURITE colour) wool today and I want to make a scarf to wear on the Triple B Day with my purple slippers and purple dressing gown. Pity my Pooh pyjamas are pink, but at least it will match the purple.
It sounds as though your bad mood when you woke up could have just been due to lack of sleep. Iím glad you were able to go back to bed.
Thank you for your lovely comments about the school situation. YepÖ the mother of the Ďliarí is the same one who thinks I put too much focus on exercise and nutrition. I keep telling myself that it is HER problem, but it still hurts a little that she may have been telling other people this. She has told this one parent, so who else has she told. I know you are right, and should just focus on the positives. I will try.

Julee Ė Iím so glad that you tried on the dress and it looked so good. I am just SO looking forward to seeing the wedding photos!
I hope that you get that letter off to Sarah soon. I know it will be a huge weight off your mind once you have that sorted out.
ďWalter the PigĒ sounds like someone you would NOT want at the wedding, trying to latch onto any of your friends. I hope that Jason just decides to not invite him. He doesnít sound like a pleasant individual at all.
Well done on getting in those workouts, but I hope you donít damage your knee too much. It seems as though knees are the Ďfailingí body part with many of us lately. I suppose they have had to put up with a lot of strain over the years Ė at least I know MINE did.
You mentioned that everything will be finished at work on June 13. Is that just for a holiday, or are you finishing off at your work permanently?

Kayley Ė I would LOVE to have a garden like yours. Everything that you mentioned sounds simply delicious. Speaking of Ďdeliciousí, which apples are you hoping to get? I love Pink Lady most, but I also like red delicious, gala and hi-early. Not sure which of those you get over there. Oh, golden delicious are nice too.
I am sure that your friends are going to notice the difference when you go to visit them. It is just hard for you to see because you see yourself every day, but if they havenít see you since you started your journey then they will definitely notice. Mind you, they may not want to say anything as they may not know if it will upset you or not. You may have to get Andrew or your friend to bring the topic up so that they know how proud you are and how happy you are to talk about it.
I hope you had a good visit with Amber. It is sad when friends drift apart, but great when you can get back together again and it feels as though you had never had the break.
I am impressed that you are still feeling great, even with TOM showing his vicious head. I wish I had cycles like that!

Heather (Waterchiklet) Ė Thank you for the compliments! I am glad that I can inspire others on their own journeys. That is my goal for the future. As well as maintaining my own healthy weight of course.
I really enjoyed the movie of Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. I was a little worried, as I had read all of the books before I saw the movie and I am often disappointed with the movie version when I read the book first. I think they did a really good job though.

Annie Ė That is a LOT of inches you have lost! Well done!!!! I wish I had taken my measurements when I started, because it would be funny to work out the total amount of inches I have waved goodbye to.
Isnít it wonderful to have the measurements AND the scale to tell you that you are doing a good job?

Misti Ė One million steps!!!! That makes me tired just writing it! Great job! 25000 steps in one day is a LOT. No wonder your feet hurt! Mine would need a good soaking after all that walking.
Iím sure you will have a wonderful time in whatever clothes you choose to wear. From what Iíve heard, there is too much to do on a cruise to worry about what you are wearing anyway.

Luan Ė Good to see you! Holidays can do a lot of damage to our best of intentions of losing weight canít they? I am not surprised that you Ďfell off the wagoní with the sound of all that fried food while you were away. I must admit that I didnít lose much weight during the 3 weeks we were in the US. We couldnít really find healthy food all the time and it is difficult preparing your own stuff in hotel rooms. We tried as best we could, but we didnít do as well as we would have done at home.
Iím sure youíll get back into it again when you are ready and have more time to organize yourself. It sounds as though you are run off your feet at the moment. Giving yourself a break is probably the best plan. You know all the groundwork, so it wonít be as hard when you start again.

Sharon Ė Thank you for the lovely comments about my teaching. I know Iíll feel better about things once I sit and really think about them. They are just so fresh in my mind at the moment and the guilt is overruling any sensible thought I may have. I just canít wait until Monday so I can start to set things right.
You certainly arenít having any luck with the timing of family visits and TOMís visits are you? I donít suppose it would sound right if you asked your family not to visit until TOM left huh? You may get some funny looks.

Well, Iíd better head off to bed to read now. I think hubby could be falling asleep on the couch.

Take care all,

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Zelma - that's great that you found out about your name, funny that it's Turkish when as you said you are one of generations of many Aussies and Brits. When you were a kid did you hate that you couldn't get any personalised stuff? I know I hated it, I could find things with Ann or Marie, but never Ann-marie. Beth and Caleigh are the same now. We can find Kaleigh, or Bethan, or Elizabeth etc, but not their actual names. Thankfully though you can order stuff online now that is personalised and I always choose stuff like that for them come Christmas or birthdays.

Well well, I never realised how lucky we are to be able to have turkey mince all year round. I should imagine that chicken mince will be just as nice though, so I really hope that you will enjoy your shepherds pie. I would have thought the calories would be the same too.

I love the colour purple too, especially lilac. When I slim down somewhat I am determined to wear more of that colour instead of the dark ones I wear now. I hope you will have fun knitting the scarf to where on Triple B day. I hope that you will take lots of photos on the day. Are you allowed to photograph the kids in school over there still? Here they normally have to get parents to sign that it's ok for their kids to be in photos, and some schools have even stopped parents recording or photographing their kids in school concerts. It's all down to paedophiles and the worry that they could tape or photograph all the kids and use the videos etc for, well you know what for. Terrible world we live in isn't it.

I hate to sound like a real Pollyanna, but if that woman is telling everybody that will listen, her so called concerns about you and your talking too much about diet and nutrition etc, then I would like to think that if their child is in your class, they will know you. They will know how much their kids love you, and what a nice lady you are, and they will just let the other woman waffle on without paying any attention to her. I know I wouldn't listen to her, besides in this day and age where obesity in children is a real worry, I don't think many mums and dads would be overly concerned that you or anybody would be trying to instill good eating habits in their kids.

Hope you have a lovely sleep, and that tomorrow is a good day. Try not to worry too much about the apologies you want to make.


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Well it looks like its just us 3 on here today!!!!!
I too love purple, our bedroom is lilac, I even had lilac streaks at the sides of my hair, when I was MUCH younger!
Today I put up the proper bed for Aiden, he was in a cot-bed until today, he's got lovely green jungle & animal bedding which matches the green walls and animal border, he wanted to go to bed NOW!!!!! Rather than after his bath tonight!!!!
I only managed 7 mins. so far on the bike, my oldest son popped round to remind me it's his girlfriend's birthday today, OOPS!!! I forgot all about it, I could only put £10 in instead of £20 as I had no other money at all. I will go on the bike again when they are in the bath, I can peep at them through the bathroom door.
Zelma I'm glad you seem to be a bit better in yourself now, it's awful when people are nasty and sneaky.:censored:
Ammi I hope you are feeling better after your nap, I am really jealous, I can't even sit on the loo for long until they are in bed!!! Julee, have you managed to get your 'undergarments' for your wedding dress? Are you having gloves or a wrap with your dress? Is it pearls, diamante or what on your tiara/head-dress and any special jewellery? I wore my mum's gold chain, (it's early Victorian and very long, about 70-80" and belonged to my Great-great-aunt & her family) with a gold,pearl and garnet cross which Steve bought me and his late mum's gold & garnet ring. Will there be someone to take your dress in, if needed? I hope everything is going smoothly and that the b*tch and moronic male friend of you fella's aren't upsetting you too much.
Well I don't know what else to put, I hope everyone is well & keeping OP.
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Wow, these threads just keep moving...

I know we now have two heathers -- people can just keep calling me wyllenn, or however you want to spell it. I like using the name cause it's always the only one!!

Zelma -- we all have bad days and do things we don't mean to. I think it's great that you will apologize to the girls. Some people would just make a mistake and then do nothing...

I don't have time for more personals today, but wanted to share some info from last night...

We have a big awards dinner at work every year in May. Last fall, after I had lost some weight and could see losing more, I started wondering if the black dress in my avatar would fit me by the time the dinner rolled around. Well, I wore it for the avatar photo, and it fit perfectly... about 10 pounds ago.

So last night I put it on, and it was loose! The shoulders kept slipping off! I had a lovely wrap to wear with it, and that helped, but then you couldn't see me as well.

Ah well, I'll take that as an NSV any day!!

Okay, I do have time for some quickie personals:

Julee: so gald the dress fits! As for the bad bridesmaid -- it's your day and you deserve to have it the way you want it, without her!

Crock: you are doing great!

Sharon: 7 minutes is a good start on the bike! 8 minutes the next time!

Ammi: good to hear that (today aside) your energy levels are continuing up and are getting closer and closer to twoderville

Misti: 1 million steps is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Annie - Wooo!!! Well, 17 inches gone is better than 14! You are awesome!!!!

Luan - Glad to see you posting, even if you aren't OP. From your ticker, it doesn't look as if you've gained anything while being off it, so that's always good! Sounds like you are having a lot of fun!

Zelma - Either she was trying to get them into trouble, or maybe it was her way of getting some attention? I can understand why you would feel bad...but it's normal...if a kid has a history of being a trouble-maker, it's sorta don't want to believe them...and I could see why you wouldn't. I hope you get to feeling better soon.
We’re getting Jonagold apples…they are big, and SO DELICIOUS! I’m going to have to make sure I only have one a day or something…cuz I could eat those things to no tomorrow! We could use teachers like you over here. Obesity is such a problem, all the parents would LOVE to have a teacher or school system that actually takes CHARGE of the problem. I agree that this other woman just sounds jealous!

Sharon - You are on FIRE!!!

Wyllenn – Good NSV! Although, it’s a shame that the wrap ‘hid’ you a bit! I think that means it’s time to go SHOPPING!

Last night, I was inspired by Annie, to take my measurements. I hadn't done so in quite a while....well, I've lost 23 inches from my bust, hips, and waist, since I started all this! Been pretty much back on track with the exercising, after having my crappy month in April. I really really hope we get the eliptical! hehe...
I'll be back a little bit before I leave to go visit Amber this evening. Hope you all have a great and OP day!
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Zelma: I think you were only doing what you thought was right at the time. Its not your fault that the little girl lied right? You only did what you could, and are fully intending to apologize for what happenned from what I can understand. You'll feel better I'm sure when you can apologize.

Sharon: Good job on the 7lbs gone! Try and have fun on your date - and resist those cravings!

Nothing new here. Aidan and I are hanging out while Daddy does the back siding with a co-worker. We are listening to some music and trying as always to snap a good pic of the two of us using the webcam (which sucks really). I'm a pic whore as we call it here. Always coming at you with the camera.

Hope all have a good Saturday.

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Kayley -- 23 inches is awesome! It's great to have ways other than the scale to see progress... I need to do my measurements again, I think...

And yes, it is past time to go shopping. I think I have 3 pairs of pants that fit well... or will soon anyway...
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Working it out...
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Hello Everyone,

Well, I got up late this morning, so no time to work out before my dance class. I will have to do it afterwards.

Brandnewme asked me a couple of days ago, in a thread, long, long past <grin>, how things were in my life. Well, they are going as best as can be expected, but not great.

The ex and I had a blow-out four days before my birthday - two weeks ago today since the fight, actually. It was nasty, more to the point, SHE was nasty, and I'm still recovering from it. I managed to have the best birthday I could have, under the circumstances, but all this stuff, plus having to leave her biz and finding a new job have all got me fighting depression too. Quite the monumental task, all things considered.

The upshot is that I have not lost any weight since I last weighed myself at the end of April. The good news is that I have not GAINED any weight either. And, considering I've been erratic with my eating times and food choices since April - some days barely eating at all, other days eating only crap and waaaay too much of it, some days having a good food day - the only thing I can point to for my lack of weight gain is my exercise. As a matter of fact, I just measured myself and have lost an inch and a half from my bust, waist and hips since mid-April. So, yeah, it's the exercise.

As of Sunday of last week, I had been doing my 360 minutes a week. I say "as of last Sunday" because this week has been erratic with the food AND the exercise. Point in fact, today I didn' t get up early enough to work out before my dance class. Still, I have hopes of taking myself to the gym in the late afternoon to do some catching up for the day. I doubt I will complete my 360 this week, but I am going to get as close as I can get.

Yesterday morning I went to the gym for the first time in forever, since I usually work out at home. I did the treadmill - hills. Walked for 35 minutes. Somewhere in between my workout I accidentally pulled the emergency "off" switch for the machine, so I lost track of the actual miles I walked...but since I got on the treadmill at 7 am on the dot, I could use my cell phone clock to track the minutes. Still, I was very happy with my progress - my knee didn't hurt (and it still doesn't) and I was able to do the hills program at a nice clip (2.8 mph). I could have done more minutes, in fact, but I was running late so I had to stop after 35. Felt nice to walk off the machine drenched in sweat and feeling alive (thank you God for endorphins). Oh yeah, and my BUTT hurts today like you would not believe - that hills program is GOOOOOD!!!! Between helping my ex unload her truck the other day after having already worked out, next days' bike ride, and yesterday's treadmill, my quads and my butt have been getting quite the workout, even if I'm not getting as many minutes as usual. Class today is going to be great (at least that is what I am telling myself so that I can get my *** out the door since all I really want to do is stay in bed all day); I suspect I will especially enjoy the stretching part, since it will help with my aching muscles.

I had therapy this week. I was telling my therapist how poorly I am doing with food. "Well," she said, "I am not one to take the drug away. We need to take away the reason's why you use the drug. If eating like this is helping you cope with the excrutiating pain and it's at least allowing you to get out of bed in the morning so that you can find a new job and get yourself out of this situation, don't beat yourself up about it. You're taking the best care of yourself that you can under the circumstances." She's right, for sure, but I still don't like it that this is what I am doing.

But the truth is, I don't have the energy right now to keep up with eating healthy every day. Man, I haven't even managed to get my laundry done all week; I'm down to my last pair of clean underwear and clean socks. So, I'm being as healthy as I can and focusing on getting my butt on my bike every day (endorphins help fight depression) and on getting a new job. I am weighing myself every day just to make sure I'm not GAINING any weight. The next few weeks will be about maintenance - that is the best I can do right now.

So, that's my update. I have been coming here every day to read up on y'all...sorry I am not doing personals.

Wishing you all the best,
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Because I deserve it!
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Hi everyone. I was up 0.2 at my weigh in this morning. I had done really well on Core through about Wed. and then I lost it on Thursday and Friday and ate a bunch of junk. Oh well, a 0.2 gain isn't all that bad. I learned some lessons and I realize that I just really REALLY need to be planning alot if I am going to be doing Core. I must have Core snacks ready and available and have the right groceries in the house so that I can prepare a quick Core meal when I need to. 'Nuff said on that!

Ammi - Thanks for your concern about me. No, I wasn't sick from the meatballs. I just sometimes stay away from the computer at home because I work on one all day at work. Although I did end up skipping dinner than night because I just felt too queasy. It must have been serious because I am certainly not one to skip a meal! But I am feeling better now, other than losing our boy Elliot!!!!! How sad was that? Rest assured, I was voting for him for the whole 2 hours. I would guess I maybe got 40 votes in though because most of the time the line was busy. I thought Elliot's homecoming was the most touching of all of them. I just love that kid and I am with you....if he puts out a CD I will be the first one to buy it. I think he just might get to do it. Do you remember when Clive Davis was on the show and he said he looked forward to working with Elliot? Fingers crossed that he gets a record deal even though he didn't win.

wyllenn - You are really making some progress if that black dress is already too big. Good for you!

Kayley - 23 inches lost is amazing! Also, I am envious of your vegetable garden. How wonderful it would be to have fresh veggies available right in your own backyard!

Zelma - Is there a treatment you are going to have to do for the skin cancer? for you. I have known 3 people in my life with skin cancer...all malignant melanoma, the worst kind. And in all 3 of their cases it was found in time and removed and all was well from then on. I hope the same for you.

to Imnotfluffy and Dusty. You've found a very supportive place here. I hope you will both post often!

Someone asked awhile back how many WW points a 300+ person gets. Here is the info from the "Getting Started" book

300-324 pounds - 32
325-349 pounds - 33
350+ pounds - 34

These are your "points targets" and is the minimum you should eat each day. You also get 35 additional points to use throughout the week as you see fit. You can either spread them evenly over the week, or use most of them on a couple of days where you might be having an event of some sort. Good luck to you if you choose WW. I think it's a great plan.

Well, I am off to start my spaghetti sauce. I like to let it simmer for hours so it's good and tasty by the time I eat it. Yummy!

Have a great weekend everyone!
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trying again!
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Hey guys... just an update. Rummage sale is now over and we made 635.00 YEAH!! I was impressed. Brings our current total to 4300.00 with two more fundraisers to go!! YIPEE~

zelma ~ there are 16 people on the team and we walk a 1/4 mile track for 12 hours. We are going to fundraise for 10 months next year instead of the 3 months we worked on it this year. My holidays just "happen" to be in the summer! LUCKY HUH?

I have been rolling since 330. Time maybe for a little nap and a bite to eat since 430 was breakfast time. Thank goodness for loads of protein !!!

Have a great day!!
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Ammi after t wosolid months of treadmilling 7 days a week i have taken the day off . my foot is doing better today. i think all that walking repeatedly and rather hard got to it. i will be back up and walking again in the morning though. sorry AI made you so sad. I really think Taylor will win. Katherines just doesnt stand out to me like he does!
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aka Valerie
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JOANNE? Where are you?

WYLLENN, Thanks for your kind words. I’m back on track now, and already have 90 minutes to log on the Exercise thread… and I haven’t even been home 18 hours yet! And YIPPEEE! For your clothes falling off!!! Well, you know what I mean – the black dress <BG> …(ya know, this is really dense of me, but I never noticed till now that your name is Heather. I just thought Wyllenn was an unusual version of Ellen or something.)

MISTI – Congrats on the “small pants” NSV!

Ammi – Eating the melon wasn’t really bad (but you didn’t see how much I had.) IT was the coffee/crumb cake and sausages that probably weren’t REEEally a good idea. <BG>

JILLY – Hang in there sweetie! I hope you’re back in control and losing now. I understand the whole mindset issue, I just hope you are able to conquer that soon!!

CROCK _ We all have flob days, ‘specially for a few days a month. Hope you’re shining again! It’s horrible that you can’t get a diagnosis on your leg. I can’t imagine how you’ve made such stunning progress even while your leg is giving you so much grief. I guess there’s just no excuse for me (I’ll consider myself kicked in the fanny!) I’ve GOT to go find your new pics that everyone is talking about – I assume there on the pic thread?

LILION – Cool NSV (on the dress that’s fitting now.) I hate my arms, too.

KAYLEY – What great exercise you’ve been getting in – and what a great garden! Good luck on the job interviews! And AWEsome about all those lost inches!!!

MARIA – WAY COOL on your unloading the truck experience!!

XENA – back on core again, my friend!!

BRENDA – Great job on the fundraising. I just love that you’re doing so much and having fun at it.

BrandNewMe – Thanks so much for your kindness! How are YOU doing?

ImNOTFLUFFY – WELCOME! I feel renewed whenever I come here. I’m glad you feel the same. Ramble on anytime, and we’re glad you’re here.


ELAINE – Not sure if someone’s already answered your “Losing Posts” question, but I’ll answer anyway – I type my answers in MS word (or WordPerfect or whatever) and then copy and paste it to the 3FC board when I’m done. Then, even if the net loses my post, I can go back and re-paste it. It’s also easier when I’m trying to catch up with multiple threads.

ANNIE – OH MY! OH MY! OH MY! I’m SOOOO psyched for you! Down ANOTHER 4 pounds!! You are doing SO incredibly well! I’m still cheering for you every step of the way.

JULEE – That has to be so exciting even to just have your gown in your closet. I hope that pig-friend of Jason’s isn’t in the wedding!

ZELMA – Sweetie, I sure hope the shots help your energy and that a few days off help you continue to cope with everything that’s gone on with you lately. You’re such a hero to so many, and just plainly a wonderful lady, I’m sorry to see you so blue. <hugs!> Thanks for the info on how your skin problem developed – It’s something that’s good for all of us to be aware of! And about that other teacher/parent – yup, SHE’s got some issues. I second what Sharon VooDoo said!

VOODOO – YEAH!!! On that terrific weight loss!!!!!!!!!!!!

TOOFATFORU – GREAT! Another 3 gone!!
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I ate it
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Default, PigFriend is not in the wedding and if he were...I'd be putting my foot down on this one. I said at the beginning to Jason that I didn't want anyone there who wasn't truly happy for us and supportive of us..I think that respectful of us falls into those categories.

I am attempting to roast a chicken...never done it before. It seems so wifely and for some reason today I was inspired. I found an easy enough recipe online..I stuffed the cavity with chopped garlic, rosemary, tarrago and thyme and some cut lemons, then rubbed it with a little bit of olive oil and shook on some salt and pepper. I'll know soon enough if I am taking us out to dinner or not...LOL.

We are going to a laser light show tonight. I swear I haven't been to one of those since early in college and I am pretty sure that I was either drunk or stoned at the time. Jason woke up the other day with a massive crick in his neck..he couldn't turn his head to the right at all..OY. He is doing better now but he is still sore and unhappy. It's mostly stress...I hope it passes soon.

The dress now resides in Jason's mother's closet. I'll see it again in a few months when I decide to try it on again.

I'm off to check my chicken.

Happy Weekend!
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