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Default 300+ And Ready To Try Again....#885


We are a group of individuals who weigh or have weighed 300+, or near there. This group was formed to provide a place for others like us to find support and hope. We are aware of the distinct problems that come with weighing over 300 lbs.

We want to invite everyone to join us in our journey.
We share laughter and tears.
We share what works for us and what doesn't.
We often use a "Topic of the Day" for discussion.

Motivational Monday
Tuesday Tips
Wednesday Wish List .. and What you are doing to obtain it.
Thankful Thursday
FUN Friday ... don't wait until you lose your weight.
Sit-up Saturdays - any physical activity
Share your Success Sunday

These are not required topics ...just ideas to share. We often find them very helpful. We also share heartaches and fears ... joys and celebrations.

We have several extra threads going on simutaneously such as Monthly Challenges, Weekly Weigh-ins, Recipes, Bios, and more. Please feel free to check them all out.

We have found this thread to be more than just a support group...
we have found it to become a home. We invite you to join us.


I know you'll all agree that we are really thankful for the free services here at 3FC. The sisters offer all of this support and information with no charges to us. There are a couple of ways though that we can help out.

If you are thinking about buying anything at Amazon, why not help out 3FC at the same time? You can do this by clicking on the button for Amazon on any page in the forum, or by clicking on the button on the main 3FC page at . A portion of your purchase price will be given to 3FC by Amazon. It doesn't increase your price at all, but it does help out 3FC. You can use any of the links that you see on the site in order to help contribute to the site.

Also, BTW, in case you didn't know it, you can view the message boards "ad free" for a minimal charge. I think it's like $15 for 6 months. A very small investment to be rid of the annoying ads and make your pages load quicker.
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I bet everybody is out enjoying the beautiful weather, I am getting ready to go attend Little Bros. Baseball game, Highschool Baseball.. It will be hot to start, it starts at 4pm then it should cool down before the game is over, I will surely get sun burned, I am so fair complected, If I were any whiter, you could see right through me... ( like a ghost) LOL.. Take Care All,, Will check in when I get back

Zelma~ Thanks for your help.
MariaLucia` Thanks to you as well..
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What a tough afternoon! We had a going away lunch for a co-worker and there was this giant plate of cookies and brownies, which is still sitting in the kitchen! I haven't eaten any, and I'm not going to, but boy does part of me want to. Argh. Maybe if I hadn't had ice cream yesterday I would have something, but I am definitely not doing sugar two days in a row.
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Default Weight Gain kinda solved?

Hi All,

I can't believe it, but tonight I decided to get my hubby to weigh the chocolate powder he puts in my nightly, sometime twice nightly hot chocolate. I was allowing two WW points for the drink which included the milk. It turns out that each cup works out at 6 WW points. That means when I was having 2 cups a night for the last month of my previous diet I was having 8 points a day more than I allowed for!! What if I made stupid mistakes with other stuff I hadn't weighed out! So from now on I am weighing and calculating everything and am going to make sure I stick to my points!

Crock - how did your brother's baseball game go, did his team win? What about you, did you end up sun burned? I hope it won't be too bad if you were.

That was a great NSV you had, getting out your summer clothes and finding a lot of them too big. Ok, so you have to spend money on some smaller clothes, how much better is that though than having to buy bigger clothes!! Yay you

Nancy - if only you could bottle that will power and sell it, I would be your first buyer. That is brilliant that you could see all those cookies just sitting on your kitchen table, smelling beautiful, and yet you didn't have even one. Well done

I am going to go now and enjoy the very last hot chocolate I will be having until I buy some low fat stuff lol.


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The Ball game went well, Adam ( lil bro) got hit by the pitcher though, and I have such a temper (irish) that I was ready to whip some juvenile ***. But Adam shook it off and went to first base, ****, he hit the ground like a sack of taters. Then the pitcher apparantley found humor in the fact he hit someone, but he hit MY brother, so when the pitcher came in field I proceeded to ask him how he would like it if he was hit , and his coach saw my anger and then the coach and I camly talked about it, and the pitcher was benched for the rest of the game, believe or not, the other boys on the same team as the pitcher were on my side, they were upset with him laughing and all.. Any whhoooo.. We lost. but I had my own little victory,, No sun burn to report, little pink though.,. LOL.. Take Care All
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Ammi -- Great news! I wondered if it were something like that. I hope that was it anyway. I know I have found that I still have to weigh and measure everything. Even my daily morning cereal!
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Ammi - I'm so glad that the "problem" was most likely the mis-weighing, and not something medical! That's great news! And you'll be down before you know it, now!!!

Well, I went to the counselor this morning. It was just the preliminary stuff, and I was extremely nervous. He had his intern in there, and asked me if it was okay if she stayed...I guess it was her last week. I didn't really care, so I said it was fine. He asked me a bunch of questions about my life, and the people around me, and then he had me make an appointment for next week, where we'll actually begin the COUNSELING part of the whole deal. There was no couch for me to lay on! lol...But, hopefully, I won't be as nervous next time.

Also went down to the court house, and gave them my application, and did better at typing than I thought! 70 words a minute, and I was only figuring I was about 50! The requirement was only I really hope I get it! They have the job posted until next Friday, and then they'll be contacting everyone for interviews. AH!
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I ate it
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If you can, opt for the sugar free hot chocolate mix. It is actually lower in calories if I am correct.
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Working it out...
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Hello Everyone!

I took the day off from work today. I needed time away from the ex and the breakup and all. Had a lovely day, though I am now feeling the sadness coming back. I guess it's to be expected.

I want to do personals, but it will have to wait till the weekend. Till then, highlights:

* Sadness is making me sleep 12 hour days so my workouts have been erratic. I've only skipped one workout this week, though (yesterday). Worked out today.

* Food is going surprisingly well. No desires to binge or deviate from my regular no-diet diet. I'm a bit shocked...or maybe not. I'll elaborate later.

* Had therapy today. That woman is good!

* Had lunch with old friend. Good food, good company.

* Spent an hour talking with another friend who helped me strategize on the job search front. From that hour of work I have: a list of "non negotiables" and a list of "ideal conditions" for my next job including $, benefits, commute time, tuitions reimbursement so that I can have help paying for my MBA, etc.; a list of industries and specific companies to target; a list of personal contacts who can help me find work; and, a to-do list for the next few weeks. I feel accomplished and ready to tackle the job search...well, as ready as I ever will be.

* Oh yeah, after strategizing over job stuff, we sat on a blanket in the park under the warm sun, overlooking the lake by my home. FINALLY no more rain, at least for today.

* I go to work again tomorrow. <sigh> Oh yeah, and did I mention we have that gala to go to on Sat.? Oh yeah, and did I mention she wants to "make it a date"?!? Her freaking pattern...always the same pattern...she can't stand it when I get close and feel in love with her but when she sees me pulling away, she wants me back. Not that she's WILLING to do what it takes so that we can have a healthy, loving relationship. She just wants to keep her f**d-up, unhealthy, life going and she wants to keep me in it no matter how miserable and destructive it is to me. Well, enough! I'm DONE. I am my number 1 priority now and I deserve better than this.

<breathing deeply> OK, now I have to make dinner and get on with things. Sorry for the rant...

Hugs everyone.

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learning to live
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Okay ladies, I'm not going to have a chance to do personal replies tonight. Perhaps Sunday, which happens to be my only day off in the next 10 days

For everyone who has asked where I am, I appreciate it!

Welcome to all the new ladies (and guys!). You'll absolutely love it here. There's so much support that it's addictive!

Congrats to all those who have lost, or all of those who continue to fight no matter what the scales have said. To all those who have gained, I know how you feel, I'm right there with ya. We can do this! As long as we keep fighting, we'll get there.

I've not lost anything for quite a while now. I've not gained anything back after my last huge leap, but it sucks that I can't get rid of what shouldn't be there to begin with! Now, however, I am taking a lot more responsibility for what goes in my mouth. I have started cooking quite a bit again, rather than buying the stuff I normally have been buying (read: the cheap stuff!). It really sucks that it's so much cheaper to GAIN weight than it is to lose weight. But alas, that's another subject for another time.

I haven't exercised much. I know, bad me. But, apparently the flu bug that hit me a couple weeks ago hit me harder than I thought. I'd been very weak and tired and just all around blah for the last week or so, and the day before yesterday I finally said enough is enough. I laid down to take a nap for the first time in many, many moons. The problem is, I didn't get back up! I slept clear through from 6pm until almost 10am yesterday morning! Apparently my body really needed the rest. Yesterday I was still a bit tired (too much sleep), but today I am feeling great for the first time in quite a while.

Anyhow, not much else to report right now. I will weigh in on Sunday and see where I need to go from there. Have a lovely night everyone!
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Hi all --- just a quick post to report in. Today was official Weigh In Day... (did anyone else hear that ominous music inthe background??)
So.... as you might recall from my pouting, I peeked and, on Monday was UP 2 pounds from my last official WI.... today, I was down 1.5 from there. SO.... officially I am up .5 from WI to WI. Better than 2. Not nearly as fun as losing.

So, ML --- you have the gala to go to...and she wants to call is "date night". Sounds like you're saying you're NOT into that even though you have the obligation to go to the event. Stay strong, friend. You chose to not be in this relationship for a reason. Don't let yourself be sucked back into something you think is unhelathy for you if those reasons are still there.

Crock -- I have this image of you "whoppin' some juvenile ***". LOVE it... why to control those urges and have a calm productive discussion. Not as fun of an image, but MUCH better heh heh

Sorry... no time for more.... it's 10:30 and I haven't had dinner yet (hmmm... ya think that might be a little part of my problem? )

Goodnight all!!

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Amy – A similar thing happened to me – I lost a co-worker who was about 30, although with her it was a car accident. It was even the more shocking because she thought she was ok and came back to work although she was having horrible head aches. She ended up slipping into a coma and dying a week later – they hadn’t found a blood clot and it reached her brain. It was so tough for all of us – all of a sudden someone is ripped out of your life, and you can only try and imagine what it must be like for her family. As someone who has lost a parent that I loved dearly, I can say that it is a horrible thing and very difficult to reconcile. However, you can either take the experience and use it to fuel and the realization that life is too short to let it slip through your fingers and not grasp it, or let it depress and immobilize you. Hopefully it will help do the former.

Wyllen – Sorry to hear that your hubby lost his job. That is rough. Good for you to not let it interfere with your healthy lifestyle.

MovingandShaking – I would definitely go to the doctor. There are some seated workout plans that you can find at places like Water aerobics would be good, but it isn't free.

Lilion – I checked out your pictures of the SCA event in the Hens thread – super cool.

Mel – Sorry to hear that your partner is also unemployed. That can be so stressful.

Zelma – Definitely don’t kick yourself about a couple of little extra treats, especially since they are healthy. Maybe if you are craving them your body needs something. Also, several people on these boards have mentioned they end up sometimes losing a pound after eating more and not understanding why. The body does not always fit our logic.

Tracey – You look hot in that dress! Why don’t you send a picture of you in it to that guy you were talking about? If the pressure you are putting on yourself is negative, I would definitely say stop it – negativity never helps. Somehow you need to find your strength, and maybe you just need some time for reflection and soul searching. Just remember we are always here when you need us. And I can always make a trek into the city and give you a good swift kick if that’s what you need too!

Jill – I know you are away at the wedding, but I just wanted to say I am glad that you worked things out with Jeff. It is something I need to remember more often too, that talking about things really does help.

Brenda – I’m with Ammi – putting chocolate in the freezer would be no deterrent. I remember reading somewhere that chocolate has magnesium, and that might be what our bodies are craving. I found this article: I don’t know how reputable it is, but it is certainly interesting.

Angela – Hope you were able to get back on the exercise track. Definitely take it slowly and don’t push too hard. You have plenty of time for that later!

Valerie – Paving, what’s that? Oh – that’s what they always seem to be pretending to do so they can block up traffic but the roads always get worse and worse? Well, actually I will give them kudos on repaving part of 87/287 near me, but you are right. For the most part the NY/NJ area is horrible. Not to mention the don’t let trucks on a bunch of the roads that in many cases are even worse (the Bronx River and the Saw Mill Parkways come to mind). Luckily the Tappan Zee only costs me $2 a crossing, but that’s because I am on a commuter pass – the GW is much worse.

Maria Lucia – Definitely ROFL. When I read your post about your butt I couldn’t get that song out of my head “I like big butts and I cannot lie . . .” I am also in the big butt club. I don’t mind it so much, except that I wear skirts and they never hang level – they are always a bit higher in the back than in the front.

Why do you have to go to this gala? Is it work related? That is strange that she wants to ignore the fact that you broke it off with her and treat the night as a date. It sounds like she doesn’t respect your feelings very much (sorry if that sounds harsh).

Ammi – watching American Idol did help. I thought almost everyone did really well this week. I was pretty shocked at who were in the bottom 3, but glad about the vote off (won’t say in case you haven’t see it yet).

That’s a shocker about the hot chocolate! It definitely seems like time to be very careful about weighing and measuring things. I couldn’t believe I didn’t touch the baked stuff – even at the end of the day I went back to make sure they were wrapped up so they wouldn’t go stale overnight and I didn’t touch them. I even impressed myself.

Julee – Glad to hear things are going OK with your mom. Ooooh – new clothes and new pans. Sounds like a good week! Any luck on getting the roommate out of your fiancee’s place so you can move in?

Dogpal – Hope all is going well. Is everything still going well with the medication?

Kris – Welcome and please do jump right in. Just post about what is going on with you so we can get to know you better. Don’t feel like you need to do super long psycho threads like this one. Support is definitely one of the pillars of weight loss and this is the best place I have found to get it!

Patti – Tell us a bit more about what is going on with you regarding the plateau. How many calories/points are you eating? What kind of exercise are you doing and how often? Other factors – someone else mentioned water – that is very important.

Sharon – That is great that you are seeing movement in the sizes.

Crock – Oh no! I am glad you didn’t beat anyone up. Have you ever thought of taking any kind of martial arts to get out your aggression?

Kayley – that is great that you started counseling - hopefully this guy will be able to help. 70 words per minute is really good. I don’t think I can type that fast. The thing I can do now that I am proud of is be able to not look at my hands anymore. Good luck on the job front!

Brandnewme – Glad to hear you are getting back in the game. Being sick can really do you in – I got something last year that just would not go away and left me totally weakened. Good for you for taking care of yourself and getting the rest you needed.

I probably missed someone . . . sorry! I had so much catching up to do that I was bouncing all over the place with the threads from the past few days. I can hardly believe it is almost the weekend again. My BF is most likely dragging my to a computer festival one of the days of the weekend. It is times like this I really wish he had some geek friends closer by that he could go with instead of me. I’d really rather not go. If I do, I just need to remember to bring a book – that is what I did the last time. After I got tired (which didn’t take long), I sat and he wandered around. I will definitely have more stamina this year, but I am not going to burn myself out by overdoing something I don’t even particularly want to attend. So there!

I have to wait until a week from Friday to have my doctor’s appt to go over the MRI results. All of this waiting – it is so frustrating. I know there was something else I wanted to mention, but I am blanking now. Oh well – it is getting late.
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oh my goodness. where has time gone???? tomorrow is my last FINAL for my class!! can you believe it? i am a Makeup Artist!!! tonight was the first half of our exam where we had to do a written test (eyeliner positions and shadow placements) and a 30 min round of straight makeup. no corrections or hilights. stuff like that. that went particurlary well. tomorrow is corrective in 30 mins, where we fix lips, do corrective eyeliner to change the shape of the eye and add hilights and shadows. then we get an extra 20 min to "bump up" to an evening look with more dramatic shadow, cheeks, lips and lashes (and eyeliner). i cant believe im done. the fun stuff starts now. i will be doing character makeup so i will learn cuts and brusies and prosthetics and all that fun stuff. i cant wait.

Ammi - im glad that you are finding ways to figure out your diet better. my thoughts are with you

kayley - good luck on your new job opportunity. new jobs are fun

everyone else. im sorry i havent been on much. i have just been so busy the last 2 weeks with training for work. i passed my test tho, so at least i have a job

next week things will die down a bit and i should be able to respond to everyone individually. i cant be much inspiration this week. i have aunt flo in town and she loves baked goods and sweets. damn her.

*hugs to all*
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Hello All,

I did a bad thing, I used that hot chocolate debarcle as an excuse to go over my points yesterday. I had worked out all that I was going to eat, and allowed the 2 points I thought the hot chocolate was. But just because I felt cheated of 4 points worth of food lol, I went silly, ate those 4 points and some more besides. Not a good start to dieting, still one day at a time, things are going well so far today.

Crock - glad to hear you didn't get badly sunburned and that the pitcher at the game didn't end up badly beaten LOL. Good for you for letting the coach and everybody else know that you weren't amused and good for the coach for benching the brat!

Wyllen - sorry I missed your post about your husband losing his job. That's terrible news. I hope he will find something again really soon.

As for my diet, pretty shocking how one little mistake sure can add up. I really am going to be more vigilant from now on.

Sharon - it's really down to you that I found out that my hot chocolate was so OVER in points than what I had allowed. You told me about keeping a food diary, and I did. I decided to write down what I ate, how much it weighed and the points value. Still so shocked about the hot chocolate. Anyway thank you

Kayley - thanks, I am glad that it seems it was an error on my part and not my health that saw the scales not being nice to me. I just hope that now that I know where I have been going wrong that I WILL see good losses on the scales

I don't know if I would have been happy having an intern sit in with a counselling session, especially a first one. I know it was just the preliminaries, but still it's hard enough to go over things like that with one stranger let alone two. I am glad that you didn't mind though, and that all in all the session went well. I hear you on the couch thing lol, I know it's cliched and all that, but I think I would be far more comfortable lying on a couch with my eyes shut and talking about my problems than looking eye to eye with my counsellor. I hope your first proper counselling session goes well and that you won't be too nervous.

Wow, am impressed at your typing speeds, fastest I ever got to was 50 wpm and that was like 22 years ago. I am sure I am slower now. Good luck with getting the job, fingers crossed!

Julee - thanks for the tip, yes we can get the low fat, sugar free hot chocolate here. We have something called Options and it comes in all sorts of delicous SOUNDING flavours. Unfortunately they aren't as nice as they sound. Still I am sure it will be worth getting used to them rather than waste 6 or 12 points a day on 1 or 2 hot chocolates, and that's with them being made with water with just a bit of milk. Terrible!!

Maria Lucia - good for you for taking the day of work and taking stock of things. That's a shocker that your ex expects that gala night to be a date. Have you tried to break up in the past and then given in to her and got back together? I hope you can be strong this time and show her that once and for all that there is no going back.

I hear you on the sleeping thing, I sleep so many hours a day it's not funny. I know it's all linked to my depression, but I do get annoyed that I am not getting any of my jobs done, or that I am putting things off like doctors appts etc.

Good for you for not turning to food since your break up, you should be so proud of yourself. I am still trying to teach myself that I don't have to eat because I am bored, or upset, it's a hard lesson though.

Brandnewme - yes it is wrong that it's cheaper to buy food that makes you gain weight than to buy food that helps you stay healthy and lose weight. It's also not fair that it's so easy to gain weight, and so hard to lose it. Governements complain that obese people are a drain on the health service, but just think, if they used their little pea brains and decided to help meet the costs of going to the gym, or weight loss groups etc for obese people, then in the long run the health service will be better off. The number of obese people would undoubtedly drop if we had more help that we didn't have to pay for!!

I am sorry that you had the flu bug recently, but am glad you are on the mend now. When you are 100% better I am sure you will do a bit more exercise and be motivated to be 100% on your diet too.

Mel - that's great news that in the end you only gained .5 of a lb. Just think if you had mechanical and not digital scales that .5 wouldn't even have shown up. Fingers crossed you have a good loss at your next WI.

Nancy - phew, thanks for not mentioning who goes out of Pop Idol, I find out tonight. I am glad watching it helped cheer you up.

Yes that was a shocker about the hot chocolate I still can't get over it, what a huge mistake to have made. How it happened was on the list of calories etc they had two sections, one said, as per cup made per instructions, which was put 4 heaped teaspoons in a cup and add water, and the other was per 100 gms. I went with the 4 heaped teaspoons working out. But I got Daren to weigh the 4 heaped teaspoons and it came to 76 gms. The rotten thing is that in the last month of my last diet I started having 2 cups a night, it helped with the night time hunger. Oh well live and learn huh!

I am sorry that you have lost a co worker in the past, how dreadful that must have been for all concerned. Imagine thinking you were ok and being thankful you survived an accident only to end up dying because of a blood clot that the doctors missed. Nasty. I am also sorry you have lost a parent, I lost my dad, but we weren't close, in fact we weren't on good terms when he died, hadn't been for years, so it was no biggy for me. I was more upset for my mum who although she was separated from him, she still loved him and was distraught that he had died. I dread the day my mum passes away because not only will I have lost the parent I loved the most, but she is in Australia and I won't even be able to afford to go over there for her funeral. Oh dear, time to change the subject before I bring us all down!!

I hope that the computer festival isn't as dreary as you think it's going to be. Is it computer games, or just computers? Either way, sounds like a good idea to take a book to keep you busy while your BF is off in seventh heaven looking at all the computers!

Luan - that is brilliant that you are just one test away from being a qualified make up artist. I love the sound of all that you have been doing, but must admit that the prosthetics and character make up etc sounds like a lot of fun. I would rather do that than just normal make up. The big question now is, once you get all your qualifications and training, are there many openings for make up artists over there, or is it like acting, everybody is trying to get into it?

Ok well, I am feeling tired again, this is so stupid, I have only been awake for 2 hours. Oh well, I will be back later to see if there have been any more posts. Take care all,


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i do not really count calories much because i do drink meal replacement drinks 2 times a day and for exercise i do treadmill 3 times a day in increments of 15 minutes and for my main solo meal of the day i usually eat a lean cuisine or WW meal or cook veggies. i do need to drink more water and less diet cokes.
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