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Dancing those pounds away
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Exclamation Turkey Day Challenge /Contest /Tool

Today is the DAY !!!!
Today is the first day of our ...

This thread is to help clarify any questions.

Our goal of this event is to estabalish new, healthy and weight loss behavior...While having a little fun competition.

For some of us this is a CHALLENGE.
We don't like the pressure of a contest, but we do want to challenge ourselves so we can improve our results.

For others of us this is a CONTEST.
We enjoy a little competition and it gives us that little extra push to do MORE.
We not only are competeing against others... we are competeing against our former selves.

Then for some of us this is merely a TOOL.
A tool to use to discipline ourselves. A tool to improve our behavior. A tool to change our bad habits.

We don't have to analyze which aspect we are doing this for.
We just want to utilize it.


There are 4 main parts to this competition.

We need to first "define" what our food plan is.
You may choose any food plan of your choice or make up your own.
It is our goal to have a safe and sane plan of eating.
REMEMBER....What we eat is as important as what we don't eat.
After you have determined your food plan ... record it on the first page of your new journal.
Then each day you stay within your food plan... give yourself a sticker.

In almost every book, article, or diet .... WATER is an important part of weight loss SUCCESS. We are to drink a minimum of 64 oz of water per day.
Again... each day you succeed at your water goal... give yourself a sticker for that day.

Exercise is not only good for your weight loss efforts... it is also good for your physical, mental and spiritual health too. Our goal is to exercise a minimum of 20 minutes per day.
Hopefully your exercise program will include both strength training and aerobic.
For some of us... it is just getting off the couch and moving.
But the choice of exercise is up to you.
Some of us who have been DORMENT for years... LOL .... We may have to start with 2 sessions of 10 minutes each.

Don't forget the FUN exercises too. Swimming, bowling, dancing, biking, golf, horseback riding to name only a few.
BUT... NO do not get to count "making whoopee".
It is FUN.... great exercise.... and good for the heart.... but it does NOT count toward your minimum 20 minutes.... Sorry.
Don't forget to "score" your Turkey for completeing this requirement.

Last but not least is to JOURNAL.
We already have recorded our food plan on page one.
And we are recording what we eat each day... and HOW MUCH we eat too.
We are keeping track of our water intake.

BUT... we all know how many of us eat to stuff feelings... or to celebrate feelings.
Overeating is as much a MIND GAME as a food problem.
A weight loss attempt that does not deal with our emotions is like a three legged stool with only two legs. It is doomed to fall.

So ... we need to write about our feelings.
It can be as simple as MAD / GLAD / SAD. ??
Or it can be as detailed as you want/need.
The important thing is to WRITE it out.
At least write out a gratitude list each day.

Okay... to summarize... we are keeping track of our ACTIONS.
The first step of action we want to do today is weigh ourselves.
Then we want to record it in our new JOURNAL..
Write out our game plan concerning our food and our exercise.
We need to drink plenty of water.
And we need to WRITE about our day.
That pretty much sums it up.

Ladies... This is NOT as hard as it sounds. LOL
We are "learning" a new way of life here.
We are "learning" a new way to eat.... and a new way to live.
Our old ways DID NOT WORK.

There are several lines that hit home for me.

"Insanity is thinking you can continue doing the same things but get different results"

" SUCCESSFUL people do those things the unsuccessful people would not do"


Okay ladies...
Let's take this opportunity to CHANGE the things we did in the past.
Let's DO what needs to be done.
Let's WANT IT bad enough to take the ACTION needed to succeed.

Why stay Turkeys... when we can SOAR like the EAGLES.

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Dancing those pounds away
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Okay... that is a summary of our game. Hope someone got it in the mail today.
Please feel free to ask any questions here... or share your successes here... or complain here.

I am sorry I am soooo late getting this posted today.
I wrote out a MUCH BETTER thread starter last night... but I LOST IT !!!
I spent 2 hours getting it "just right" ... and then once again... ZAP ... it was gone.
I was sooo totally discouraged I just gave up.
Then this morning I had a dentist appointment early and errands after that.. so here I am finally.

I apologize for getting your TURKEYS mailed Sunday instead of Friday.
But.. we can all keep track of our accomplishments and then mark them when it arrives.

THANK YOU once again for doing this with me.
I cannot tell you how much it is helping ME.
I hope it can help you too.
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Dancing those pounds away
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Hi friends. I just filled in my first 3 spots on my feather. I ran out of stickers so I just wrote an F in top section for food plan followed ... W in the next box for water drank ... then a blank space where my E should be for exercise ... followed by a J at the bottom of feather for writing everything in my journal.

I think this might work better than the stickers. That way you can tell by a glance where you are slacking. You may want to reconsider and do it this way instead of how I set it up. Top row for Food plan followed... second row for Water drank... third row for exerercise and the bottom of the feather for Journaling. Just a thought.

Oh.. I just had another thought. LOL This is dangerous. LOL
You could use matching color stickers. Red for food, Yellow for water, etc etc. I know you will run out of the color you need for the entire game... but it is a thought.

I did not have much time to perfect this... did all of this in a matter of a couple of days.
But I am going to use the F - W - E - J technique.
maybe you could use your stickers at the bottom of a feather for a perfect score day.

I know this must be confussing if you don't have the Turkey in front of you.
Again.. I apologize.
I will do better next time... I hope. LOL

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Don't worry 2cute, I'm sure this will be an awesome challenge

I've got my journal right here and I'm prepared to start.

I had a hard time making my "food plan" since I pretty much already eat decently (except for eating too much!) so I just listed the things I like to eat that I know are healthy and want to see myself eat more of (salads, wraps, oatmeal, fruits/veggies, soups, tuna for protein). Then I got more specific about how much since thats my weakness. I really need to eat 3 meals (I skip one a lot, whether its breakfast, lunch, or both) .. and when I "snack" I need to make it something healthy.

I don't have a scale still (argh) so I can't weigh myself I really suck at buying things..I just forget and forget.. it might already be obvious that I usually don't even go grocery shopping till our fridge is empty (maybe its being a college studeent? ).

I'm about to journal for the day as well. I hope to get your turkey soon! Thanks for doing this It has really gotten me back into wanting to get things done.
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Hang In There
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I got my Turkey in the mail yesterday and I've already applied my four stickers for yesterday. Nothing like a perfect day to start off!
This is for you 2cute!!!

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a work in progress...
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Default Wow!

Thank you, 2cute...You really put a LOT of thought and effort into this Turkey Day Contest! I got my envelope today and very excitedly stuck my stickers on the tail...all four of them! It almost seems silly, but it really is very motivating on several levels...thank you again for your efforts! This will be fun! especially since I'm going to win!!

Oh, and I wanted to tell you....don't ever put down your exercise "routine." If you moved around more than you usually do, if your heart rate increased, if you were breathing heavily, YOU WERE EXERCISING, my friend! It may not be the way you will do it every day, but it sounds like some good substitutions were made for the "real thing."

I had a good first day. I got my butt back to the gym. Didn't have my evaluation done, as I said I would, but I walked on the treadmill 20 minutes and used the upper body weight machines. My time there was limited, as I had to bring my nephew home, but I did do the minimum that I require of myself. I felt a little gypped since I couldn't stay longer, so the dog got a nice long walk when I got home. A brisk 35 minute walk around the neighborhood, on a crisp fall night is a good thing! I need to make that a daily priority. My muscles feel pleasantly worked over today! You know, it's silly that I make this such a chore at times...I really do like exercising! I like doing it, and I love how I feel's getting there, or simply doing it that trips my up. PROCRASTINATION is my middle name!

I will be following Weight Watchers Flex Points...I feel that this works the best for me, as I can include everything in my food plan. I'm leaning towards a lower carb version of WW, but I will include the occasional cream on Weigh In day can keep me motivated!

Just a thought, cd....have you ever tried eating 6 smaller meals a day, rather than 3 regular sized meals? I have found that it's easier to eat a smaller meal, knowing that I can eat again in 3 hours...I don't get ravenously hungry, (esp if I'm low carbing) and I get to do what I love to do more often...EAT! good stuff, of course!!

You could always tell me to mind my own business too!

Okay, the boy and I are off to Old Navy to get him some jeans.

See you all later!
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Changin' my ways :)
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Height: 5'6"


Thanks 2cute! My turkey arrived today.

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This sounds interesting is it too late to start? Is there a goal that we are aiming for a specific weight loss amount for example or is it to change all of those bad habits I have.
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Dancing those pounds away
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Skittles... I would be happy to send you the Famous TURKEY. LOL
It is never too late to take control of your success.
Just keep a journal of your food , water , exercise , and feelings each day.
You can go back on fill in your stickers when they arrive.
I need your address to mail it. Send it to me via PM and don't forget to send it to Thinthinker too if you want in on the card exchange.
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I'm not doing too well so far It's so hard for me to get enough water when I'm working all day - I'm just curious how others manage it. I tried bringing a water bottle but every kind I've tried seems to leak.. and thats no good I guess I should try again and find a better bottle or figure something out. Today I'm definitely going to get my water, food, and exercise in Yesterday I didn't do any not even journal - but then late at night I decided to do sit ups and leg exercises since it was too late for loud aerobics That I am proud of.

Oh well, here's to keeping on trying! Hope the rest of you ladies are doing better than I am
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Dancing those pounds away
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This is an Official Change in our TURKEY DAY CONTEST !!!!

The original rules gave anyone who posted EVERY DAY from Nov 3 - Nov 8 ONE bonus point. That stands as is.
BUT it also gave everyone 3 bonus points on Monday Nov 22 for posting everyday during the contest. HERE is where the change will occur.

The new rules will now read...

Monday, Nov 22nd you will receive THREE bonus stickers if you post every day from Nov 8th to Nov 22.

I have made this change because it just makes more sense.
As the rule reads now... if you missed one day in the first week , then you have no incentive to post daily during the next two weeks. Kat's post ( missing one day) brought that to my attention.

It is not to anyone's advantage to change this rule.
The tie breaker will remain... Who posted the MOST DAYS during the entire contest. The emphasis being on DAYS ... not the most posts. We all know who would win that contest.

Okay Kat... and all you others out there who did not get your ONE bonus point .... NOW you are going after THREE bonus points on Nov 22.

Don't forget the TWO bonus points for losing those 2 lbs in 2 weeks next Monday, Nov 15th. :

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Dancing those pounds away
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Just pulling this back up for any newcomers.
This contest ends Thanksgiving day... but you are welcome to join in.

A new contest will begin Dec 1st and end Christmas day probably.
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I am bad bad, my turkey won't even look me in the eye. I manage to get a couple of the items, but not all. I can excuse myself for not being near a pool, the only excercise I can do. But, the onlly thing I do daily is the water part. And, follow my food plan. I can't seem to journal at work (we have open cubes) and ay home the paper gets lost...but this is good, I need structure, even though i resist it. Saying all of that, 5 lbs are gone.
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Dancing those pounds away
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Debra... don't be so hard on yourself... and at the same time... get hard on yourself.

I did not start off doing everything perfect. BUT.. Practice makes PROGRESS.

Buy yourself a 99 cant notebook for your journal. They are harder to lose. LOL
Keep it in one location... and not work... maybe next to your bed.
Maybe in a corner of the kitchen. I keep mine next to my computer.
I also keep a little note pad (freebies from hotels) next to my bed so I can write stuff down if I think of it in bed.

I used to think pool exercise was the only thing I can do.
BUT ... I there is a lot you can do sitting in a chair.
Weight lifting... Dancing with my arms. Richard simmons has a video called "Sit Tight" that seems silly in the beginning but it has helped. There are other sitting exercise videos too. I will come back and post a web site for a lady named BLISS. She has some good ones I hear.
I usually sit and do whatever I can to ANY video. I just do the upper half... and while they do things I can't do... I make up my own movements.

Gee... you are following your food and drinking that important water...
Like I said ... this is a learning tool. Learn to add a journal. Be thankful for each time you do... don't degrade yourself for when you don't.
PROGRESS ... you don't need to be perfect.... EVER.

My water started off at 2-3 a day. And the only way I got those in is to drink water with my meals. LOL Then I added a full glass of water with my pills in the morning.
Next I added a glass of water while on computer. I did not do it perfect.. I worked on progress.

You are doing great Debra... Work on PROGRESS not perfection.
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Dancing those pounds away
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Default Clock is ticking .....

Well ladies... this contest is drawing to an end soon.
How is everyone doing ??? Are you keeping up ??
Don't let this "Food Holiday" of Thanksgiving take away your control.
MAKE A PLAN how you can enjoy your Thanksgiving and NOT abuse food.

FOCUS on the "THANKS" part... then on the GIVING
Write a GRATITUDE list as to why you are grateful for your new healthier lifestyle.
Be happy for all of the good choices you can still eat...but in moderation.
Just be thankful, thankful, thankful.

Make the people # 1 .... your top priority ... not the food.
Bring some healthy choices to the dinner you attend.
BE PREPARED ... have something SF available if you need it.

Remember... this is suppose to be a life style change... not just a diet.
CHANGE your life for the BETTER !!! Take those steps neccesary to get healthier.

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