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Hang In There
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Welcome Crystal. I wrote you a nice long post this afternoon and lost it, and got frustrated and didn't try again. But basically what I said was that if there is any way you can get to a pool, do it! It is worth the effort or expense involved. I've got several problems that prevent me from doing a lot of "traditional" exercise, and water aerobics has made a big difference in the quality of my life.

Also I talked about Oxycise! It is a wonder exercise plan that is a combination of deep breathing and isometric exercises. There are several different levels of the tapes, and it's only 15 minutes a day. They also have a fairly new series called "Easy Does It" that are done sitting down. You really should check out their website, and if you search "Oxycise" here on the 3FC site you can get a feel for what others here think about it.

Kat: Is your Agua Run class done in deep water? Do you like that? I do deep water on Fridays, and it's a very different feeling.

Things are about the same here, just work and more work. I'm really looking forward to my little spring fling weekend next weekend.
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Hello ladies!

Its a warm windy Sunday. We had planned on spending the day fishing but its too blasted windy. So, we're off on a day trip instead. I should be doing laundry and bills but guess I can do that tomorrow night.

Yesterday, we enjoyed the bat mitzah. I was disappointed that the food wasn't more exotic. Salad and tuna fish. But it was good to be there for my friend and his family.

I created a huge mess cleaning out closets. Who started that? I have a big pile of clothes to sort out and send off to Goodwill. Tax writeoff!

Okay, I have to go now. DH has decided its TIME to leave.

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Just dropping in to say "Hi". On program now for two days. Thanks to not craving soda I don't have a problem getting my water now. Unfortunately it has been too windy to go bike riding. I've had no energy lately and I think it is partly our bed. Every morning I wake up really tired and achey. I hope that once I start doing more bicycling I won't be that kind of achey. I don't know? Anyway, I have tons of homework to do so it is off to hit the books. (My hubby even took Marial away for the day so I'd have the quiet to work in. Here I am procrastinating even more!) TTFN!
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I'm on my way!
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Default Well well well.....

Look what the cat drug in! MEEEEEE! LOL

I just had to pop in and say hi to everyone! I am still alive and kicking! I finished another semester at school and started a 3rd one a week later. I actually did pretty good with 2 A's and 1 C....that dang western civ class got me! But....I did make the honor roll! Now I am struggling to keep up with the next three classes. Its harder in the summer...Andrew wants to play outside all the time now. So I guess I play some then pull up a chair and catch up on my reading!

I really don't have anything to report on the diet front...other than to say it doesn't exist! I have started saving extra money from a side job to go to disney world in two years. I already have $1050 saved. My main goal is to get this weight off by then because I surely don't want to be dragging it around disney with me!

Well I babbled enough for now! I'll try and check back in periodically to catch up with you all!

Take care...TTFN Michelle
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Hello gals,
Yes it is me, missing in action The take over of the company has been really busy, I have started 12 hr days 7 on and 7 off, and have been doing alot of overtime, the new company is very strict with there computers, and are not allowed to use the internet, not that I would have time in th first place. Just wanted to check in and say hi, these 12 hrs days are really hard on my eating schedule, buy 9am I'm ready for lunch and to keep my self awake I want to munch all day. So in the last 3 weeks since I've been awohl I've gained about 10lbs, and cant seem to find a routine. I really need to be able to check in with you girls daily in order to keep me focused. Have you had your spring fling or did it get canceled?? Hope you all had a great time or will have a great time.

I haven't read back and I don't have the time to just wanted to pop in and say your still on my mind, and Thin thanks for the birthday card.

Hope to be able to be a regular again, love you all.
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Michelle: Hey glad to see your post. Congrats on school.

Terri: I ordered the Stability Ball - it had better work!!! Oh, I suppose I will have to get on it! I do know as I age I need to strengthen my back and this shows hope!

I raked from 9AM to 6PM yesterday and was pooped!!! I LOVE my pole saw - it is so fun, well, until the chain flew off. My brother has to give me a class in how to put the chain back on and make the right adjustments.

Well, Here's to another week.
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joe_anne2SUCCESS --{[email protected]
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Talking Thank You

Hi Friends
I want to say THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
For the Birthday Wishes.
I had a great day with family and friends, and with you all here at 3fc.
Have a Blessed week friends
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Lucky - I am NOT responsible for injuries! I keep waiting for mine to have a blowout but it hasn't yet. I do have to wonder how you can have energy to exercise with all that yard work. Good grief, woman, you put me to shame.

Ducky - Good to see you again. Those hours sound killer. We miss you around here but certainly understand the job situation. That does make it difficult to have any kind of healthy routine. Spring Fling is this coming weekend!!

I just heard the dryer click off so I better go get my stuff out before I forget.

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a work in progress...
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Hey! ME-chelle, ma belle! I was just wondering about you, where you'd gotten yourself off to! I was thinking that we just might need another meeting of our own... 'Spring Fling', east coast style! Barb, what about you? Are you and your ovaries up to it? I can drive to won't have to travel too far...think about it.

I will be with all of you "flingers" in spirit next weekend...I hope all the gory details will be made available to us stay at homies! And lots of pictures. please!

Lucky, you can come too...and bring that pole saw with you, wouldja? I have some trees in serious need of trimming! Oh, okay, you can bring your rake too!

2cute, I hope the shower was wonderful! Details, please!

BarbG...the Aqua Run class is held in deep water, We use a belt or a noodle to keep afloat. I like it so much more than the Aquacise's much more of a cardio workout than stretching and exercises. Although, I have taken them back to back for a great overall workout in the water.

Welcome back, to Amanda and Duckie too! Good to see both of you back! Gee, I wonder if now we can lure Sandy out of hiding???? And Mary??? I know you're out there... Tina???

Okay, I need to get to bed early I'm gonna have to say adios for now...Have a lovely night all....
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Hi Gals!
I have been lurking around this weekend, just not posting, but Kat lured me out of hiding - along with seeing some old faces pop in.

It's been a rough few days around here - As of Friday morning my ovaries were still not cooperating. Doc said there is a good chance we may have to cancel this cycle and try again with a different drug protocol. I was obviously crushed with everything we've been through for this - not to mention the $$$ we have spent. He decided to keep me on my meds over the weekend and I go back in the morning to see if a miracle happened over the past 3 days. I'll let you know tomorrow afternoon. I've been trying to stay hopeful, but I don't think it's going to work this time so I have been rather depressed this weekend.

DH is still sick, which hasn't helped anything - ended up going to the Dr. today and got Cipro. His urine test showed some bacteria that concerned the Dr. so DH has to follow up with our general Dr. this week.

I wish we could just catch a break on something!!!!!

Kat - I am all for an Eastern Gal get together soon!!! Let me get through this mess. You Aqua Class sounds great! I wish I could find something like that!

Michelle - What about you? Can you spare a few hours for your favorite gals?? I was so happy to see you pop back in here today!!! You were missed!!

Duckie - Wonderful to see you!!

I'm gonna try to read a bit and attempt to sleep tonight!
Love Ya'll!!!
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a work in progress...
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Barb...I'm praying for that miracle for you!

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joe_anne2SUCCESS --{[email protected]
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Talking Thank You

Hey ThinThinker

Thank you for the Birthday Card, It was so cute, I just love it
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Dancing those pounds away
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Here i am with only 10 minutes to spare. I can either read.. or write. I chose write.

The shower was a HUGE SUCCESS !!! 20+ women sitting around laughing and having a good time. The games were all fun and kept every involoved. The food was mmmm good. LOL The gifts were awesomee. Everyone seemed to have a great time. My daughter said everyone was complimenting her on what a great shower she had. That makes me very happy.

I am worn out. I took a nap this aftennon... but it is nearly midnight and time to go to bed again. I need to go back 2-3 threads to get caught up reading.
Just wanted to peek in and I am excited about next weekend.
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working off those pounds
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Hey guys, just popping in for a second..i had a HORRIBLE weekend food-wise..i;m going to need some disciplining and some major structure to get back on track so i don't lose complete control again.
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You and Me in 2003
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Hi all
Just popping in for a bit. Hello to all the newbies and all my old friends,

DH and I went to the gulf coast this week end. It was wonderful. I ate what I wanted and didn't worry about it. Didn't win any money at the casino though.

Son is still not working. The library is going strong today we host a luncheon for all the elected officals in the county.

Happy Birthday ;late Connie and Joann.

I'm still here just lurking most of the time.
Thin I still intend on meeting up with you in August. Looking forward to it.

Well I better run haven't worked since Thursday.

Oh yes I joined a fitness center and have been going several times a week.
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