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Unhappy Hello

I'm new to this forum... just realized that maybe everyone here is female and maybe I shouldn't be here?? But I joined because I have a HUGE (literally) problem.

I was almost 410lbs earlier this year... I've now dropped to 360ish. So yes... it's a start. Problem is that I've been in the 360 range for about a month now. I can go 4-5 days in a row and never eat more than 1500 calories in a day and not lose a single pound. But, bless your little heart, if I have a cheat day and eat 3500 calories I can go up 2-3lbs overnight.

For my current weight, age, activity level, I 'SHOULD' have to eat 3500 calories a day just to maintain. IF I ate that much I know I would be back up to 400+ lbs again.

I've tried intermittent fasting, eating one meal a day only, eating 3 tiny meals in one day... not eating ANYTHING for 3 days. But yet nothing is happening. I KNOW when I go out in public people think I'm a pig and eat like a glutton. My wife is about 200lbs and eats almost identically to me.

I guess I'm not even sure there is an answer... maybe I just needed to talk... to let it out. I am sure if you are here in this 300+ lbs club, you are (maybe) in the same boat as me??

There is nothing worse than eating 1500 calories a day for 3-4 days (again.. at my size, age, gender and activity level) and getting on the scale and NOTHING has happened. All those hunger pains... they were for naught. I watched everyone else eating and drinking around me while I drink a can of Diet Pepsi and smile.... knowing that the next day nothing will have happened on the scale.

Again.. thanks for reading (if you did), I have NEVER talked to anyone (let alone a group of random people online) like this before. I really just needed to get this off my chest. In all honesty?? I think it's sending me into some form of depression... there are times I feel like I could break down and cry at any given moment.

Anyhow... thanks for reading/listening.
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Why, Yes, many folks here are female. Some, including me, are male. You'll find males are welcome on all the threads. Look around and find forums that appeal to your interests and join right in.

And, by the by, Congrats on those fifty pounds gone. They can be gone forever with some work.
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Hi Juan; I just joined this site too. I'm sorry it's been such a struggle .. I can well imagine how defeated you feel. I notice you mention calories in your post and have a suggestion. Low-carb might really work for you because you don't have to count calories. Just don't eat bread, pasta or sugar. Have eggs and bacon for breakfast, turkey with veggies for lunch, and some more protein with veggies at supper. There is a ton of stuff all over the internet on low-carb eating. I started years ago with a book I bought.

If you research this way of eating, you'll soon learn that low-carb only works if you put your body into a state of ketosis .. meaning you're staying on plan. Ketosis will mean your body burns fat instead of carbs for energy. Very short description of low-carb but honestly, I highly recommend. It's been known to help diabetics and even cancer patients.

We are all individuals that need to find what works for us, personally. But I hope you will give low-carb a good try because it might make you really happy. There's even low-carb forums where people at 400 pounds are now maintaining at 180.

I wish you the best and a happy journey forward.
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for me getting through the "plateaus" is all about focusing on the non scale victories.

Example: Am I making healthier choices in general
Example: Hitting my macros and logging my food all week - YAY!
Example: Increasing my weight at the gym, and looking back what seemed heavy 6 months ago now feels like as a feather

Those kinds of things are what get me through the rough spots where the scale is less than cooperative. If you are eating healthfully, and making smart lifestyle choices those ARE things to celebrate. Yes we need/want to lose weight but just eating better and working out in a smart manner can improve health independant of weight loss and that is something to be celebrated. (And don't give up on the weight loss... it might take bringing some assistance in a dietician or a personal trainer). You have lost a LOT of weight already, enjoy being that much lighter and that much healthier.
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Welcome. Hang in there. None of us have the best experiences with scales.
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