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Unhappy I'm starting my journey and I'm struggling.

Hi I'm a 22 year old female (My highest weight is 295 and I'm down to about 292ish )
I've been wanting to lose weight for a very long time. Over this past year I gained a lot of weight and it doesn't seem to be stopping. I've tried diving in blind to the weightloss scene and it always ends up failing for me. For some reason each time I lose weight and fail I always gain back weight and I gain more. It's very frustrating and it sometimes makes me want to cry and give up. I don't want to opt for surgery because I know in my heart that I can do this!

I want to know some tips for eating right and portion control for someone about my size? I eat a lot and I've cut my caloric intake to about 2300ish. ( I calculated that number from the iifym TDEE website! ) I've been going slightly under that number but I still eat a few things that sometimes put me over. I read that change their intake to about 1000 calories but I've tried that and it was horrible. I gained everything back and I was angry and starving the whole time.

I feel guilty when ever I eat something bad but I want so bad to just be healthy and to be seen as a normal person. I hate being fat.. it sucks..
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My suggestion would be to explore different approaches to weight loss. Not all of them involve starving yourself. My personal choice was through a Primal/Paleo eating style. No junk, no processed food, all whole foods. I also opted to go higher on the protein/fat and lower on the carbs- it was far more satiating and because I'm very sensitive to carbs- particularly alcohol and wheat products- I lose weight far more easily if I avoid those things. Check out Mark's Daily Apple for info on primal eating.
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I am a calorie counter. Eat what you are eating, just move a little bit more. In this case it can be a zero-sum game. If you eat 2600 calories in a day and then burn 300 on an after dinner walk, you will net 2300 for the day. I have to net 1500 to be successful for my weight loss goals and timeframe. I eat between 2000 and 2400 depending on the days. ON 2400 days, that means an extra 30 minutes in gym over my typical hour in addition to getting up from my desk and walking around campus occasionally. You are already thinking about what you need to do. You just have to get to a point where good habits replace bad ones.
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Welcome af23!

90% of weight loss is about what you eat and how much.

There is so much to learn on this website. Please read and learn of all the other options besides calorie counting and exercising. Exercise is important for good health but it is not as important for weight loss as we have been led to believe.

Calorie counting is OK but not all calories are equal. Like EagleRiverDee I do really well on low carb. I have trouble sticking to it so I also do intermittent fasting. South Beach Diet also works well for me. The thing is you have to keep reading and trying things until you find something that works for you AND something you enjoy.

Stay active on 3 Fat Chicks as that seems to be the key to so many that have successfully lost and kept it off.

You can do this. Take the time to learn, be patient, and be kind to yourself.
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