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When I am losing at my best I do dvd and also use a minitramp. I just jog on it. I started out jogging just 5 min. They run less than 50 bucks and some even have a bar to help you keep your balance. My minitramp melts the inches off me when I use it...the key is USING IT!!
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I started with a $4 "step-counting" pedometer from Walmart or Target. I clipped it to my shoe, and every night recorded the number of steps on my calendar (or at least that was the goal - I sometimes forgot). I would zero it every morning and would try to beat the step count of the day before - even if only by a few steps. Most days I got to succeed.

A fitness log is really helpful, because you can look back and see progress you may not actually feel.
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I am older and wiser. I have tried the gym memberships in the past with all good intentions. Your mind has got to be in tune and committed to losing the weight by actually go to the gym. I was all committed for about a month or two with gym attendance, then lost interest and commitment and the weight started creeping back on.

It is a life style change. Do an activity you enjoy and make it a habit, you want some sort of activity you will be able to do daily in order to be part of your every day routine.

You can do it!
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I wish i could be a gym nut, but I simply am not! I'm going to join Zumba, its not super expensive here, but that's a huge thing for me being as im twice the size of everyone in class, but that just means I'll burn more! :P
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I know there are lots of ways you can work out without having a gym membership. Don't get me wrong-- I do love my gym membership and to me it's totally worth it because I use it! But... my gym is close to work, which is a good ways from my house. On the weekends I don't make the drive, so I do things at home to get exercise. Walking is one of my favorite ways! When I first started my weight loss journey, I would walk at the mall. What a great way to combine one of my favorite things (shopping) with one of my least favorite things at the time (exercise)! I've grown to love exercise since then, so that's a good thing!
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