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Default Trainer????

Hi all,
I have been going to gym a about 15 weeks. I have been doing water aerobics and two days a week. I have 3 trainong sessions left. I'm trying to decide whether to renew training or stop training and do water aerobics only. There so many pros and cons. The trainer is $1200 for 22 sessions. I really like her cause she has been there. And she helps me be accountable. However, I get a similar workout in the water aerobics. And there is no additional cost. So I thought I could do training but she is strongly against that. My says I should do water and do floor exetcises on my own. I have been writing down all the exercises and special instructions. I am smart enough to do it on my own but I like the support. I do have bad knees so water. A quandary but I don't need to decide today.

On a funny note, I am trying to type this in the car, not easy. (Im not driving.)
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Here to Learn
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If you feel you've mastered the moves, and that you can self-motivate, then I would drop the trainer. If you feel you still need help learning the right exercises or form, or that you require motivation that only the trainer can provide then stick with the trainer. Or consider finding a workout buddy that can do the same thing.
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In the program hubby and I are on we had a personal trainer 3 times per week for 20 weeks and now twice a week for the next 12 weeks. We have talked about whether we should keep our trainers after the program ends and we've both decided that it will be very important for us to keep them once per week each. Not only for the motivation but also for the accountability and support. You may be just fine without yours... it might be an idea to try without for a month and see how it goes then reevaluate.
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Thanks for the input.
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I like being held accountable to someone, even if it's just to me! If the water aerobics is a scheduled class, be accountable to the class - the instructor and the other members. If you're doing it completely on your own, be accountable to you. That's what the rest of our lives is - being accountable to ourselves - so it might be good practice. Keep a chart. Make an appointment with yourself and keep it the same as keeping it with your trainer. Ask her if you can be accountable to her in the sense that you report to her with results, etc., without actually doing the set training sessions. Or see if you can schedule a session with her for once a week or even once every 2 weeks. If you know you have to report back to her on a regular basis, it should help you keep to whatever program you've chosen.

It sounds like you have things under control with learning what to do classes. Your motivation must be high to go to the trouble of writing down all the things to do for floor exercises. Let your own self confidence carry you and use the $1,200.00 for a huge reward for staying on plan.

However - all said, only you know what will work for you. Try something for a month. If you don't see the same progress as in the past, change things up. Try it on your own but leave the option open to re-schedule time with your trainer if you feel you have to. Good luck.


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I say if you can afford it then keep the trainer. I would love to have a trainer. (Shoot I'd love to have a gym...LOL) It's one of the down sides to living the rual life.
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If you can afford a trainer, I'd get one. I have bad knees too and I really regret not getting one earlier on. Maybe I could've avoided some of the problems I'm going through now, I'm just not sure?

FWIW, I'm a former athlete, I've lifted/exercises most of my life and I still must have been doing something wrong. Obviously, it's possible to exercise without a trainer but if you can afford one I'd definitely go for it. Especially because it can help a lot with motivation!!

Good luck with whatever you decide.
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If you can afford it I would keep her. I LOVE my trainer! I realized today when I don't meet with him (I still do my workout) but I tend to compensate and not do things properly as I do when I'm working out with him. Like my squats for instance, he's there to push my knees back cause I have a tendency to move forward through my knees. Or my planks, I've been putting my butt in the air all week and thinking "Geesh! I'm getting so good at this""" Ummmm no, I saw him yesterday and he's like get your butt down. WOW what a difference!.So like you, yeah I love the accountability. I get the best workout when we workout together.
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