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Angry Oh my goodness

Ok I had a feeling my scale was broken and it is. After walking with my friend I used her scale which she just compared to her doctors and mine is 50 freaking pounds lighter!!!!! I want to scream. This is the heaviest I have ever been! It is time to make a change.
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Use that feeling to give you a kickstart! That's what many of us have done. For me it was a fall down the stairs that helped start me on this journey. I was in such pain at the time, but in the end (there's a pun there) it was a great help to get me going. I wondered if lying around in pain and unable to really do anything was in my near future if I kept gaining...
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Hi Ambie, and Yeeks what a horrid wake up call you got! But as Heather said, most of us have had some type of similar experience where something happened and all of a sudden we were horrified at what the scale said! But hey, not to beat yourself up over it... just jump right on our "bandwagon" here... it's a good one and there is a lot of support and encouragement. Hope you will join us over in the numbered threads as that is where most of the general chat takes place.

in Seattle
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Finding My Bliss
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Yes...You certainly aren't alone! We've all had rude awakenings. What matters is we are all here, working on ourselves and supporting others.
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Ambie...if it will get you jumpstarted to getting healthy...GRAB it! I have literally been where you are...see my starting weight. You can do this. This is the place to get the inspiration and motivation to get going.
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Hi Ambie - welcome! This was your call to action! I think for a lot of us it took a shock to the system to get us moving. You can do it!
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Trying Intuitive Eating
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I can absolutely imagine how upsetting that was, and I'm so sorry for the rotten feelings. It is however what it is, and knowledge is power. This can be the beginning of a whole new life - go for it!
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My scale shock moment was when I wasn't able to weigh in at my doctor's anymore because the scale only went up to 350. I can still remember the dreadful feeling that came over me in that moment.

In the end, it is just a number. What is really important is how you feel and function in your life.
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Ambie--Yikes, that would be shocking. But remember that even though it feels like you just gained a lot of weight, it went on gradually. It'll come off gradually if you stay OP. It will. And one day you'll have a shock at how low the number is. As bad as this felt, that shock will feel just as good.
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