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Hi All, Just a note to say hello. And, I wanted to share a nsv with you. Today, I'm off work, so I took dd to "camp" and treated myself to Panera bread. I had a plain bagel, with butter, and coffee.....WITH SKIM MILK, NOT CREAMER!!!!
It's a big deal for me. Then, I went to the grocery and ignored all the chocolate!
Yesterday was completely OP!!! and so far today is fact today WILL BE!!!
I got a little down today, when I was setting my short term and long term goals. I really wanted to be under 300 by 4/1, but I don't know if it's realistic. Almost 40 pounds in 3 months....I dunno. SO, I'll focus on exercise goals and measurements and see where that takes me by 4/1.
I know it's a LONG journey....but it's annoying I can gain so much so fast. FYI, I'm only up 5 pounds from the holiday. Better than I expected.
Well, girls, I gotta go. I'm making home made lasagna for dh's boss who's wife is having surgery tomorrow....and they have 3 little boys. She won't be able to put any weight on her foot for at least 2 weeks. The lasagna is something they can have tomorrow, or freeze for later.
And, I'm making us a batch of spinach lasagna with NO AND LOW FAT CHEESE!!!
We're having stir fry tonight.
Have a happy and OP day, Ladies and Gent.
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trying again!
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Hi guys
Just checking in as I have to work at the store tonight. I will be happy when February hits and it will be slow there. This working day and night is for the birds

Thinking on making some sweet potato oven fries for supper and some chicken breast. Hubby took the car to the garage as it was overheating this morning. I wish I was.... its COLD here!!! *L*

Anyways, I hope you all have a great evening. I guess I will have to exercise when I get home tonight. Better than filling my face though like I always seem to do LOL

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Hello everyone Just thought I would check in and see how you all were doing.
I went to Grandma's today and weighed in...350. So, thats about 10 pounds less than I thought (my last check in early Sept) sure feels like more though. Oh well, 10 pounds is better than none and if I feel better thats all that matters

Have a great day everyone!!!!!
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Hi Everyone! I have been trying to find the time to come and do a long reply to everyone, but I just haven’t had the time. Thanks for all of your support and good wishes. I promise I will try to not be a completely broken record about all this stuff. It has been really crazy for me, but things are getting better. I seemed to have managed to ditch the depression for the most part. Now I am just intensely keyed up as I plan on moving into my new place on Friday. I was planning on going there Sunday, but they actually have guests this weekend and the manager will be on vacation so she really wants me to be there. Somehow the difference of the two days has made the whole thing far more nerve-wracking – I am not sure why. Perhaps it is that we have my company’s holiday party on Saturday night and it will be really weird to have my BF meet me there (I think it still makes sense for him to come). This will be a trial separation and we will see what happens. I know it is the right thing to do, yet all of a sudden I feel so nervous about it that I just want to check out mentally – whether that be reading, games or food – something to distract me from reality. Unfortunately I am at work, so I don’t have that option right now (which is probably a good thing). I am having a nice cup of tea and I am taking a few minutes out of my really busy day to write this.

I am also up after the holidays – 4 pounds as of this morning, but I will wait and see what it is officially as of my weigh in on Thursday. With the lack of exercise and the amount I have eaten recently, that isn’t too bad. My weight loss goal, which is ambitious but I believe achievable, is to reach onederland this year. I have a few other goals including taking and passing at least 2 parts of the CPA exam and adding some adventure to my life by having at least one adventure day per month.

Anyway, I better get back to work. Happy New Year everyone!
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Patti, you have me your pain in a joint, or in the calf, or where? You aren't a complainer that I've noticed, so it must really hurt!
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oh to be this graceful
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Ah the wonders of being on plan here I was worried as I went up 2 pounds forthe new year and I weighted in today and am down 4 now. huh? too weird yeah I will take it. I sing happy bday to me all day too. only because I am obnoxious. heehee.
Lillion am laughing so hard about the elliptical. I used to think they looked easy then last year I tore my back at work and after months of rehab. I learned differently. THey asked me to pick one to warm up on and I jumped on it thinking this could be fun, yeah right, kicked my butt in like 3 minutes. for a couple of weeks I couldn't do better then 6 minutes. I finally made it to 10 before my therapy was completed. I will stick to my gazelle.

NOw who asked about exercise with a bum leg, another weird story here. had a car accident about 6 years ago and not being able to walk for 2 months I did so many situps and leg lifts in bed. Hey it actually works. I focused more on the good side but was able to put arm strengthening in there with free weights and got a great work out. in bed.
Hmm had a craving for baby back ribs tronight and I have found my crock pot is no where to be found so it looks like I will be having fish and broccolli for supper. Any one else have those little stealing elves in ther homes that hide things? Now how to you lose a slow cooker really?
Well after 12 hour shift no exercise today and just picked up 2 more 10 hour shifts this week, but I am aiming for 10,000 steps walking on the days I don't have time for exercise and today I made it to 12,000 steps what a wonderful feeling. May have to buy some new shoes when I lose 20 pounds. NOw that would be a nice treat. Have a great day all and Treat yourselves well.

Still chuckling about the black eyes although I am sure you are very sore. Take care. Sorry I forgot who posted that but I feel your pain
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Hi everyone. I'm new to the board and I think I've found my niche here. I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you. FYI, I'm starting my program with just increased activity. I'm not going to overindulge in food, but I'm not going to restirct myself either. As we all know, when you're exercising you really don't want to eat junky food and sabatoge your efforts! Anyhow, I"m increasing exercise and I'll see how that goes for a few weeks. When I plateau I'll get a little tougher on the eating side of things and change up the exercise again.

Again, nice to be here. Have a great day!
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Lilion it starts in my hip and runs up and down my right leg exercising was really painful i will have to see if it gets better this week otherwise its off to the dr. i go
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Hello All,

Just checking in again to say day one back OP and all is well. I didn't exercise, but if I feel up to it I will start back on the Gazelle tomorrow. Take care all, and I hope to be able to catch up with personals soon.


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oh to be this graceful
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Welcome Sara, Glad to "see" you here with us.

Ammi glad to here your OP, another gazeller , hmm now how many does that make here? hugs

toofatforu sorry to hear about your leg, hope your feeling better soon if not yep make the docs work
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My Baby
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Good evening all. I am finally back. I took 2 weeks off from dieting and gained 9 pounds but hey its christmas. Next year I will think twice about it though. I think I ate too much salty things.
Next month I will joining Simply for life. I am excited. A friend is going with me. Its expensive but I also need it.
I hope everyone had a great christmas and will have a wonderful new year. And thank you all for the christmas cards. I'm scrapbooking them!!!
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Learning to love myself.
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Hi Everyone

Zelma is still away and will be for the next week or so and asked if I could just post up to let you all know what is going on.

I believe that she posted up that her father suffered a massive stroke on Dec. 28th and since has gone rapidly down hill. The family was called together on Jan. 1 and the doctor does not expect him to survive the week.

I'll leave the choice of replying to this Thread or sending an email directly to Zelma ( (replace the AT with @)) or even both if you wish. Zelma does not have an Intenet connection where she is, so mails will not get answered for a while, but I am sure that she would appreciate any that she receives.

Neil Knobbe
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give her our prayers and hugs
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Sara -- WELCOME!! Sounds like you're taking a baby steps approach! Since you're focusing on exercise, you might want to join us on the 300+ exercise thread (everyone is welcome!). We set goals for MINUTES of exercise for the month, and then post as we go.

For me, one of the fun parts is that we track the group's minutes! Last year we almost made it to 200,000 minutes!!!!!! That's a lot of exercise !! The thread is stickied at the top of the forum if you're interested.

Patti -- Is it possible it's sciattica or some kind of nerve problem???? Good luck and DO see your DR if need be.

Oh, poor Zelma. I'm glad Neil wrote to us!
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Releasing the inner hiker
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I'm glad Neil wrote as well. So sweet that Zelma was thinking of us...

Annie, I must say your post just radiated with strength. So inspiring.

Michelle, I hate those looks. When I visit my parents, they almost always want to go to an all-you-can-eat buffet. Now my parents are about 20-40lbs overweight...nothing like myself. I always feel like I'm silently being judged when I go there...makes me feel self-conscious and a bit melancholy as well.

I sort of posted this already on the exercise thread, but I took my dog for a nice long walk in the sun this afternoon after school. Now, I knew it was going to be a bit muddy, as we've had a ton of rain the last few days. I decided that a little bit of mud is easily washed off and that it was better to be exercising than worrying about silly things like that. I might rethink that in the future. What a challenge it was to keep myself from falling! Seriously, it was like ice skating at times...I would take a step and go 12 inches further. The silly dog gets in these moods during our walks where she runs and runs like a crazy animal. Well, she tore off when I made a goofy face at her, hit a mud puddle, fell on her face, and slid about 5 feet. She was a muddy mess, though I did laugh for about 20 minutes.

Well, off to do some school work, then go to bed early so I can exercise again tomorrow morning. Have a good day tomorrow folks!
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