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Thought I would get us started on the next holiday.

6 weeks away!!! So where do you want to be by then.

I want to be 6lbs lighter. So my goal is 213.0 and I know I can do this.


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Default I'm In...

Okay, I think setting a goal my really help me so July 4th it is (even though for me the holiday here is July 1st). What's reasonable for six weeks (I'm asking myself really)? Eight pounds sounds good to me. So that's my official goal - 8 pounds by July 4th!!

Keep you posted........
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I'll try again.

I will go on last Monday's weigh in. I don't have my own scale anymore so I can't weigh at home (which is a good thing). Starting 201

Goal 9 pounds. So by July 4, I would be 192. I think that is very reasonable because I am actually doing the program this time and I have 1 week extra since I am starting with last week's weigh in.

Good Luck everyone!

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My goal (a very small one) is that the scale will read 161 by the fourth of July. I don't really know how much of a loss this will be, since I don't know how much I weigh today. And because I'm starting at a new athletic club, my accumulated miles will be 75. I'm going to take some baby steps.
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Six weeks, huh? Well, I was 212 at my WI on Friday. I think nine pounds is a good six week goal; that's 1.5 pounds per week. So, I guess I'll shoot for a 4th of July goal of 203, with a birthday (June 14) goal of 207.

[whew! That's a long goal list!]
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Default goals for July 4

I am doing terrible at the diet and exercise thing right now. It has been too hot aI have been very busy at work. Which I know are just excuses and I need to get off my butt. It seems too much to set a goal weight right now. I am going to set a goal to start walking at least four days a week and to start eating sensibly. Once I have started doing these things consistently, then I will set a goal weight. Hopefully this will work. I just don't feel like beating myself over not meeting a goal.
Bauna (who really needs some motivation)
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OK, I'm in too.

I have a 5 pound goal. I want to be at 167.5 by July 5th - that's when my weigh in will be.

good luck all!

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OK, count me in.

I had been hoping to get my 10% keychain for the fourth of July, but after the last 6 weeks I can see that's not gonna happen.

So my goal for the fourth of July is to loose 6 lbs. That's a pound a week starting with WI tonight . I also need to get back on track with journaling and eating my veggies, so I'm adding that I will journal at least the majority of each of the six weeks and eat my fruits and veggies .

Good Luck Everyone!!!!

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Default Me too...

count me in, I took am willing to jump in even thought I ended up gaining 2.5lbs heavier at the end of my MD goal.

I weighed in today and have lost 2.5lbs, so I am back at the weight I started at the the MD goal.

My July 4th goal is an ambitious one - 1.5lbs a week - so I am looking to lose 9lbs.

The stats

SW - 202.5lbs
CW - 188.5lbs
4th - 179.5lbs
Goal - so far away
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So great to see so many goal setters - good luck all and hang in there!

My first weigh in is in 2 days . . .

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Default Count me in!

Hi everyone! You can count me in for the July 4th goal! I think I'll go for 5lbs. again.
As far as memorial day goes, I gained 5lbs. , lost 5lbs. and then another 2lbs. so I'm 2lbs. ahead. It's not the 5lbs. I wanted but I'll take it.
Best of luck to everyone!
Take care and stay strong, freesha
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Man, I've been soo busy today, I can't manage to get a whole post in!!

My goal is going to be very modest this time...3 lbs. That's just enough to put me under the 240 mark.

Starting Weight: 242.0
July 4th Goal: 239.0
Ultimate Goal: 170.0

Let's do it this time all!!
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Ok, count me in too! My goal is 8 pounds lighter, hopefully this will be easy, my neighbor and I have been walking 1 hour each night, and I have been slacking off on the water so I have to get back on track with that.
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Default Revised Goal

I have decided to revise my goal. I wanted to lose 6lbs by fourth of July. I used last week's weigh in. Well I lost 5.6 this week. So I am using this weeks weight.

4th of July: 207.4

There is a 6lb loss for July 4th starting with today's weigh in.


Glad we are all here and ready to go. We can do this. I know we can!!!!!!
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I'm going to add all my miles up in this post; when we move to another folder, I'll just cut and paste.

Mileage update for 4th of July Goal:

5/30/01--3 miles (It felt so good to get back to the gym! And I'm 1/25th the way to my 75 mile target.)
5/31/01--3 miles. 40 minutes treadmill; 15 minutes rowing.
6/2/01--4 miles at the American Heart Association Heart Walk
6/5/01--3 miles treadmill
6/7/01--2 miles (2 hours heavy gardening)
6/10/01--3 miles (1 procor, 2 treadmill)
6/12/01--3 miles treadmill
6/13/01--1.5 miles (fitness orientation; 1 set of weights on nine machines. Ow.) 22.5 miles total.
6/15/01--3 miles (30 minutes tm; 30 minutes weight machines)
19 days to goal day--50 miles to go--not sure if I'll get to 75?)

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