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Default Chocolate is SOOO good!

Chocolate is my weakness and here it is Halloween and im terrified. I want to tell you why.

Saturday I was at home all alone because my boys were out hunting and I came across some chocolate that I put away out of site. I took it and sat on the couch and before you I knew it there was 20 to 30 bite size candy wrappers all around me. Feeling super ashamed I put the candy up and I spread the candy wrappers into several different trash cans thinking no one would know. On Sunday I was home alone and I grabbed the bowl again and again before I knew it I have 20 to 30 wrappers all around me. This time I cried and put all the wrappers into a piece of aluminum foil and threw it in the trash. I took the candy that was left in the bowl and dumped it upside down into the trash can and walked away. At this point I felt very good about it. It wasnt till later when my son brought home two different Halloween bags that had fun size packages of chocolate in it. It was all I could do to keep from digging all the chocolate out and chowing down on it.

As you can see im in desperate need of some help. Anything that you know of that might help me get passed this will be very much appreciated.
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i have a hard time with the halloween chocolate too one thing that i do is, when i buy the candy for trick r treaters ahead of time, is have my teenager hide the whole bag somewhere in the garage and not get it back out until halloween evening...then i might eat some, but nothing like the whole entire bag, which i would if it was left within my reach LOL....one year he hid it ahead of time, and on halloween took off with friends, with no phone (he's not allowed a cell phone, another story) and i didnt know where he hid the darn thing! luckily he came home before the trick r treaters showed up and i had him go find it

when the kids bring home their halloween candy, i try to treat it like any of their other stuff...like i wouldnt get into it without permission....so i might ask my kids "can i have a few pieces?" but i wont help myself to whatever i want because i consider it "theirs"...if that makes sense

usually the kids stuff themselves silly on halloween LOL and after that i might send a few pieces in their lunches for a few days...but the rest either gets saved out of sight, or tossed, or taken to work for the coworkers...because my kids would stuff themselves on candy any given day of the week if i let them (so would i actually lol) and frankly none of us need THAT much junk

on the other hand....my logic goes that, if i'm eating well and watching calories and working out every other day of the year, even a little overboard on halloween itself isnt all that terrible...as long as it doesnt stretch into the day after, and the day after that, and on and on
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Good idea but im sure I would tear my house upside down until I found it. My want for chocolate is just that bad. Candy is so bad and I prefer the small bags of pretzels or something when I hand stuff out. Its funny cause I can have candy sitting on my counter for a year and not touch it but chocolate wont last a week. I have issues I know lol
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So next year, make a deal with yourself, you can eat all of that you want, but only on October 31st! One day of over-indulging won't ruin your diet.
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