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Default 30 Something Chat Wed Feb 4th

Okie dokie....I could wait for a new thread any longer! lol I'm not used to there not being a new one for the day when I get on here! Kinda weirded me out a little......

Just wanted to share that I'm officially at 13 lbs lost now! But I'm skipping the gym this legs are feeling weakish today for some reason...maybe just tired?

Have a GREAT day everyone!!
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'Afternoon All!!

Went to the gym, had a good sweat going on from the Arc Machine. Workout went rather quickly too. I brought a book to read, while on the machine, but couldn't get into it. So I am thinking of ditching it and am deciding between three books I put on hold at the library. Fingers crossed it is good.
TOM made her appearance ....... GRRR, Grumble, Grumble. I've been major PMS-ing the last 3 days too. I feel bad for the hubs.

Gaining---- Yay on the 13lbs. loss.

Disgruntled--- Let me know how Zumba goes, I am not to keen on dancing either, and have seen the signs up at the gym for it.
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Well I am happy to say that I able to return to work tomorrow!!!
I had sustained an injury in December...broke my wrist. I am now 7 weeks unpaid time off and had to fight to get cleared to go back to work.

I hope that you are all having as good a day!!

Congrats Diana!!!!

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Hi All!

Diana, don't ever hesitate to start the new thread! Anyone that gets here and doesn't see a new daily chat thread, please go ahead a start one! Just make sure the title of the thread is like this: "30 Somethings Daily Chat: Day/date". That way when it shows up in "new posts" from the main page, people will know it's for the 30 somethings forum. Thanks!

Babynurse, glad you got the OK to go back!

Dis/Pear, what is the Arc machine?

Diana, CONGRATS on the 13 lbs.!!!

Well, I lost a pathetic .2 lbs. last night at WI. I really need to be more structured during the day, because it's gettting me into trouble. I also need to start WI on Saturday AM, because i can't handle doing it at 7:30 at night! I was soo frustrated that I went to Wendy's on the way home and ate a double cheeseburger! I had a couple fries, but they were too salty and soggy, so that was a good thing. Just had unsweetened iced tea to drink.

Today had been OK soo far, but I only have 5.5 pts. left for dinner. I have no idea what I'm going to make for the family. I'm thinking soup and salad for myself. I'm starving right now, but have managed to just keep drinking water. I'm behind on my water anyway, have only had about 5 cups today. Anyone with good suggestions for low point filling meals?
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evening all..nothing exciting for me...trying to stay warm...i hate cold weather

diana-congrats on the wt loss
disgrunt-how was the class..sounds fun
hey to everyone else..just a quick drive by for now
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Just popping in to say "hi!"

Congrats on the weight loss Diana! WTG!
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