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Default 30-somethings chat: Wed Dec 17th

Good Morning All!

We are doing much better today, but are stranded inside as it is an icey mess outside . I was going to go to the gym too, but will wait until tonight to go, as I don't have any icemelt (dh is bringing it home). So homebound yet another day.
Good thing is my youngest took a nap yesterday and I had my oldest on the computer playing one of her games while I cleaned the living room top to bottom and rearranged it yet again. Did dishes and cooked a yummy soup for lunch and a Chinese dish for dinner. Folded 3 loads of clothes and put them away... so all in all did accomplish way more then I thought I would of been able to do.

Welcome to all the Newbies!

RangerChic--- You look great, keep up the great work.

How is everyone elses weather? Icey mess like over here?
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Disgruntled One, I love your then you talk about whining! That's hilarious....don't know why that just strikes me as funny!

Well everyone, I'm off to not a great start to my day. I've had 1 svg of light tortilla chips (I use ketchup as dip...yes, crazy, I husband keeps reminding me of that!), but then I ate a Little Debbie holiday of the iced ones w/sprinkles. There's nothing ever good about those. I'm a bit upset with myself, but it hasn't ruined the whole day, so I need to just get over it. I did well yesterday until last night....I got the munchies and ate several graham crackers w/peanut butter. A kazillion points, I'm sure. I gotta get a hold of my thoughts so I can be disciplined for the rest of the day.

Pearfreak, send some of that snow/ice our way!!! We live in Louisiana (NW) and it seems that everyone around us has gotten winter precip. except us so far this season. My 10 year old has seen snow on the ground maybe 3 times, only once was there enough to build a snowman and that was when he was 2. My 3 yr old daughter saw a very light dusting last melted as it hit the ground, but enough collected on the back porch to make a snow--thing (didn't really qualify as a snowman) that stood about 8 inches high. So yeah, I'd love some of that snow. They've renamed our snow days (the days they add in to the school year for bad weather) as hurricaine days. We've had to take them for hurricaines for the last two years, but haven't had a snow day since my 10 yr old started school 6 years ago!!!

Well, my son's grade is having a poetry "tea" today and I have a ton to do before we have to be there at 1 pm. If you're interested, the name of his poem is (I'm a) Nasty, Nasty Dragon. It's hilarious! He has to say it in front of all the parents up on stage....he's got it memorized. Thank God for video cameras!!!

Later taters!!
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Hi, new girl jumping in...with cheesies in her mouth! I run a home daycare and today is the last day I'll see a couple of the kids before the holidays so we're having some treats and crafts. Well, the treats called my name and I bit their heads off (and the rest of them too!). I started out so well with a carefully measured portion of low fat granola and 1/2 cup of skim milk...and than boom! I've started the day with a bang. The thing I find hard about the holidays is that the "bad" food is around...I never have that stuff in the house 'cause I'm weak...I proved that.

Other than that...we're doing good. We got a dumping of snow last night so I took the kids out to play in the backyard and I even got my snow pants on and played too...THAT was quite the occasion! LOL Too bad there isn't too much calorie burning in snow castle building! Hee hee

Totally looking forward to the Christmas break starting and perhaps even sleeping in a little! I only take teacher's kids in my daycare so starting Friday I have 2 weeks off!!! Yay!!! I will have to dig out my exercise tape as I won't have the walk to and from school as my exercise. I wonder what it should be...Richard Simmons "sweatin' to the oldies" from WAY back or the walking DVD that came with my Nutrisystem program?!!! LOL

Happy day folks!!

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I am stuck in the airport, and have been since about 7:00 last night. I have walked the halls of Washington Dulles and found every ounce of fibre, fruit and vegetables...
I am very proud that I have turned my head away from the pretzels with the rock salt....
Anyway, I can't wait to be home. When I am travelling I have this irrational fear that I have gained like 15 lbs in two days, and that I will stand on the scale and weep...
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Hi, Kiki100, I'm a newbie, too!
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by Poppyseeds

I made cookies. I ate them.
Spaghetti called my name.
The twizzlers came un-twizzled,
and my granola cereal was lame.

I had to work some extra time
with hardly any break.
The only food available was
chocolate tasty cake!

I ate that cake so fast, I
really didn't taste it.
But it seemed just such an awful
shame... I didn't want to waste it!!

So far this week isn't working out,
I'm eating too much junk.
And feeling like a big, fat lard
has put me in a funk.

Isn't there a Holiday song
that says "let yourselves be light?"
Well, mine would be more something like,
"I'm dreaming of a white... "

Cheesecake? Yikes!

I've worked so hard and lost 28 pounds
I really don't want to gain it,
Isn't there some way thru the holidays
that I surely could maintain it?

So til after christmas and jingle bells
are all over and all done,
I'll give myself the credit I deserve and
have a little fun!


Come on ladies... it's Christmas! Let yourselves be light and merry!! LOL

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I love it Poppyseeds!!! Light and merry....hahahahahahaha....good one!!
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Hi All,

Kiki, Kati & Macomom,

Valerie, You're killin' me! That's hilarious...if not sad!

I was in a transition workshop all day yesterday and will be all day tomorrow. Today I had to work on my resume for tomorrow...apparently it needs a lot of work. I needed to make some cookies and brownies for DH to bring to work, but didn't have time. Had to bring the boys for flu shots at 2:30, so that blew my afternoon. Stopped at the food store on the way home to get them treats for being soo good while they got stuck. Now I have to clear off the kitchen counter so DH can work in there tonight...and still need to figure out dinner.

Have a good evening all!
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Hey all!

Don't feel bad if you're cheating this month, just keep an eye on yourself and don't go too overboard. Some is okay as long as you're good with accounting for it tomorrow or later on.

I am so glad to be down in Florida right now, as I don't miss the cold and snow of North Carolina! In fact, I was in shorts and a t-shirt today.

So, went to the dentist for my 2nd opinion today and things seem better with this doc. He needs to see the panel xray from the other dentist to see if he can pull one of my wisdom teeth himself or if he needs to send me somewhere else to have that done. We have some more to discuss, but this dentist just wants to start with having that one tooth pulled and then doing a couple fillings on the left side (which is the side with pain) and then a cleaning. From there, we will start going down the line. More on this when I know. After the dentist, I headed over to 24Hour Fitness to redeem my 30-day pass. I was given a tour and the guy was nice and not pushy about buying into their plans in January which is a good change. I told him that I want to do month to month once I start working again. Worked out there for about an hour and then headed to have a subway sub for lunch and then a quick run to the store. Ended up being an okay day.
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hey all..sorry i've been mia...just not myself lately. Lots going on..not really iin the holiday spirit yet...but hopefully i'll be feeling cheerful soon. Just got lots going on. Hope everyone is well.
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Hey all, just read the posts from yesterday and today, we had a major storm yesterday and so today was slow ~ until about an hour before I had to leave, then they came out of the woodwork. I forget who said it, but I agree, the customers better watch out ~ they don't know what kinda mood I could be in.

One more week til all this particular madness is done, then we have the returns. (OH GOODY) Then inventory, Oh I can hardly wait.

Yesterday I put out swimsuits and cover-ups. It just goes against everything in my nature, but hey ~ we could be selling them to the cruisers (those lucky enough to go on cruises). I think it was Saturday one of my departments was up 999% from last year. I was so excited to see that.

Sorry not much happenin on the diet front, but had to share what was going on in my little corner of the world.

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Poppyseeds - I loved the poem. That is exactly how I feel. Thank you for sharing it.
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Love the poem Poppy!! So true, so true.
Will we see more in the future?
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