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Afternoon everyone!

Steph, hope you're little one feels better soon.

Jennifer, I was in a hurry this am and didn't get a chance to welcome you, you'll love it here!

Pam, I am feeling better, thanks for asking. Unfortunately my appatite is back on too! I'm gonna try and get up in the am for exercise then I won't have to "fit it in" What kind of veggies are you planting?

foodvictim, I can't remember if I welcomed you or not. FYI, you'll have to wait a while for the ticker to show up.

Joan, hey girl....the back still kind of hurts, it kind of hurts down to my "behind" sorry for TMI! Did you get all of your plants planted?

Trish, I agree with everyone else, yard work is def working out!

Christina, Karen, hey ladies!

You all got me so excited about planting last week. I went out today and got a few plants. I only got a few, and told myself once I get those planted then I can get more. I am infamous for not getting things planted. I also had to get grocerys. Plus I got more paint. Never finished the hallway. I plan on doing that this weekend, plus I'm going to start the kitchen cabinets.

So at least I have stuff to work on this week. Hope all are having a GREAT day. BTW, May already, where is the year going?

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Hi everyone! You all sound so busy today!

I've been busy with our new puppy, who is a little doll. We got Gypsy when she was 5 months old, so this new baby thing is new to us. He's been doing well with his potty training, but I have to take him out constantly! I have to work tonight and I'm already tired. Looks like I'm going to have to load up on the caffeine! 4 nights off after this, though, so time for some fun! I should probably try to do a little housework, too, I guess!

Lisa, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Have some fun, it's your special day!!

Steph, sorry about DD. That's the worst. They are so pitiful when they're sick.

Karen, nice of you to take the kiddos to CEC. I love anything that works off some of DD's energy (I wish I could steal some of it for myself!) We usually have b-day parties there at 10am! Pizza for brunch!

P, you are a work-out goddess! I can't even imagine running a mile! Someday...

Trish, I always consider yard work to BE a workout! You gals are SO motivating. I had working in the yard, but I do love flowers, so it's gotta be done!

Jennifer, I'm new here, too, but I'm really enjoying getting to know everyone on this thread. They're so nice! Keep coming back and posting, it's addictive! Even when I don't talk about my weight loss, just getting on here and seeing all these neat ladies having the motivation to stick to it seems to be keeping me in line. I'm SO glad I found this site!!!!
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Hello all,

I am kindof new myself and trying to find a group to fit in. I am very anti-social as my husband says. I don't make friends easily. I am very stand offish. But I am currently in a rut. I was doing so well before spring break and now it has been down hill since then.

I am trying to get this weight off. I have tried other diets and they don't work. I am now doing the calorie thing. Plus trying to make it to the gym 3 times a week. Has not been happening.

I want to try the kickboxing class on Tuesdays but I am a big scaredy cat. Especially when it comes to being in a large group of people I don't know. I know I am weird.

So now I am at this point of feeling like it is hopeless. I need motivation. I need to feel like the dancing carrot.
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Hi Fergi! You live close to my mil, she is in dickinson and i have a good friend down in Texas City! I kind of know what you mean about not making friends too easy. I used to be pretty "shy", but somehow with my dh's very social personality, I have over the years come out of my shell. If you need motivation, you have come to the right place! This is a great group of women (and a couple men ) who are right in your shoes and are very supportive! Hang in there, oh and if you aren't sure about the kickboxing class yet, maybe if you get used to just being at the gym a few days a week you will build the confidence over time to start the class!

Burhenns, what kind of puppy did you all get? Also, have you ever been to Cumberland Ohio? It isn't too terribly far from Columbus. We went there over the summer to some friends' ranch and fell in love with the area. It is very pretty out there!

Alicia, lol! I have been known to buy plants and never get around to planting them and then end up with a lot of dead plants! I did good a few weeks ago tho, I did get everything but one planted the day I bought them! They are growing well too! I sure love this time of year when everything turns green again and you have all the beautiful flowers to look at! Glad to hear you are feeling better! Have you been to a chiropractor about your lower back?

Well I guess I am going to get dinner going... I have been crackin the whip at my kiddos the past couple hours having them help out with the cleaning so they aren't too happy with me right now LOL oh well!!!! Have a good evening everyone!
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Thanks to all for the well wishes. I had my eyes checked, and it wasn't too long ~ the hard part was picking out the frames! For dinner dad decided to go to the Spegetti Warehouse. yum-ola!

I spent the afternoon shopping with mom, and tonight I am going to veg out and watch Grey's. I love that show.

Have a good evening everyone.


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evening has been good. I've been doing good about getting up in the am to workout before work since i've been so tired at nights. This am, I ended up running for 20 min straight. Yes it was a slow run...only did 1.7 miles...but i can't believe i was able to run that long. In addition, I was able to do 12 regular pushups (not the girlie push ups LOL). I'm definately feeling stronger and healthier. I need to get a little more focused on my food. I'm not horrible...but not great either.

hope everyone is well..i'm off for dinner
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Welcome Jenifer

Lisa Happy birthday!!!!!
It seems like I was celebrating someones birthday all day yesterday and today it must be between yours and Joan I have been eating lots of sweets, can't stop

Joan sorry about the stove/oven

Alicia how does your hair looks? are you happy w/the color? good luck painting!

Fergi Welcome! Kickboxing is suppose to be a good workout, go! don't be shy, you will enjoy it!

Burhenns I know all too well what you are talking about w/the new puppy! it is all worth it! they make you so happy!

Hi Steph we all have days like that w/our kids, I learned it is good to tell them you are sorry about being mean, and tell them you love them!

Trish sounds like you got a really good deal and a nice car, I am sure he will enjoy it.

Pam good for you! you did do some exercise even thought you were so cold. that is great! I wish you were closer, would love to bake w/you!

Stephanie I hope your little one gets better soon, I bet you are all tired

Hi Food victim

Karen it is amazing how the kids have so much energy specially when they get to Ch. E. Ch, they seem to get more...

I had a bad headache all day, didn't realize till later in the afternoon it was Thursday and I had not changed my hormones patch, the headache has not gone away though. They came from Sears for the 3rd time today to fix a door on my fridge and this is the 3rd time it comes in w/damaged, I can't understand their quality control, they are wasting so much $ in gas not to mention man hours. My friend called me right after the guy from Sears left she was coming to pick me up in 10 minutes, so I took a lighting fast shower and out the door I was, we had a nice time, she had to sing some escrow papers and then we went out to lunch to Claim Jumper, I had the salad bar, it was so good! in the afternoon Sean was playing outside, and I don't know what the deal is w/that one girl that is always mean or doesn't want to share, it is her parents we had a big argument with over the last few days and the last thing I told the mom was to make sure her daughter better not come to my house, I don't want her here, well that girl today was extremely nice to Sean and talking to me very politely, my guess is the dad had a talk w/them. I am the one always entertaining all the neighborhood kids all weekend and feeding them and making sure they drink water and making sure they have sun screen on.... go figure the out!
DH cooked dinner tonight oh my G-d it was so good, he bought a 7 bone stake and he cooked in the BBQ, had a salad and baked potato, I am now ready to relax! I will see you guys tomorrow!

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Hey, all!

Just kind of hanging out. I always have lots to do because I'm a procrastinator. lessons, cleaning, probably shopping but we'll see. I have to pick up something for dinner tonight.

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