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Hey everyone! I hope everyone's Sat was a good one. I did really bad with my eating - I didnt - i was too busy. So needless to say i dont have the strength or energy to exercise. Hopefully I will do better today.

I did have a good day yesterday. I saw a friend I have not seen since high school.
I went to her daughters 1st birthday - it was fun to meet her kids and husband and see her again.

GG - I'm glad you got lunch Saturday

KAR - It's so nice to get quality time once in awhile isnt it? Glad you enjoyed your time with your DH

Hanna - Have fun!

LBH - my fav color is pink - but i would devinetly not want it on my walls

Joan - How nice of your hubby to do something sweet like get your fav coffee!

Laurie - i always feel for the ladies that work as much as their husbands, and STILL have to do all the cooking, cleaning etc. I have things to complain about with my guy (non affectionate!) but he cooks (really good cook at that) and he will clean to. He also does sweet things for me like brings flowers and that kind of stuff despite being not very affectionate. Will your husband cook WITH you - that would be a good way to start him off (if its possible - hard train guys set in their ways)

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hey all...well today was GREAT! Got to spend a beautiful day with DH. We started off by heading up the road (about an hr north) to Amicalola falls. It was sooooooo much fun. We hiked about 3.5 miles..including the 610 steps to the top of the falls (yes there was a drive you could do but figured hiking would be better). It was awesome, the view..perfect. We even had to go back down all 610 steps. (but down was sooo much easier). I'm definately going to be sore tomorrow...but well worth it...so much fun with dh. Then we had our picnic lunch we brought at the base of the falls. We were done by 1.30 or so and decided to drive around about in DH's M3 crusing the mts. It was fun. WE then headed down to REI because we both are in desperate need of hiking boots which we found. I was trying to convince dh we needed a kayak again..but right now...we don't have the $1200 for it...it would be nice although...maybe soon. We then cruised back and had a nice relaxing dinner of healthy grilled chicken (grilled by DH) and salad. I feel great today. I will probably crash early with all the working out i've done. Alright..i've enclosed some pics of today's adventures. Hope everyone had a great sunday.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/1352102997/

http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/1352102989/
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Hi everyone,
Sounds like everyone had a great weekend! Mine was a busy one. We hung out with our friends all day yesterday watching college football. After awhile it got boring. But atleast they included. Today we went grocery shopping, went out for lunch. Then came home and I did laundry, washed dishes from Fri. and Sat., worked on my lesson plans and took a nap. So this weekend has been a good one for me. I need to work on writing my contact info. on the back of my Avon books for a little bit before going to bed.
John sorry to hear that you had a long work day yesterday. Hope you enjoyed today off! Sorry to hear about your bf's bil. Hope he has a speedy recovery.
Joan that was very sweet of your dh. My dh will cook ever once in awhile. Like now that I am going to be working long hours, he decided that he would cook dinner for us and have it ready by the time I come home. So that is a plus in his favor. But he doesn't really do anything special for me just because like flowers or the like. So maybe your dh could give mine some pointers. LOL
GG sounds like you had a wonderful day with your dh. Love the pictures. They are beautiful! Hope you are not too sore tomorrow.
Lisa hope you were able to do something fun for yourself this weekend beside working. I hear we are suppose to get cooler temps this week in Ohio. It is about time!
Laurie, sounds like you are really loving your home gym. I can't wait until we get a new house and have room for our own little gym. That would be so great!
Lauren hope you have air and plumbing by the end of the day on Monday. When do you think you can start living there?
Alicia that is a little much for a just a haircut isn't? But a bet your dd loves her new haircut. Hope your ds doesn't break a limb either in his heelys. My stepkids had to have a pair of them last year. They really enjoy them.
Hanna, hope you had a wonderful time at the fair. Can't wait to hear about it.
Hi to everyone else. Need to do a few things before heading off to bed. Chat with you all tomorrow.
Have a great evening!
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okay I must be out of the loop. what are heelys???

I was the incharge person in the departments that I cover today. The reason for this is because I worked open to close. Had a problem with a co-worker, but once I gave her the hairy eyeball look, she backed down. I had customers and this was the only thing I could think of to do without raising my voice or ringing her neck. Plus the customers couldn't see the look that I gave her.

Have I mentioned that I hate working retail? For a retail establishment, this place is one of the better ones, but it is still retail.

Later all,

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Heelys are these sneakers that have wheels in each heel. The kids flex their foot up and are rolling. Sad thing is my DH wants a pair soooo bad. Big kid...but too big of a foot. They don't make them in a mens size 13. Yes, I did check. Who is more pathetic?

Loved the hairy eye ball!!!! I'll have to try that on one of my pharmacy techs. Right now the raised eyebrow seems to be failing.

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You could try my approch with my co-workers grab a 3 lb hammer and say to them "say that again". for some reason it works really well. Oh an being a foot taller then most helps as well. It even works on customers.
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You guys crack me up. I love the description, "hairy eyeball!" Too funny. Also, loved how you handle conflict Big John LOL.

GG ~ so glad that you had a wonderful day. With working so hard all week long you deserved today in a big way. Does DH go to school M-F? I know that you get a day or so off during the week but just wondered if he did as well.

I know that I should respond to everyone individually but I'm just too sleepy. VERY bad eating this weekend. I need to get to bed so that I can get up early to exercise and start the week off on a good note.
Night all ~ Joan
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New Fannie,

Actually, they do make them for large shoe sizes. My husband wears a size 14 and here in Branson, MO they have these lock on wheels that just hook right you to the sole of your shoe. They are adjustable and will fit larger sizes. Even better...these blink when you are rolling around. The very same thing as heelys. They run about 20.00. I am not sure where you are located but I am certain that you can find them online. I am sorry I cant remember what they were called. Oh and thank you so much for your advice on the Alli program and feel free to PM me anytime! Sugar C.
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GOOD GOD SIZE 14 I WISH MY HUBBY WAS A SIZE 14 :tap e: i'd be the happiest woman in the world LOL
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Can't wait 2 be a goddess
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my bad im married to an half asian 9 1/2 foot wearing man LOL
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hi everyone!
GG the pictures are beautiful, what a great place it must be! I am so gad you enjoyed the weekend with DH. I wish you a great week!.

Laurie good for you about exercising at home, I tried in the past and I can't do it, I love the gym.

Joan you have a great husband. My DH love to cook he is a great cook!

Kerry hello! I am glad you had a nice time with DH!!!

John sorry to hear about bf bil. that is not good, I hope he recovers soon. DH called me on Friday to tell me the finance manager at the dealership he works at had go to the hospital by ambulance, hart attack, he is only 45.

Blueeye I thought about you yesterday at the fair they had a booth w/a sing that said something about Yucaipa, didn't stop to see what it was. I am glad you had a good time with your friend.

Alicia Heely's make me very nervous, Sean had a pair and I didn't really like him wearing them, he didn't know how to use them too well, when he grew out of them I got rid of them right away. He has been asking for another pair and I have been putting it off. I agree w/price of haircuts for children they are crazy!

Lauren I am sorry to hear about the whole covered w/dt. Sounds like something FIL would do, (I mean it) LOL. he is 81

Well we are back home, the fair was fun, it was a lot bigger than the fair we go to in Del Mar, at least 3 times the size, we got Sean a wrist band for $20 and he was able to ride all the rides until 7 PM which was just fine and dandy with me. By 7 PM dh and I were more than ready to go look at the exhibits, we had a really good time, the hotel, well that is a completely different story, we stayed at the Sheraton, the room was suppose to be a suite with 2 rooms and it did have 2 room the problem was we couldn't separate them the door that divided them for privacy was stuck, we couldn't move it, so much for privacy! Today we didn't go back in to the fair but we went to the pool before we left the room. Had a really nice lunch on the way home, we stopped at the cheesecake factory, we love it. Got home and picked up the dog, I am very worried about him, he kept licking his tail and when I looked at it he has a nodule on it the size of a pea, I am going to take him to the vet first thing in the am.
I am going to bed, I am pretty tired, see you guys tomorrow!

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